Vox Union


Discuss the unionization effort, Vox's inevitable shutdown, scabs, etc…

I think I'm gonna be sick…

Do we like Vox?


some of the takes are really bad


vox is awful but that shouldn't stop them from unionizing.


To be fair, unionization is something I support across the board. Unions need to be strong again whether I disagree with them or not, my only exception being the constantly elevated police unions.

This shouldn't be repressed, if there's push back against media unionization than that's a sign itself. We need to make unions popular in America, what better way than start with the media first

A union of imperialist bloggers is no different than a police union. They belong in front of firing squads either way.

You are my comrade.


lmk when a vox writer shoots your dog

Not usually but the vid they did on the eclipse was gold

Well, I can't believe it's come to this lads

Let me be the first to say it then:

Vox is Dumbledore

Vox writers shill for imperialist war and mass starvation. They help get literal millions of people killed.


I think it should be encouraged that every sjw liberal click bait sight unionize.
Lets see how left wing the venture capitalists that fund vice, buzzfed, jezebel, and others actually are >:)

Oh they love the clicks the libs bring in, and the outrage clicks, and im sure the "journalists" believe in the garbage they post but the people who fund liberal sites are just capitalist scum profiting off a market.

And when its the very news itself unionizing it cant be ignored.
And even if it is other journos are watching, this will open the eyes of many a sjw clickbaiter that their boss isnt what they seem

Reminder that anyone with vox cookies gets the gulag.

The entiery of the media should be encouraged to unionize.
Yes vox sucks, no not police man shooting a person tier sucking.
Once the media is captured it would be in their interest to promote unionization of other work fields

Oh sure, NOW the liberals want a union. Sure. What broke their backs? Non-genderqueer mermaid on the break room coffee box?