Mfw "communists" believe ruling class lies about the economic necessity of mass immigration

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Greentexting is the brainlet's incoherent manner of expressing their idiot thoughts.


The answer is better unions not closed borders imo

ah yes capitalism the efficient system


It's obvious lie. It's because they want to put downwards pressure on wages by increasing the number of people looking for jobs relative to the number of jobs available through immigration.

Nationalism is a spook

You don't need to be a nationalist in order to oppose mass immigration.


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Lmao isn't that guy that said "my gay colleagues aren't really gay they're just spooked by capitalism"?


You just have to be a spooked dipshit.

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lmao spooks, I posted it again. I swear "spook" has become a buzzword on Holla Forums for "things I disagree with"

Except any Communist worth his two cents will argue from logic and not emotion. Marx didn't call for Proletarian upheaval because it "felt good", Capitalism has real contradictions in how it operates, leading to conflict and impoverishment.
Also, If you are bent on masturbating over morality, would you care to offer the moral justification for private property or wage labor?
Yet fools like you go on winging about "muh Degener@cy"

Nationalism is, non the less, an idealistic concept.

Read Bordiga

Indeed, most ideologies and social constructs are just abstractions we use to maintain our society, way-of-life, coltcha, whatever you want to call it

Any help on where to start?


Welp, that was easy to bypass.
tl;dr: needing real materialist analyses and not recurse with nationalism

He says that gay sexuality isn’t some immutable trait that makes you “born this way” and that the propagation of LGBT ideology is a deep part of post-modern
cultural capitalism.

I don’t have any problems with gays personally but I don’t believe in their spooks. I do think his articles on migration are much better than his articles on LGBT issues tbh

This reddit, Neofag colonization is getting out of hand.

Without the reserve army of labour capital can't function, so obviously we have to see to its replenishment so capital can circulate forevermore. It's the socialist thing to do.

this is the kind of logic I'd expect in an Economist piece. Mass migration broadens the labour market and in so doing returns labour to its weak negotiating position we know from the European urbanizing period. It's literally neoliberal logic.

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not an argument you spooked cuck

Immigration and mass influxes of refugees will be unavoidable as ecological crises intensify. It's important that any serious left adopt, as Bookchin said, an ethics of unity in diversity and humanist universalism.

at that point you're already NazBol.

This frankly. Differentiating between a "native" and "foreign" proletariat isn't just reactionary as fuck, it's astonishingly fucking retarded.


but they fucking do

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great argument

This is true. But good luck convincing the proles of this. The consciousness isn't there yet.



and read Marx on Free Trade

Why is that? Lenin and Stalin talked about the Rothschilds in their time in a not-so positive way. We still don’t know what the Soviet NKVD files on the Rothschilds contain since the family bought them up but the fact the Soviets found them worth investigating is telling, no?

wow its almost like you need working class solidarity across all nationalities, i wonder what that's called

It's almost as if immigration must be tightly controlled so that native workers cannot be replaced by underpaid foreign workers…

What did he mean by this? Those who focus on the particularities of race and nation know nothing about Marxism? I've seen the same criticism levied here a lot

Tankies everyone.

Of course it's worth investigating, they're one of the most powerful families on earth.

Free trade and free movement of goods and people increases worldwide productivity immensely. In the long run it benefits humanity.
Of course with capital as currently constituted, a lot of people are worse off, and the benefits only accrue to a few. That's why you need socialism.

ITT: Utopian idealist cosmopolitans

Global worker solidarity and a one world state would be nice, but you idiots are completely disregarding all practicality for the sake of petty moralizing.

omg read bordiga you spooked cuck



What it means is

So why do you support open borders when you admit that the only way it can work is with global class consciousness? If you want to argue for open borders from an accelerationist perspective, I'll accept that, but pretending open borders does anything other than transfer the misery of the migrants onto the native working class is dishonest.

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