How come there arent that many rich and successful people who are leftist...

How come there arent that many rich and successful people who are leftist? Could it be that the idealogy you uphold determines your economic status in life as it will determine what kind of choices you make? If you think about it makes sense because capitalists (liberals and conservatives alike) tend to value personal responsibility and hard work and believe you can progress up the economic ladder whereas leftists tend to believe that the system itself is holding them back from becoming wealthy like the bourgesie that they despise. They don't value personal responsibility, economic progress and hard work nearly as much which is why a lot of them are poor losers (drug addicts, drifters, broke artists, etc.). I don't see that many leftist entrepreneurs, captains of industry, CEOs, etc. do you?


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Was that a serious question? Why would a rich person want to remove their own power in a violent revolution? Use your peanut brain next time.

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Because people who are leftist don't believe "success" as capitalists define is ethical and don't want to mimic it. The problem isn't even wealth, it's the way they gain and use that wealth, the root issue.

And of course the ruling class doesn't have leftists you fucking idiot, why would the rulers support an ideology that wants to liberate people from their bullshit?

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So you're saying leftists don't have any ambitions? Men are supposed to strive towards wealth, women and excellence.

Economic success is just thriving towards excellence in your field or creating products and services that benefit a lot of people. Are you saying leftists don't do these things? Are you saying leftists don't contirbute to society as much? If you strive towards excellence in a skill that is in demand by society you can make a lot of money.

How is that bait? Everything is bait to you guys it seems. How will you win people over to your side if you don't answer the questions of your critics? If you want an echo chamber maybe you should go to leddit.

No we have morals, intellectualism, and different ambitions.

Ideology and fun at it's finest.

Also, reported. All of your questions are loaded and willful misinterpretations. You're only allowed here if you come in good faith.

Workers do these things, owners do not.

You started this with a disingenuous strawman argument so it's only natural for people to dislike you.

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We don't to become wealthy the way its done under capitalism, leftism is infamously academic in its analysis, and we seek different ways of organizing things. How is my quote wrong?

You can't be an owner without being a worker first. Most people who start businesses had already been working in the industry before they decided to go their own way. And if you think owners aren't workers as well you are severely deluded. You think founders and CEOs don't work hard? Founders in the very stage of the businesses can sometimes put up to 100 hrs a week and more into their businesses all without a guarantee of success. You need to get some perspective.

Because you're acting like building wealth and succeeding in your field/profession is inherently immoral and anti-intellectual which isn't true.

Well you say that but about 90% of the 1% are left leaning
And don't forget Soros

Yes, you can.

How? If you're talking about trust fund babies and kids with rich parents then you're wrong because someone had to build that wealth which means someone had to work to accumulate that capital

Can you provide stats? And if this is the case then why are people saying my post was bait?

He's trollin m8. That wasn't a serious post.

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Like I said complete willful misinpterpretation of what we say. Owner-managers of businesses are just another worker like the rest and are no more entitled to be the profiteer of the business than anyone else. Eventually though they can coast off investments and hire people to manage what they own for them, and we haven't even gotten into rent extractors like landlords.

No I'm not you idiot. The way it occurs under capitalism is immoral, and not related to intellectualism or anti-intellectualism at all.

Which means someone who didn't labor now has wealth that belongs to someone else, and the person's parents did so through taking the profits of others through the current legal framework of private property.

It's just human nature.
People that happen to be failures at life turn to leftists ideas like communism because it will benefit them more. People that are successful support ideas like capitalism because it will benefit them more.

Now this is a response which makes sense. Left and right ideas are neither right/wrong in and of themselves they just suit and appeal to different types of people. The strong, rich and successful people will go with capitalism. The weak, poor and people who have failed will go with socialism.

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