Allah Wills It Tbh Fams

Can we have a discordian flag? I am possessed of multiple personalities and I have trouble maintaining a consistent worldview when my various souls swap spontaneously or by some triggers. I believe wildly divergent things all of a sudden and experience considerable shifts of values. It is a very confusing matter but I understand it that there are the things I think and then there is what god knows. I am perfectly at peace whatever happens; except when I'm not lol. It is g_d's will. Really the only consistent ideology I have is to make the world a more magickal and chaotic place but I get mental blanks and forget what I am doing too. I don't know if that's left, right, turd position, or you're mother xD. The discordian pill is what you get when you swallow them all I guess.

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Why worry about capitalism, communism, nazism, or liberalism when you could just convert to Islam and enforce shariah law tbh

I asked Lord Inglip and he says imunow. I interpret that as immunize now. Should I take that to mean I must immunize myself against Islam or that Islam will immunize me against (?)

How does one into Shariah Law while also undermining and opposing it at the same?


The brain is a harmonic divination machine.

Are there enforcers for capitalism?

Liberalism, Nazism, Communism, and Islam they all got enforcers.

…but who enforces capitalism…


With a police force.

Do the police force actually enforce capitalism though?

Maybe the CIA enforces capitalism. That would probably make sense, right? KGB enforces communism (???) or revolutionary guard or whatever. Islam is enforced by random muzzies imposing Shariah law on the street. Not Socialism is enforced by SS and ropers. Capitalism must be enforced by the CIA.



intredasting but I remain unconvinced capitalism has any enforcers. What this means is it's something universal, or it's human nature, or it's something from God. At present no other explanations come to mind.

If it's universal than capitalism underlies all ideologies. All ideologies are capitalist in different ways.

If it's human nature, it is something so fundamental to man, to "capitalize" that it takes care of itself. Like reproduction. Very few peoples decide to become asexual and not reproduce.

If it's from God then capitalism has something to do with the mechanics of the universe I suppose or its "order".


Please take your meds. Also BO never adds new flags anymore

Demiurge slave please, go fuck yourself.

I bet you go in circles every day. I do too but my circles are way bigger than yours. Growing the circle is how you make real progress.

Your doctor just wants to help you, the voices in your head aren't real

Ok I understand capitalism now. Capitalist enforcers are business and corporations. To become an enforcer for capitalism that is how I must do it. Capitalism is nothing special.

So is the voice in your head real or not and from where do your thoughts come from retard?

Also are you sure the voices in your head are really in your head? Can you prove that? Do thoughts take up space?

BTW ATP is where the body and soul interfaces. As such the interface is distributed over every single cell in your body as all your cells produce ATP.

Bet you didn't know that you fucking mundane.

Yes, one of the major role of the modern police forces is to uphold property rights and maintain the form of civil order beneficial to capitalism.

What makes you own a thought? What makes a thought valid? What makes a thought unwanted or invasive? Can you stop the flow of thoughts? Do you go in loops? Can you think creatively? Are you the master of your thoughts?

All rhetorical questions. I know the answers. You need to ask these things yourself though.

I control the 'voice' of my concious mind to an extent and my subconscious to a lesser extent, that's not the same as 'discordant personalities' that make you post like a crazy person.

There's no evidence souls exist

Also yes you can be carried away by the force of thought but the difference between you and me is I understand how to do it voluntarily. Once the momentum of thought is built up of course you have to ride that way until it burns out. Certain things can throw a wrench in it and slow it down, like opposite polarity thoughts. Other things can keep the fire going. Figure that shit out.

The soul is made out of substance, it is a finite thing, and it dies. It is very real. The evidence for its reality is your thoughts, personality, and mind; this constitutes the soul. The mind is the soul.

…and I have multiple souls (minds).

Ok so businessmen, police, private security, etc. are all enforcers of capitalism.

Capitalism is an ideology isn't it?


That's not based on evidence, the mind doesn't prove the soul exists, just like sunrises don't prove God exists

I don't have enough universe brain memes for this

woo I see little super bright sparks dancing over the definition of ideology and they're tracing something in the air but I'm too busy shitposting here to figure out what is being written

…I have a higher degree of control over processes of mind than you. I benefit by multiple souls. It is less lonely and there is a lot of productive work to be done this way. The ability to let thoughts break away from the main matrix and become independent is important.

I'm scaring your social norms. The fact is I am mentally superior to you and comprehend far more than you ever will, mundy.

You're stuck with one mind, one perspective, and a small circle. You're right where you apparently want to be. Good for you. The demiurge needs slaves like you to stay consistent.

By various measures of success, I will outclass you, and where I haven't, well it doesn't mean I'm "crazy". At least I know better than you what I am and where I am going. You are stricken by ignorance.

Do you believe in the mind?

…because the mind is the fucking soul.

The mind exists.

Soul and mind are interchangeable.

Get those spooks out of your mind, dipshit.

You know what proves gods existence?

Lets see if you can even answer that.

Sky wizard doesn't exist btw.

Satan-chan has been gone for too long, I'd forgotten how hilariously sad mental illness can be

I just vomited again. Every day I can't eat and I just vomit. I am dying.

You are unable to speak intelligently on God. You talk in a way where you are waiting on authority figures to tell you what is true or not. If you were telling me god is real right now, you would be wrong, just as you are wrong right now saying god isn't. This is because either way you do not comprehend or know god.

Yet the groundwork has been laid. It is there to get your mind wrapped around this concept of God. Then you will actually understand and appreciate in a pragmatic way what this knowledge of God brings.

Do you realize just how narrow your perception is? This is not even the good kind of narrow because it's not temporary, you're not focusing, you're just looking through a slit called "a typical idiot's drivel in 2017". There's another good term for and it's called basic bitch.

You don't even know where the memes you got running in your mind came from. You don't appreciate their origins or their real meaning.

Get meta and you too can join the club of "too intelligent for leftypol". Then again I'm here on leftypol and I'm raising the Autism Level big time, so once my enlightened Erisian condition spreads, and becomes characteristic of the board, leftypol will be too intelligent for Holla Forums.

oh lawdy


you're a cool guy OP. Islam would welcome you


I'm a big guy for Islam sometimes, put one pointer finger to the air, and talk about how god is One.

I probably haven't much time left though, soon my right of passing shall be realized, and god will take me from this world unless he sees fit to do otherwise and I have to continue to be of service in this world or some other shit.

Based dialectics.

This is good place to get pilled on marxist dialectic.

One man I hold in very high esteem who was greatly influenced in this way is David Bohm. He was involved in communism and he is also the greatest physicist and I think his interpretation of quantum mechanics is better than the Copenhagen interpretation.

nvm, we could not complete the system of German idealism with this shit


(and by dropped I mean I'm still reading it for fun anyways)


OP is cute, I say we keep them

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