Boomer Hate Thread

Right now we're in a housing bubble. I have savings of 80 thousand dollars; can't even buy a fucking tractor or land or anything. That money can disappear fast.

She wants to force me to keep saving all my money (aka stealing all my welfare paycheck every month) so that in 20 years I'll supposedly be a millionaire. She's been doing this all my life and being so harsh about it she doesn't even leave me a single dollar for food. Also due to retarded priorities and neglect I'm basically suffering the worst poverty, not enough food, etc.

The dumb bitch doesn't understand that a million dollars will get you a shitty house today. In 20 years if the trend of endless immigration of rich foreigners and inflation continues, which it likely will, that will count for nothing. It will not be able to buy ANYTHING.

The reason we live in this house is because my father continuously works. We could sell this house for a million dollars (or at least 700,000) and live in an apartment or trailer and then use that money to become mega-rich and make like 4 million say in the stock markets. We've already been successfully making shitloads of money in the stock markets over the years, but on a smaller scale, because she ain't willing to risk much money at once.

The house is falling apart due to never being repaired. It's going to be Detroit-tier before long, it's almost there. They don't spend any money to take care of it. There is no fucking reason to live here in the city other than their laziness and unwillingness to change, they've lived in the same house for 3 decades.

My father is really fucking old and past retirement age but still works even though he keeps going in and out of hospital he just gets back to work. He is going to die soon and when that happens, all my mother delusional bullshit is going to get hit with reality, because she never worked a day in her life and all the big savings she thinks she has is going to drain fast.

Selling this shitty house while we're in this bubble is the smartest thing they could do. Forcing me to live in shit conditions and letting the house fall apart while they hoard junk and do other stupid shit wasting their money but forcing me to "save everything" is insane. I personally believe I'm being exploited and thinking about talking to the police about if and how I can get that money back. I don't control it and I want to find out if I can actually get my hands on it or not or if my mother is just robbing me of my welfare.

The elite in this country have a plan to ensure that everyone is kept in a perpetual cycle of work. All savings are destroyed constantly by inflation and raising minimum wage. My mother never takes this shit into account in her calculations. If she wants me to own property it will have to be through inheritance, which she isn't considering, because she idolizes Bill Gates who won't give his own children fuck all of all his wealth. Traitorous fucking cunt.

I'm going to at some point end up homeless and when that happens hopefully the government will help me find a place to live and I will be able to finally live a much more comfortable and happier life. I will then exist at the mercy of the government until they decide I have to be forced to work despite my problems and I end up dying or they just decide to kill me or they decide to cut me off of welfare for whatever the fuck reason, perhaps the government will just evict me so they can put some arab rapefugees in my place.

I'm tired of this bullshit. Had my parents used their money more wisely they could have made a future for me. Instead they've wrecked my life by taking away my welfare all the time and leaving me with depression and despair from their constant abuse that started when I was a child and continued my whole life. I feel trapped here but I got a plan to talk to the police and escape.

Anyways point of this thread is fuck boomers they are delusional fucking idiots. I'm not against saving and don't really have any expenses since I've had to live in poverty all my life but I wish she'd leave me like a hundred dollars a week to spend on food and whatever and that they would consider more taking care of the fucking house, repairing the roof, replacing the broken windows and rotten windowsills, etc. Also as great as investing you need a large volume of money to be able to actually live off of it long-term otherwise you might as well try starting your own business or some shit instead. If you're sabotaging your health and sanity good fucking luck, someone who wasn't abused and actually developed skills and got into a trade or something, is going to at least survive if not make a comfy life for himself, while all these investments carefully built up over decades could and probably will evaporate overnight one day and all we'll have to show for it is… fuck all.

Nice blogpost, faggot.


Right now every boomer that actually owns a home if they were fucking smart they'd sell their home and then start renting or living in a trailer until the housing bubble is over and they can engage in day trading in the meanwhile to get super rich.

God I could be so fucking rich. I get to play with imaginary money and I make the best decisions. She has all the control over all the actual money though. She keeps saying the stuff I do is too risky and she never understands stuff like bitcoin for example. I'd have made about $400,000.00 this year if I could actually have control of the money that is supposedly my own. She's been saying she's going to give me a thousand dollars because I need to "learn to lose" but I'm sure she's full of shit and won't actually let me do with it as I please, as she tried to give me the thousand dollars, then invest in something I didn't want to and knew would be stupid. So she didn't give me anything. Fucking control freak wants to give me the illusion of control but if I do anything but what she wants she will break that illusion.

Correction: up to $400,00.00

Whether I could actually pull that off of not depends partly on volumes.

I certainly wouldn't have been losing money at any rate, I'd have grown whatever amount I would have had 5x.

Well, why do you live with your parents then? You're adult I assume, so go live somewhere else if you don't like it. If you like that idea even less - than deal with the consequences of your choice.

The absolute state of Holla Forums

Isn't that a hypocritical thing to say when you, presumably a grown man, is typing out paragraphs about mommy and daddy being mean?

Btw if you can't master capitalism then you shouldn't even be here on leftypol otherwise you're just another Karl Marx and the enemy can say "ha, he's poor with money", like when Stephen Molyneux criticized Marx. Are any of you rich or at least have good business sense and or know how to play the markets? Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was 1% of day traders and the top earner in a simulation in which all the members of a smaller board had participated in; and the majority lost money only me and 3 other anons actually earned money. What do you know about swing trading, day trading, and long-term investing strategies other than jacking off to charts? I plan better and I have a banging hot waifu pillow (she just lays on my bed, shit is SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

They steal all my money every month. All of it. Don't leave me even a dollar. Hard to get the fuck out of here when you don't have any money. I've been trying to sell stuff on craigslist also but nobody wants to buy any of the shit I put up on there (aquariums, computers, etc.). That would at least get me a little cash to gtfo here. I'm going to have to talk to police and hope they can help me. Furthermore my parents can just claim I'm schizophrenic and basically have me institutionalized at any time or forced back into their grips. So I have a choice; stay in mental ward or stay with them. Both fucking suck. In the mental ward they didn't feel me enough and they wouldn't stop fucking bothering me every day asking me about my voices even though I kept explaining to them my voices are positive and I don't want them taken away from me they aren't a trouble at all. They wanted me medicated and I kept refusing. Eventually I got out and since then I've been back with my parents again.

Being an adult doesn't make any fucking difference dipshit. As an adult I can basically choose to walk out the frontdoor right now and then what? It's winter right now and I don't have any money and I am physically vulnerable because previous suicide attempts fucked up my lungs and other parts of my body. I need to find a new place to live that isn't the ward and isn't my parents and that's not going to happen instantly, that's going to take some time.

Did you even read this thread and are you not aware of inflation and the differences between the reality boomers grew up in vs what this current generation is doing?

Chances are you're a triggered boomer and want to make this out to be "mommy and daddy were mean" when in actual fact this thread is about something far greater than the reductionist bullshit you've reduced it to.

going* through* not "doing"

Boomers could be on drugs and be total fucks up and manage to buy a place with money they made working a minimum wage job.

Millennial can have the top 1% of jobs that are available in this country right now and they still will not ever be able to actually own anything no matter how long they work and try to put away money and invest.

The middle class is disappearing. There are going to be two kinds of people in this country; those who rule by right of birth (inheritance / it was passed on to them) and those who own fucking nothing and are forced to work way more than medieval peasants or 17th century agricultural slaves ever did. Worse yet these people who have to work will be medicated and exploited so badly they will develop health problems, they will not likely reproduce, and then they will just get replaced by these rich foreigners and their progeny.

We are being exterminated. We need a revolution against the BOURGEOIS right NAOW.


Yes, and it's full of you crying about your parents. Just kill you father and fuck your mother already.


Kill yourself first boomercuck.


Boomercuck ignores the other themes talked about and pretends everything is perfectly fine and the kids just need to work like they did and they will be able to supposedly obtain the same things they did even though they sold out the country to foreigners: the thread



Do you consider anything that isn't physical labor work though?

Are you suggesting to me I should try to make money online?

Have you stopped and considered that it may not be that Holla Forums has a heavy boomer population, and may just be that you're a huge faggot?


No you're just a triggered boomercuck stop pretending you aren't and kill yourself. Also you don't represent leftypol as a whole you're just one user posting in my thread.


you are only digging yourself deeper and deeper into the gaping asshole of being a massive faggot my dude


No, they are legally entitled to it and, I guess, they even receive it under their names. So it is in reality their money that they are obliged (or choose to) spend for your benefit as they see it.

Well, tough luck, buddy, noone promised anyone an easy life.

Stop this you faggots. The problem is the ruling class.

this. this thread is basically a shitty psyop

Too bad the Boomers always do everything they can to keep the ruling class in power. They cannot be won over.

It does spark a bit of concern though, especially considering current demographics age-wise in say Europe. Years of Stalinism in the eastern bloc for example didn't help with commonly prevelant views amongst those raised by boomers either. And then don't get me started on younger generations or mine to say the least.
Question is how to divert this chain of influance instead..?

OP complains mommy and daddy plus not being rich: the thread

Damn you boomercuck are really mad.

Don't want to take responsibility at all for being the shittiest generation at all eh?

Want to blame everything on the next generation as if it was their individual failings responsible and not a shit economy, various traps you idiots put them in like the university student debt meme (a bullet I dodged by dropping out heh), and mass immigration.

No the problem is wide spread mental retardation amongst boomers. Once the new generation matures more, the "ruling class" is going to be properly gassed or at least held accountable like it always should have been. The reason being one generation has the internet the other had fucking television.

You guys have a lot of questions. Who is responsible and what to do is pretty fucking clear.

Hating boomers is what the bourgies want. I'll hate them instead.

wow a legitimately schizophrenic person is having a delusional meltdown on an imageboard. what a day.

What even is this thread


I've heard of retarded strawman arguments, but your's honestly takes the cake. I'm 22 and I don't necessarily disagree with you, it's just that you come off in the worst way possible. I don't know what level of autism and baiting you're on, but it's pretty high
lmao I was arguing that in another thread. If you think this board agrees on anything, you are sorely mistaken. Lurk moar

You can't fool me boomercuck apologist. I know your game.

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