I'm here to party with my fellow Syrian generals! Death to wahabbism! LONG LIVE THE BA'ATH PARTY COMRADES! All the...

I'm here to party with my fellow Syrian generals! Death to wahabbism! LONG LIVE THE BA'ATH PARTY COMRADES! All the anarchists will get mad but fuck them. I came home on a Friday afternoon to the good news.

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Post all the original Assad mémés to celebrate.

ISIS is reactionary qnd assadists are pro capitalism liberals. Holla Forums faggot mods love you because anti imperialism but the rest of us want to torture and kill every single of you Holla Forumsyps.

Celebrate what? What happened?

Not in my board you liberal (anti-imperialists).

ISIS lost the war today.

They lost the war when Mosul fell, everything since is just clean up.

What do you mean?

ISIS lost last of its cities in Iraq after they lost in Syria. Syrian civil war is over and pro capitalism (anti imperialists) won.

Oh it's about Rawa. Well, ISIS was pretty much dead after Aleppo.

Supporting facism & Russian Imperialism.
you will never learn do you ?

youtu.be/MMGZVuyYoXQ This will make all of you anarkiddies support President Assad and the barrel bomb gang.

Fuck off pol.

He also killed a few hundred thousand civilians

Barrel Bombs for all Wahhabis.

Anti-imperialist hours who up???

Guys history is about to repeat guys watch:
2nd United Front > defeat of Japanese imperialism > defeat of the Kuomintang > Glorious People's Republic
War on Daesh > defeat of Daesh (US, Turko, Sheik imperialism) > defeat of SAA at the hands of Apoism > glorious Apo federation of Syria

ML's never cease to amaze me. Besides, doesn't ISIS still control Al Bukamal?

..first as a tragedy, then as a farce.

what has this board come to?

God bless Bashar Al-Assad. Death to imperialism and all of its apologists. Liberals can fuck off.

Anybody else get the feeling that things are about to get much, much worse?

Saudi Arabia and Israel didn't get the regime change that they wanted, so now they're both pushing the Shia Crescent meme really hard. And they've got a White House that is more sympathetic than ever to their bullshit. I think the celebration of ISIS' demise is entirely premature. That was just phase one.

No kuomingtang apologia, it's the one thing Mao should be praised for. However, just like in any good tragic prose, the good turned to sad really fast afterwards and I mean SAD. Peasants having to stop growing food and smelt steel at home from scrap metal instead, and other completely retarded orders from an inept poet, that led to alot of suffering.



been hiding in a bunker the last couple weeks, gotta get back there in a bit.
what is OP refering to? which good news?
the dead trotskyite?
or did the over a dozen US military bases in Syria kiddos get cucked even harder and still try to keep up covering that huge uncle sam dick by forcing it down even further down their throat, swearing that it's totally gonna be socialism now with US bootlicking characteristics?

It's a shame most of the Syrian rebels are wahhabist reactionaries who would undoubtedly execute the Trots if they ever gained power.

Trump, go back to Twitter

Sorry, I drank a liter of whiskey and english is not my first language, so I might sound like the president of united states.



yet totally not butthurt the guy who made the ML mocking one i assume?
both are pretty retarded taken for themself but as a response the anarkiddy mocking one is actually hitting the spot pointing out that there is no message behind this other than "saying stuff on the internet about this makes you dumb because you don't live there lol!"

quite ironic you calling the creator of that image butthurt seeing your reaction that is void of substance


really got me there buddy