Millions of people lifted out of poverty due to capitalism


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Yeah, because Iraq, Afghanistan, all the French interventions in Africa, all the American interventions in Latin America, all the British interventions in Asia don't real.

Also marxists don't believe that capitalism doesn't generate wealth, read capital.


still not as efficient as socialism

pdf related

We're more than open to discuss this as long as you're here in good faith rather than just to throw your opinion in and call it a day.


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Productive forces have been increasing since ancient times. The problem with capitalism is how it tends to grind to halt and causes social unrest, not that it helps facilitate increases in productivity - which even Marx acknowledged.
Read. A. Fucking. Book.



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no it's "nat.ional socialism",that is wordfiltered, I think:
national socialism

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If you count only the first world, yeah. This was one of Porky's key rhetorical tricks during the Cold war. If you count the average on all capitalist countries, the average Soviet bloc citizen was a decadent maharajat.

Read "Late Victorian Holocausts". Free market fundamentalism, british utilitarianism and the monstrously incompetent integration of the global south into global capitalism created modern third world poverty. Indian farmers had higher caloric intake and better food security in the 18th century than they did in the early 20th century. All thanks to capitalism as experienced by those on the other end of of the stick. Don't base your world-view on memes and propaganda.

Sure thing, buddy.

They just lowered the threshold for extreme poverty you dipshit. Read more than the headline next time.


you're right, economics don't real. It's an abstract laid over material processes. Unless you want to talk about the actual material processes at work and not the magical pixie dust of "economics" you can fuck off back to whatever babby tier conservacuck pussy forum to dribbled out of.

He said that capitalism is known to create wealth dude, just read the sentence next time.

Are all modern Neolibs such brainlets?

Where did I say that? literally any marxist worth their salt knows that capitalism generates more wealth compared to feudalism, as feudalism did compared to the slave classical economy, ect. ect. The issues is that the contradictions inherent to capitalism lead to its own demise. Look into how agricultural policy is run in the west, and look into how that no agricultural system in an industrialised or post-industrial economy can function without colossal market distortion because that field of the economy has already reached the point of the falling rate of profit bearing its full brunt.

Then tell me we are at the end of history, tell me that our economic system has nowhere to progress from this. Capitalism can barely sustain itself anymore, let alone continue to drive prosperity and growth.



Read a book.

This has nothing to do with capitalism. Nuclear weapons and international agreements following WWII are what decreased the overall amount of conflict globally. And how the fuck do you measure “progress”, the word has no value historically.

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Soldiers can be shitty as occupiers, but it seems weird that at least 3 regular Americans would be cool with seriously harming a puppy. Most soldiers aren't psychopaths, just guys listening to their spooks or choosing the best economic option.