When ☭TANKIE☭s talk about "legitimate states" vs "settler states" and the concept of "nation states" and the right...

when ☭TANKIE☭s talk about "legitimate states" vs "settler states" and the concept of "nation states" and the right of nations to form a state, what the fuck are they on about? isn't part of materialism the argument that no states are "legitimate", they only exist insofar as they are actualized by their relation to the classes of a given society?

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A state can be considered legitimate when it's the expression of self-determination of its people:
A nation is not the same as a state. While states are a recent invention dating back arround little over 200 years, the concept of nations has existed since thousends of years and is transhistorical.

motherfucker, what

Do you deny the existence of culture?

i certainly deny that its any reasonable way to define a nation, you very nearly propose an ethnostate here

it's like white nationalism except not for white people

see >the expression of self-determination of its people
it's people being a racial group and race therefor being the source of legitimacy

How do? Stalin’s definition takes into account more than just culture.

braindead stirnerites go home
Stirner never even said that culture is a spook, but that the fixation of it is. People don't autonomously take up culture as their property as Stirner lays out as the next independent step, but are defined massively by social factors. The individual take up is just the last of many steps of the process, and this take up may not even be out of ownness.
What do Stirnerites fucking want? Everybody to start jacking off in the streets?

How the fuck do I propose an ethno-state, or make even a slight racialist or genetical notion? Like, you are strawmanning me super fucking hard right now.

Again, where the fuck did I propose racial in-group as the defining factor? It's almost as you are the race realist as you seem to conflate culture or an economic system as literally dependent on the race.

You remind me on these people that think it's antisemitic when you criticize multinational banks. How is truly the antisemite here?

wait so why do tanks hate kurds?


I have no problem with self-determination of Kurds. But they are cutting into Syrian territory right now, you know that right?

i avoid the cyclical threads like the plague

wait wait wait
are you defending the nation's claim to land and borders?
otherwise I dont see how that's relevant

I think you mean the post-colonialists who have tried to hijack ML online lately. Old school ML didn’t used to see settler-states as being fundamentally worse than other imperialist states imo

syria hardly has a "common language, territory or psychological make-up" considering their country was created in like the 20s or whatever

Arabs live in Manbij, Raqqa, and DEZ. most seem to be pretty thrilled about confederalism so far, but they're not kurds. They belong to Assad. Now let me get my screenshots from FSA twitter about how Kurds are terrozing innocent arabs and forcing them into conscript front line fodder armies.

did I just fucking read that from a supposed socialist

Not in a legalist way, but in a way that I respect the right of the Syrian people to self-determinate their future. Do you think the Syrians want these US based there?

Syria is a pretty ancient place, the fact that their state (!) was created in the 20s is not the point.

This is not me!!!

If you believe that then feudalism might be more your speed friend

It's a false flag.

fair enough then

thank fuck

This is like saying that latino's should all be deported and that it's not racist because latino's are not a race.

What the fuck? If anything you could argue that Lantios deserve their own state within the US.

They subscribe to a anti-Marxist theory of "anti-imperialism" that incorporates bits of nationalism and racial idpol because they read settlers and Engels instead of Marx.

Do you think Engels is a revisionist? Guy knew Marx and his ideas better than anybody, and for sure better than some autist on a Turkmenian mannequin design board.

Yes. Engels had very different views from Marx. I'm not claiming that Engels didn't understand Marx at all, just that you can't really find any of Engel's dialectical materialist Weltanschauung in Marx's writings. The guy had his own ideas, fam.

tbh Marx himself was the original revisionist

Nah, Marx wasn't a revisionist since he died before he could complete his work.

Völkisch for the "noble savage". It's utterly spooked.
If you still think nationalism is okay, please read Engels immediately.

why are you still a nazi, naziposter? i'm interested since all of your beliefs are so out of line with pretty much every nazi policy made.