So I've finished watching American Horror Story: Cult, which is about politics, and holy shit...

So I've finished watching American Horror Story: Cult, which is about politics, and holy shit, this is the biggest fucking IdPol dumpsterfire I've ever seen.
I actually liked the tone of the season and episode four was really good, but fuck, the IdPol shit is so freaking obnoxious that I want to kill myself now. The writer of this show isn't stupid or anything, I just can't believe he misses the point so fucking hard and makes an entire season about rebellion, alienation, political cults and polarization in modern politics but mentions not once the issues of class or capitalism.

What were you expecting really?

damn, sounds like they finally did a fappable episode

ah, they can't cover all issues. They'll come around, I hope

Since the last seasons have been shit, I was expecting some sort of artistic freedom from the writers after they had nothing to loose. The season has been praised so was intrigued by the merging of political commentary and horror franchise but it looks like they didn't know where to go. I liked that they used some Holla Forums Nazi as villian, obviously totally exaggerating the charisma of you average Holla Forumsyp but it didn't come over as completely ignorant about internet culture as most mainstream TV.

It wasn't fappable really.
Making 11 hours of television about political deconstruction and making it all about the most extreme forms of IdPol is nothing else but missing the point completely.

Taboo is the only thing worth watching there fam.

Why watch American Horror Story when the greatest horror show ever besides Tales from the Crypt is /ourshow/?

polite sage
I got assmad at the beginning because of all the Jill Stein scapegoating but I ended up finding the series really funny and interesting just because of the bourgeois liberal ideology.
It was definitely the least scary season.

I found the scene where they penetrate that guys skull with a nail gun quite tough. Other than that, yes, lack of any supranatural element, season two remains the only really good one.


Why waste your time with liberal garbage. Watch Mr. Robot or Westworld.

AHS is ok but it does get really annoyingly liberal
Holy shit Season 5 was practically a fucking gay pride parade

Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's not there.

stop watching tv

I've only watched a few episodes but it's quite clearly satire 90% of the time. The rachel madow line and jill stein part was obviously a joke directed towards people who do think that, and the feminist cult episode was about the mememanifesto writer being the zodiac killer and whose motive is daddy issues, it was deliberately ridiculous.

I was hoping there would be some thinly veiled class conscious message at the end

Bullshit, you made that up. Nobody would unironically write something that putrid. Not falling for it, nice try ☭TANKIE☭.

I just realized that this is unbelievably pathetic. Read a book or something niggers.

I got the impression that all idpol factions were actually depicted in a pretty poor light though, the writing was still extremely cringy however

economics is the real politics, everything else is just smoke and mirrors and weaponised retardation

What a timely thread.

What a shit show. I find it funny how in liberals' eyes, some outrageous 4chan user is as scary as vampires, zombies, or aliens