Why do so many people on the left use drugs? Every leftist I've been to rally reeks of marijuana and alcohol...

Why do so many people on the left use drugs? Every leftist I've been to rally reeks of marijuana and alcohol. I've been to leftist clubs at Uni and been offered marijuana, LSD, nootropics, etc. also from the stats most drug users are left leaning. I rarely met leftist people who are not drug users. Why is this? Why can't leftists be more like conservatives and just stick with moderate alcohol usage?

because i work fucking 12 hours every day and want to enjoy my time off?

What's wrong with drug use?

Damn, I wish people just offered me acid and weed out of nowhere. My parents always told me strangers would offer me dangerous drugs when I grew up but personally I don't see it.

Same. Been to tons of drug fueled events and it hasn't happened once.

MLs get the bullet too.

Because people who hold more empathy centered views tend to use drugs that promote those views.

Holy shit I need to go to some of these.

Do not get drunk
Do not smoke
Do not do drugs
Do not engage in promiscuity

Do organise
Do engage with others to spread class contiousness
Do assist your community and others (helps improve public support)
Do try to have fun


What did he mean by this?

Leftists tend to score higher on the novelty-seeking factor of psychology tests, which is related to their distaste with the modern status quo. Kind of share the same gestalt. There are exceptions obviously, most notably Lenin, who was an inch away from a monk.

I smoke too much weed to drink the liquid jew.

You should not need to engage in self destructive acts or take drugs to have fun friendo.

I get the part about not getting drunk or smoking cigarettes. But since when is sex or LSD "destructive behavior"?


Now you're just lying.


Taking drugs is not self-destructive.

Escapism from this shitty reality that feels like purgatory

You ever read marx……on WEEEDDDDDD

More or less as much as anyone else.

As far as radical and fringe leftism goes, all radical tendencies attract freaks en masse. Drugs, too.

Starting in the 60s the left began to attract degenerates desperate to use rebellion as an aesthetic despite being upper-middle class college students who only supported taxes and welfare rather than actual socialist policy, which they never read about.

You need something to distract yourself from the misery of everyday life.