Why does Porky love idpol so much?

Why does Porky love idpol so much?
It has to be more than selling t-shirts with "love your heritage" on them, right? I want a detailed explanation.
Are there any good books I could read on the subject?

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Porkies are not a giant hivemind. Some of them are religious and some are atheists, some are conservative and some liberal, some are anti-Zionists while others aren't etc. Stop this dumb meme of porkies as merely robotic profit-seekers.
inb4 hurr stop you porky shill

Gee I fucking wonder.

Idpol is inherently not class-aware. It revolves around the idea that "capitalism can work if (Insert race here)/racist sexist misogynists were removed". There are two distinct types of idpol; globalist (mainly bourgeoisie) liberals and conservative (more often lower class) stooges. Liberals are more supported between the two because corporations do not have borders, and conservatives survive as an ideology simply out of reactionary thought, but they both react to eachother and are at constant odds with eachother because this division stops any class-based ideology from forming.

They are identical in position, interest and required action to achieve that interest.
All megacorporations do precisely same things more or less.

Vid related


Any proof of this being more widespread than globalist messaging of "we are all one" and "love is the answer"?

S O U R C E ?

Also, does anyone have some anti-feminist books that aren't Sargonite trash?
Pic unrelated.

The reason is ignorance is bliss. Russians aren't aware of black male propensity toward crime.

Cultural Marxism dude, I know you guys don't like the term, but that's what it is


Nah mate, remember on the 32nd page of the Communist Manifesto where Marx said the only way to bring around proletarian revolution is to make everyone fap to traps?

I know this is bait but I'll give it a go.

Propensity to crime is a meme, you have to acquire money to survive in capitalism. Anyone with a will to live will do what they can/have to, to be able to survive. African-Americans have been historically the most marginalised and oppressed minority group. They have been purposefully prevented from basic human rights from trans atlantic slave trade up until the 1960s, and still today experience a plethora of economic and education hardships.

Why does leftist ideology claim to be beyond ideology? Especially when they are so narrowly ideological?

To truly be beyond ideology you must be meta to ideology.

In being meta to ideology you become a master of all ideologies.

Meta-ideology is the only ideological transcendence.

Prerequisite that is to stop being such a greyface and caring too much that you get all invested in one ideology.

Regards, your mental superior.

Frankfurt School nigga, not Marx

I don't believe in the cultural Marxism conspiracy theory either, but you have to admit it actually would be a good strategy to soften up a typical militant white culture by promoting subcultures, nonconformity, and corruption of sexuality.

I know you will not provide any evidence, but I'll ask anyway.

All orthodoxically Marxist states had no Idpol. All western states and global corporations have Idpol. And there is a reason for it. For what is it Idpol in practical means? It is a way to split your workforce, so that they will not collaborate with each other against you. It is a way to redirect class hatred from the people who are exploiters, to arbitrary identity that most of those exploiters belong to.

Self-aware capitalist vs ideated marxist is same shit in terms of being CLASS OBSESSED.

…but what about unconscious marxist or capitalist?

…and how many of either side of this tao are actually pursuing a conscious plan?

Really noggins the joggin.

My point is; while you might concern yourself with class, they might not at all, and the things they pursue and what it does in terms of class, might all be things they didn't care or think about at all as not everyone thinks in terms of class.

Fuck this shit, if you don't know the way your ideology was subverted, you deserve to be cucked by SJWs and idpol

And btw, can you explain how the fuck is economical marxism relevant in 2017 anyway? There is no working class anymore.

Let me guess, you think the USSR was not a true Marxist state?

Orly, again what parts of the frankfurt schools advocate for fapping to traps and other forms of fun. Don't just name me a random author, actually give an example.

Yeah no superstructure is always impacted by production relations, read marx and engels.

Viper I just can't…

There's quotes like that from blacks about Germany and America where they say those respective countries treated them well and were "race-blind". It just depends what area and what time period you settled in a given area.

Not really. Cultural Marxism, actually, does exist, but it was created personally by Adolph Hitler under a slightly different term as Cultural Bolshevism in 1920s as a smear campaign. The core of Frankfurt school has the opposite views to what is believed to be cultural Marxism.




Btw the poorest whites even in places like South Africa where they're being genocided are still more civil and less likely to commit crime than the most privileged, rich, and well educated of blacks.

…and most nigger crime has nothing to do with survival and is actually CONTRARY to survival. They don't do the shit they do out of necessity.

They are short-sighted, impulsive, violent, and aggressive. This is their genetic legacy and to change it would be to make something entirely new out of them. They would no longer be niggers.

Everyone, left and right, eventually realizes niggers are niggers. You're either a troll, ignorant, or a Shlomo with an agenda.

That's not idpol

In the books written by Frankfurt School they name western culture oppressive and a creator of fascism

Threads naturally evolve in different directions, deal with it. If you want it re-railed you gotta start shitposting on the original concept you want to redirect attention back.

Well, pretty much as expected. The topic of this thread is Idpol and not economics, and if you'd really examine the evidence, you'd realise that you are wrong, and your spergouts here are stupid.

Racism is highest among people living in more racially diverse areas. The least racist city in America is Bismarck, South Dakota.

What books? What authors? what context?

The history of the USSR is replete with forced migrations of entire tribes of people to different oblasts. I shouldn't have to give you a basic history lesson like that.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion can be one of two things.

1. A conscious, self-aware, agenda of 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧them🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 to reshape the world.
2. An unconscious projection, an inevitable result of the interaction of the jewish culture, with the other cultures, leading to the world today.

It is important to know these differences. Search "conscious capitalist" and you get the idea.

MOST PEOPLE are going around today unaware of the memes they are carrying around and propagating. They don't know the origins, they don't know what they're doing, and they don't know the outcomes. How many people can spew for example a materialist idea, and say they know what is metaphysical materialism? They don't fucking know.

Now how do we settle this matter of "cultural marxist conspiracy" and "the protocols is real" and so on?

Well lets look to the writings of Rothschilds and George Soros.

There we find clear evidence of a plan, a set of ideals, and an agenda. Why the ignorant masses don't know what the fuck they're doing some of these mega-jews sure do.

Conspiracy is a real thing that happens on certain levels of political organization between such organizations as the intelligence agencies, big business, and government. Together they work towards a vision they have for the world. They created controlled opposition groups and a lot of confusion and many people don't have the proper perspective to know or understand why they act until they discover the basic motives and agenda of the actors, then everything starts to make sense, and the various contradictory news headlines and double standards and all the rest suddenly become crystal clear.

What did the filter mean by this?

Stalin did some of that. And what does it stand to prove?


After the isolation and Stalinisation of the Soviet Union, and the consequent decline of the Communist Parties in the “West,” the possibilities for the fruitful development of Marxism as a revolutionary-critical theory in close connection with the practical-critical activity of the workers movement, became extremely restricted.

The current generation of Critical Theorists, unlike previous generations, is led by women, such as Nancy Fraser, Seyla Benhabib and Agnes Heller:

The intellectuals who founded the Frankfurt Institut deliberatively cut out a space for the development of Marxist theory, inside the “academy” and independently of all kinds of political party.

The result was a process in which Marxism merged with bourgeois ideology. A parallel process took place in post-World War Two France, also involving a merging with Freudian ideas. One of the results was undoubtedly an enrichment of bourgeois ideology. In this connection Paul Mattick's Marcuse: One Dimensional Man In Class Society (1972) is worth reading. But also, despite everything, the Frankfurt School makes an important critique of orthodox Marxism.

Says on your fucking site:

The result was a process in which Marxism merged with bourgeois ideology.

You know what big difference between America vs Soviet Union is as understood by spies?

America is Chaos. America never knows what the fuck it's going. Discordianism is the true religion of CIA.

Soviet Union never could understand this. Soviet spies learned the anthem and many facts about America and then the average Americans never knew or cared about any of the shit the Soviet spies memorized. In fact their knowing American history and all these things helped reveal them as Soviet Spies.

t. intelligence agencies history pro


That said the Jews in America have a clear agenda and one which is not an American agenda but a globalist, internationalist, and anti-American agenda.

Class is a very arbitrary form of identity and what you are doing IS "idpol".

Race you can not change. Gender you can not change. These things are much less arbitrary.

Sexuality is more fluid and class can change even more so.

(you can actually change race and gender but that's beyond the capacity of normal humans, you have to be ayy lmao tier for that shit, soul-swapping)

Topics evolve and go in different directions. Deal with it.

True that. Hostilities and suspicious increase when different ethnic groups are forced to actually live alongside each other. Holla Forums doesn't hate the Khoi-San for a reason, but most certainly does hate the Bantu (because they're so many Bantu-descended slaves in America).

Geez Marxism looks just like religion sometimes.

idpol is more a product of post modernism. Pol doesnt even understand what cultural Marxism is They just see the word Marxism, and that it was created by jews and start banging their heads on a wall like a monkey. Adorno had a lot of ideas that would be considered right wing.
Dude fucking hated jazz.

Porkies by and large aren't very pro-idpol, and if they are, it's in conflict with their worldview, in the same way that a trust fund baby can be a socdem or ancom in spite of the obvious conflict of interest.

Porky tactics proper isn't really attached to idpol, they only use it incidentally - such as using anti-border, pro-migration sentiments to diminish national sovereignty and undermine the power of states so that they can be more free to exploit as they see fit.

Fuck Adorno tbh. Coltrane's top 3 albums are better and more valuable than his entire opus.

This is true. They don't practice what they preach to the proles.

I like jazz. Jazz niggers were humans compared to the thug nigger musicians from today.

Sounds like the perfect slave for porkies. If we had real capitalism, there would be no idpol.

Porkies can exert control over states, but that's costly and not always effective. Their long term goal is to neuter the state.


nice meme. Read a book. Capitalism always centralizes wealth. Free markets cannot stop this, competition is not a magic bullet. When wealth concentrates, power consolidates. When power consolidates, governments and politicians are bought and sold like cattle. This results in policies that are discriminant in favor of the rich.
So sure, collapse the state, take away the apparatuses the rich use to control people. The rich will then just buy private armies and become states in every sense of the word. They will own property they "rent" to you, which will essentially become equivalent to taxation. Anarchocapitalism just transfers power from states to private organizations. No changes will occur, just semantics.

they were all heroin addicts and pro black power

pop music ruined black people.
After the civil rights movement blacks were in a good position but then rap rock and pop happened

blame the CIA and crack rock

I will be more rich since there will be no state to leech from me. The corporation will only be interested in profit, and to make profit from me they would have to satisfy my needs.

They had good taste.

because it works on the right via stormweenies and works on the left via college students and popular culture

Why do proles love idpol so much? Couldn't have anything to do with it being more successful praxis for their material self interest than anything the left has to offer could it?

Not true. The self-aware capitalist cares about no one but himself, and possibly his friends/family. He'll fuck over everyone else in his class as long as he can get away with it, and it is in his rational self interest to splinter the working class, and thus he does so by funding idpol movements and propaganda.
The unconscious capitalist will still happily exploit his fellow man.


I hate all of you.

blacks were never good theres even genetic evidence pointing to sub-saharan Africans to have accumulated very primitive hominid DNA from a sub-species of homo erectus called homo rhodesiensis
they try to pass off the slave empires built by african warlords in the 14th and 15th century AD built upon the profit of kings selling weaker tribes to the arabs as proof of indigenous civilization as they have none
the closest sub-Saharan Africans have to true indigenous civilization is in the kingdoms of Nubia, Kush, Meroe and Axum which were all heavily influenced by Egyptian and Roman civilization

le stupid anarchism face

Fair enough.

tbh if you looked at recent statistics they arent and havent been since General Motors outsourced the manufacturing to some fly blown shithole sweatshops in either the paddy fields or the coca plantations

they think if you arent focusing on blacks specific identitarian interests you're putting up a big sign that says 'NO NIGGERS'. they cant get it through their thick fucking skull that 'focus on workers and class, not special minority identities' is not a secret code for 'WHITES ONLY', failure to specifically emphasize some particular groups special interests to the momentary or general exclusion of all else is an active effort to exclude and forbid entry by that group.
if you think its more important to fight capitalism than racism you're pro racism. if you think talking about working class(see:most everyone) liberation is a bigger deal than 'black liberation' you hate blacks and think they should be oppressed. its 'your with us or against us' logic.

yeah and thats why porky has you over a barrel
acknowledge Jamal's oppression is more oppression that what everyone suffers and give him compensation or else be ready to be shouted out of every leftist movement in existence for being a RAACISCUM

That first pic triggers me.

t. philosophy pro

(but on the other hand, you shouldn't hand over money for a philosophy degree, when you can just study it all on your own without the middleman)

There's a huge difference between your regular millionaire investor capitalist who is trying to make money any way they can vs these billionaire jews you know.

When the mega-fucking-rich billionaire jews invest and use their money, it's not just about making money anymore, though they have to try and make money at every turn they choose to invest in things for reasons bigger than trying to accumulate more money. They will even sometimes invest in things that definitely lose them money and they know it will. They are trying to manipulate borders to undermine the goyim.

Man you BTFO that user.

Better to be a poor man in a good and happy society than a rich man in fucking Brazil or China.

It's no wonder every Rich chinese exoduses to Canada.

There genetics undermined them.

Being class obsessed doesn't mean you have good and positive plans concerning class divisions. It means you focus on class and think about it when making decisions and forming policies and so on. I would think that a self-aware capitalist thinks about class and is aware of it, even if cares not about benefiting any particular class, like the marxist supposedly wants to help the working class.

Only if he's a 1-dimensional capitalist strawman and cares about nothing else. Which doesn't really exist for the most part.

You do realize though that capitalism is beneficial to one's fellow man for a little while and in some ways right? It's not all pure exploitation.

Marxism and capitalism have to take turns I believe. You got at different stages in a society's growth apply doctrines from both as we go through various transitions. Capitalism can't last forever before it collapses and vice versa.

Also it's not a balancing act at all, don't get me wrong, this is no centrist argument. This is a pendulum argument. Capitalism has to prepare the way for marxism and vice versa.

We could sidestep these issues of race entirely by either balkanizing, deporting, or genociding the other races take your pick. One thing is clear nobody multiracial societies are profoundly unhappy and less stable, it is too many problems. Remove race from the equation but by making nations racially pure again and you can have sane discussions on other matters again without race coming into play.

Uh oh, someone accidentally studied postmodernism rather than scientific socialism & dialectical materialism

You're not an anarchist. You're a ☭TANKIE☭ per idpol.

like the USSR amirite?

Don't make me go kantbot on you.

Yes you are right. The USSR constantly has issues with various Eurasian ethnic groups getting all butthurt.

holy shit i didn't know the USSR still existed
in all seriousness you can't prove that it was explicitly because of race that such conflicts happened, you can't even have a objective definition of race especially if you base it on genetics (and don't pull out a dictionary definition crab motherfucker)


Because it sells products and divides us.


fucking brainlet


What are you even talking about?


Sociobiology =/= idpol

nor is misinterpreting someone's position

Depends on your "heritage." If you love your "whiteness" they you are worshipping a spook with no biological basis (unless you are 100% anglo of course.)

Because the rest of western europe doesn't exist, and french and german people aren't white.
Do you also scream "idpol"!!! at population and behavioural geneticists?

French people aren't white. Stop being a racial revisionist.

Right, they're yellow.

lemme guess. whites are smart, darks can run fast and fight, and yellows are super smart but have small peepee, right?

To be more precise

Identity politics are just a more recent incarnation of the oldest trick in the book: appealing to ego.

Any of which would laugh in your face if you tried to say shit like .

blacks have been systematically discriminated against in america since the founding. they are the only group that endured slavery which turned them essentially into property. No where in the world was that type of slavery practiced (except modern day with ISIS).
majority of the labor movements in america (1900-1910s) were started or sparked with racist intent in the beginning and turned into universal movements later, so there is hope on focusing on working class issues.
However, to ignore racism experienced by black and hispanics would leave any united leftists movement with a huge blind spot. Being black in america (north and south) means facing a separate set of rules under the law. for example the right to an competent public defense (counsel) is in the constitution but is rarely experienced by a lot of black and poor defendants. Public defenders are usually overworked with case loads and dont have the time to devote to everybody they counsel. This is an example of a separate, secretive two tier system of laws. The problem comes when the state expands the lower tier system to include ppl they dont like, like communist, anarchists and leftists. The oligarchs and elites will use the power of the state (and media) to destroy and movement that seeks to undermine or destroy the capitalist system. It happened in the 1920s, 1940s, 1960s and 1970s.

nobody is saying go out and hug a black guy today or not to call them out on their idpol bs at times, just realize and standup when a certain group loses or never receives their rights because the next group might be us.

And I didnt say not to even acknowledge it or to outright reject any effort to do anything about it specifically at all times.
What I'm insinuating is that the idpol-defending anarchyflag either is themself or supports and allies with liberal cunts for whom identity politics are the biggest and most important or the single and only issue, and call anyone for whom they are not bigoted against the relevant identity/ies.
its not that racism isn't real or isnt an issue worth addressing, its that class is obviously, fundementally, greatly more important, just because of the nature of what it is. IE:

politics of specific groups special interests are not fundementally wrong and terrible everywhere at all times, they're just used as a substitute for real radicalism about the shit that matters most here and now, in CURRENT_YEAR

from a google search, it looks like Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies by Jodi Dean

It proves that Marxism isn't immune to idpol.

It allows Porky to claim the system cares about those within it, redirects potential dissenters and generates a quagmire for those attempting to resist

This. The thread should have ended here