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Please don't spam the thread shitty posts about how much Trotskyists just fuck everything up, please.
A recent Jacobin article that interviews Trotsky's grandson:
A Marxists.org Trotsky archive:
I know some ☭TANKIE☭s will get mad at me for this, but Stalin's ordered assassination of the Trotsky was seriously fucked up, like Jesus Christ.
Also, Trotsky is hotter than Lenin.

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How to piss off almost every ideology on this board: Tonight at Eleven


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Is this stealth anti-trot thread?

It was ironic. Also…
What am I, a fuckin' liberal?

It's not. What makes you think that?

Not all your news sources every single time have to be from the people's republic of Trotsky's 17 splitter's newspaper


Here are some writings for download:


The collection of works between 1929 and 1940 is a gold mine. When I read about something that happened on this period I always check them to see if he had an opinion about it. It's also great for insight into what socialist parties of the period were up to, since he trashes most of them at least once (the attacks on the Bordigists are particularly funny)

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Prophets Unarmed: Chinese Trotskyists in Revolution, War, Jail and the Return from Limbo (Gregor Benton)

The History of American Trotskyism, 1928-38: Report of a Participant (James P. Cannon)

Trotskyism (Alex Callinicos)

International Trotskyism, 1929-1985 (Robert J. Alexander)


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To call yourself a Trotskyist means fucking nothing. Seriously, I have no way of knowing what any of your views are just by that label because none of you fucks can even agree on who exactly Trotsky was. Quite possibly the most useless personality cult created in the 20th century.

I don't hate him really, he fought in the Civil War and had a few neat things to say in the 30's despite his raging butthurt over being exiled, but his small contributions to theory aren't enough to justify calling yourselves "Trotskyists." I don't care if he's your fucking husbando politics isn't a dating sim.


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can you FSA supporting retards just end your life? That fucker split the party multiple times, worked with the Nazis and Japan against actual Socialist movements and his theory is full of flaws and isn't versed in science or backed up by actual history. Fuck off with your trotskyist bullshit, Lenin described Trotsky as a scoundrel who collaborated with right wing foes.

[citation needed]

[citation needed]

[citation needed]

All his theories were developments of earlier Marxist ones.

Wow looks who talking.
A Trotskyite :^)

4u, but it's just calling saying anything means nothing, just look at tankies and Stalin.

Just like Stalin :^) at best, if you ignore everything.

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What the fuck did Trotsky say that Trotskyists are such a fucking meme?

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Trotskyism makes more sense when contextualized, and for a while it was needed to counterweigh some tendencies of Stalinism that were being pushed around as established Marxist/Socialist dogma among people who didn't know any better. But other than that, you're right. He's one of my favorite 20th century Marxists but I don't like to call myself a Trotskyist either.

And Trotskyism is far from a personality cult. People in his faction disagreed with him all the time, and suffered no consequence but that of receiving a response in a newspaper. Trotskyism in the UK-US develop an antagonism to the Soviet Union that he himself warned against.

More like….

Reminder that Trots = neocons is a meme literally made up by right wingers and leftists should stop parroting this type of nonsense

Trots may not be NeoCons, but they certainly aren't people neither.

Impressive. Very nice.

I just started on The Revolution Betrayed. Is this the right pick to start with Trotsky, and what would you recommend afterwards?

Making a "general" is kinda stupid, but interacting with other leftists and making insightful effortposts will do more for people to understand and be more open to Trots than spamming pdfs and shitposting with trolls who come to this thread.

Read Posadas. Posadism is the logical conclusion to Trotskyism. Unironically read Posadas.

stalin and trotsky are pretty much the chad and beta meme irl when you think about it

why do trots love rape so much?

Is CWI a rapefest like ISO?

Can anyone provide a criticism of Trotskyism that isn't cult of personality gripes about Trotsky being mean to their mustachioed husbando or something that could be said of just about any other leftist group?

I fucking hope so m8. Fuck trots

Is Trotsky's History of the Russian Revolution any good?

You're asking to provide a criticism of Christianity and Jesus, when the gripes are mainly with the Christians.

What do Trotskyists do that other groups have not done. What makes them uniquely bad?

Selling newspapers, derailing socialists attempting to organize by taking over or splitting the organizations and producing reactionaries.

If you see a socialist org doing dumb/repulsive shit, like covering up rape, 9 out of 10 they are trotskyists.

If you see some reactionary asshole that used to be a "marxist", he was a trot.

I don't even know what makes them such fucking lemons. Maybe it's because they are an umbrella for anti-soviet left or something and are a magnet for a special brand of retard.

Why do Trots exist?

I understand that in the 30s this was basically the only communist movement outside of Italy that recognized there was something very wrong with the Soviet Union, but these days I don't see how Trotskyist organizations justify themselves.

Why should the writings of a single Russian politician be the basis for one's entire worldview, especially when stronger and more well-developed critiques of Soviet policy have been argued by left communists in recent decades?

Because leftcoms are literal whos to normies. People know Orwell and Trotsky, though. For those who want to be communist, but not get sacked by McCarthy.

I already provided one here. A lot of Trot publications and rhetoric revolves around bitching about the USSR and the omnipotent, all evil "red bureaucracy that is followed up by out of context Lenin quotes and stuff to back it up. Knowing the Lenin didn't like the growing bureacracy and then basically spamming the same several lines over and over. A lot of it is really shallow analysis of what I feel to be a much more complex revolutionary experiment. Also, Trots (perhaps it is an American thing) have always reverted back to socdemism or neocon thought. They don't have as much of a intellectual backing or history unlike other leftist tendencies due to Trotsky dropping the ball early so Trot groups split like fucking crazy over disagreements over ideological purity and such.

tbh doesn't help that leftcoms deliberately avoid propagandizing because they don't want their circles to ever be the center of proletarian leadership

Well, in the future, the leftcom faction will observe the supreme soviet meetings from a gallery lounge. Comfy chairs, coffee and pancakes will be provided.

Literally all orgs do this.

All orgs have some fucking paper they're pushing, all orgs split, there are tons of groups that disrupt and derail shit who aren't trots, and every ideology has produced its fair share of reactionaries. How many former Russian M-Ls became full blown fascists after the collapse of the USSR?

thank you friend

TBH leftcoms and MLs ought not be so antagonist, we can both learn a lot from each other.

unironic trot here, ask me anything

This is a ML-leftcom unity / trot hate thread. GTFO trot.

It's been over a year now and I still don't know what in the fuck the originally creator of this MP4 was attempting to say.

Are you a burger? What trot org do you sympathize with most?

It's a better analysis than the Great Man bullshit you usually get from Stalinists.

trots are leftcoms by definition

Yes; International Marxist Tendency.

They most certainly are not. Infantile disorder is pretty much the most useful summary of Left Communism out there (even though it's a critique) and none of the critiques in it can be leveled against most trots. Simply critiquing Stalin from the left is hardly enough.

James P. Cannon was based

Tankies are even more sectarian than Trots.

Okay cormades, I want you tell me this very second WHY trotskyism is unique enough to get its own denomination?

I was about to say permanent revolution but then I realised what even the damned wiki says in regards to being unique.

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becuses of identity politics of da random acttor on what could be a shitty newman that chouses becuses it sound like it was most sond like rape


Yeah, here in Australia they just had their regular mandated split over rape allegations surrounding Steve Jolly in Melbourne