Why is hatred for millennials so prevalent? Literally nobody seems to like them, even themselves...

Why is hatred for millennials so prevalent? Literally nobody seems to like them, even themselves. Even the word "millennial" is essentially an insult nowadays. I have never seen this type of hate for any other generation.

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People are incapable of ignoring criticism anymore. Be it boomers or anyone in between.

It seems everyone is giving too much of a fuck about the little shit.


If only it were true.

what I'm interested in, is what people are gonna do when there are no more letters left to name each generation?

go back to A, duh.

Your pic answers your question: it's astroturf. It's easier for old people to believe young people are lazy than that the system they've built up is built like shit and falling apart.

They add a new letter so it's AA, AB, …, AZ, BA, BB etc.

It's called Gen Z because they're literally the last generation. There won't be anything after them.

There are no more generations, only millennials now and forever.

I wish

And it was granted.

It's not "essentially" an insult, it is an insult. When was the last time you heard someone refer to someone else by their arbitrary "generation" in a positive manner? The only reason people use those terms today is to dehumanize and discredit others by taking away their individuality and associating them with perceived negative behaviors that somehow everyone born after an entirely arbitrary date is responsible for.

We're guilty of that as much as anyone else is.

Generations are spooks

What amazes me is this type of blaming on a single generation as they made a collective choice to be "lazy" or whatever, like seriously this is exactly the type of patronizing shit that stupid fuckers read to make them feel important. Not only you brought up a generation by promising them EVERYTHING (super technology end of world hunger etc) and that are facing a loss of order in what have been human relationships for thousand years because of the arrival of social networks, the economic crisis adds up to a generation that was grown to be fragile by design. And porky sees something… by saying "millennials are lazy entitled narcisists" you push millennials to work harder and harder to emancipate themselves from the tainted category. Of course the worse it gets the more you blame the guiltless: I always thought that power has this type of mechanism similar to abusive relationships, you know like you say I'm leaving you to a bitch and she starts screaming it's your fault while cutting herself.

Why is hatred for millennials so prevalent?



Baby Boomer's parents. The "greatest" generation.

Because the alternative would be a frank examination of the material circumstances that surround them and doing so even obliquely would lead to a severe indictment of pretty much every social policy the economy currently relies on.

So things are bad because millennials eat avocado toast and expect to leave when they're scheduled and have their professional opinions taken as seriously as their older peers. Lazy fucking millennials.

Difference is, the boomers were tricked. Millennials have access to vast, quick and free arrays of knowledge thanks to the internet, yet choose to make even stupider decisions than previous generations, such as waste time on vidya, go into debt for the college meme, and so forth. If they didn't let themselves be subverted just as easily if not moreso than the boomers and actually tried being useful for once, maybe they would have more respect than they presently do.

Go back to facebook, gramps

*better access to government programs and a post war economic boom than successive generations

woah it's like there's ever increasing capitalist subversion through education and political agendas
give boomers all that they need to resist, and they'd placate themselves with commodities just as any other generation.


How dumb of them to make the decisions society incentivizes them to make.

Libertarians are literally the scum of the Earth. Parasites who seek to justify their shitty behavior through a political ideology.

Requesting the article about how Millennials are refusing to take out massive loans to buy houses and other bullshit.

Capitalists hate Millenials because whether they're right wing or left wing, they're refusing to prop up the ponzi scheme.

this is all i got

Oh wow, not what I was thinking of, but pretty bad too.

Fucking scum.

It's hilarious how quickly the media shifted the narrative. First it was that millennials spend too much money, and now it's that they don't spend enough money. I can't believe so many people fall for this bullshit.


I’ve noticed this too on other boards and in online vidya. A lot of young reactionaries seem to distance themselves from the word “millennial” and try to brand themselves as something else, thinking that it’s associated with coastal urban SJW types.

They're eager to do that because they're digging their own grave about it irl, they have terrible dissonance

The reason gaymers and reactionaries do that is because they're retards who listen to people like Stefan Molymeme and don't think for themselves.

During the 1980s economy shifts to a model that will sustain capitalism indefinitely, as long as shitloads of loans are constantly being taken out.

Smooth sailing (relatively) until the financial crisis.

First generation to enter adulthood following this is not spending very much money. Because they do not have very much money. Not taking many loans either because their employment prospects are non-existent. Economy is now crippled indefinitely because the source of its power has gone kaput.

People are faced with either blaming the system that they've been trained to worship throughout the cold war or blame it on millenials for bullshit reasons.

nice try.


Selfies are pretty gay tho

So this the true power of well-read leftcom political economy I’ve heard so much about…

Contemporary capitalism does disproportionately rely on fictive capital to keep on functioning…

What a bullshit video. I wonder how kids would react if they were actually told the truth.

That doesn’t mean it’s the primary driver of the capitalist production cycle or that capitalism can sustain itself indefinitely by relying on it as the poster said quite clearly.

That's true, that is literally the neoliberal mission-statement. It is of course retarded, that's my point.

as long as there are resources…yes it can.

The neoliberal era is the consequence of the ultra-high interest rates of the Volcker Shock. But even with high-interest bonds, loans, and real estate/retail profits the core countries still had to engage in industrial capitalist production, their economies still ebbed and flowed with the industrialization.

Now with record low-interest rates and rising Third World wages there’s increasing evidence that the capitalist class is going back to manufacturing to make profits


Capitalism would still be impaired by the industrial cycle even if there were no resource limits.


Because we've been assfucked by the system and people aren't good at accepting blame. We inherited a world which told us we NEEDED to go to college, then get yelled at when we can't handle the debt. We grew up in a collapsed economy and have almost no hope of being able to buy houses for ourselves, yet we told it is because of our love of avocado toast that keeps this from us, and not stagnating wages.
We see bullshit occur all over the world, wars that cost way too much money and that resolve nothing, yet we see our government constantly complain about debt and scales back any semblance of benefits it promises us. I mean I could go on. But they hate us because they hate themselves but don't want to admit it, they can't face the fact that they left us with a fucked up world that was there doing.

*with the industrial cycle

It's the first generation to grow up without the "Soviet Union is worse" strawman and that hasn't gone through any capitalist boom.

With crippling, existential anxiety for the rest of their lives?

We'd probably have a lot more suicides, school shootings and colleges/universities being burnt to the ground.

From the same crappy TV show. This crap got goverment funding back in 1972 for being "educational".

These sound and appear like they're well-meaning, but it feels like there's something sinister behind it all.


Do anybody here knows what's the name of the girl on that cover?

the worst part is millennial has just become young person: the buzzword when in reality millennials are those +/-10ish years of those born in 1982 (since millennial was explicitly referring to those who came of age on the onset of the new century) and yet somehow the child of someone born in 1982 who was born in 2002 and will come of age in 2020 is somehow a millennial as well.

Americans dont want to think anymore

because thinking means drowning in an abyss of meaning

are you young? This was the same hate the boomers got from their… they probably didnt even have a name for that generation back then. It's just the by-product of the human life cycle. human gets old. human cant adapt. human cant accept the slow march of decay. human blames the young humans. give it a few years, when the vocal ones have screamed themselves to death

Did I say they're not?

Okay but how much better was children's TV a decade later? Take Today's Special, a kids TV show in the early 1980's and it's handling of employment. A retired sailor gets a job as a night watchman and its is treated like seniors would just be sitting in parks feeding animals if they didn't get jobs. Then you have Jodie that can't find work yet the show acts like all she needed to get work was a pep talk.

millennials didn't invent selfies tho


pitting old people against young people is just one of the many faults in the never ending identity politics culture war


imagine a picture of john maynard keynes looking quizzical is attached to this post.

tbf if schools are anything like mine was then stuff from the 1970s and 80s will have been replayed to generations of kids until the tape got chewed.

look forward to this tbh, i won't be young forever but i'll always be uneasy about the wasted years and quietly relaxed when others make even worse decisions.

many of the specific complaints against 'millenials' are true in some way. I mean, it was other people most of our ages who swelled tumblr radprog shit and 'alt right'.
facebook, twitter etc is the most cancerous and horrid form of mass media yet.
'selfies' are truly godawful.
I feel like leftypol is misguidedly defensive of the young people. A bunch of them are the normalfag subsection of Holla Forums, most of the 'left wing' ones are just radprogs, who are entirely and hopelessly useless, and most of the 'leftists' are just socialy focused radprog social democrats being contrarian towards the Holla Forums.
They also tend to be emotionally submissive in a way the 80s/90s people werent quite as often. Its gross and pathetic, and leads to many of them being bootlicking cucks who'll internalize a belief in whatever is good for their boss, or at least whatever will get them a job.

of course, its not like they're uniquely bad, and its has everything to do with the environment, their parents, and corporate manipulation, but there isnt a generation of leftist revolutionary kids waiting to be stirred up. These people are not, in their current state, any use.

the failures of capitalism were heaped onto an entire generation of people. The poverty, low wages, and living with your parents are not the fault of millennials, but a failure of capitalism.

The association with narcissism was most likely pushed because of smartphones, selfies, and to also instigate more individual atmoization upon humanity.

Pity the millennials, they have been blamed for something out of their control

When the recession happened the banks and rich that had gambled with peoples money were saved and saw no prosecution. And the proles and young were blamed or forced to take the hit.
Middle america was backwards and racist.
Young people were stupid narcissists that live at home still and dont work and its their own fault
Liberals were morally superior good boys

The narcicism is a consequence of atomization, isnt it.
Theres nothing wrong with living with your parents, though. Atomization for the sake of profit is the only reason its considered shameful. Living with your parents, grandparents, and more was the norm for most of human history.

Of all the places, why them?

How is it the fault of a young teenager they cant get a job and live at home and are in debt and will be poorer than their parents?
this is the fault of capitalism.
this is the fault of obama taking the wealth of the poor and transferring it to the rich to prop up failed banks.
not millennials

Because it's a deflection as is the "boomer" blaming. Sure, most people are retarded but it doesn't matter what generation you're from for that.

Who everyone should really be blaming is the bourgeoisie. Of course they want everyone to bicker and blame others. Crazy!

Yes! Life is only about working!

What other options do people have nowadays? Being a retail or fast food worker offers little opportunity for career development. And the military isn't always an option. (And if you pick it, you still have to go to college)
Unless you can just use your bourgie connections or inherit the family business, you're forced to participate in the rat race.

Like by doing what? Plenty of people are doing something useful, but they're struggling to make ends meet. Because things like commuting and rent eat most of their earnings.

Because boomers are currently the only generation in power, and having been arguably the most prosperous demographic in history by the numbers, they tend to ascribe their success to their own BOOTSTRAAAAAAAAAPS as opposed to being born in the right place at the right time. Conversely, millenials are arguably the first American generation to have worse living standards than the previous one. It's already a very worrying sign in social, political and economic terms, but it also ends up being blamed on them instead of being born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

conversely, a lot of people earn big bucks for doing shit that is completely and totally worthless, even harmful. see the vast majority of the "tech" industry(silicon valley, webshit, etc)

Somebody pointed out that Weinstein, beyond the "perks" he got from his job, demonstrated just how easy it was too. He was paid millions to do very little work, but that little work produced big profits not thanks to his skill but the sheer nature of the business. In other words, he was in the right place at the right time.

But the libertarian logic is that the invisible hand is infallible, therfore whoever makes money deserves it, and the fact that only people who deserve it make money is proof that the invisible hand is infallible.

I think you fail to underestimate the power of the systems that be. When you're raised by 2 lower-middle class parents who regret never getting to go to college and the entire education system is geared towards getting you're ass in a university seat at all costs (to you of course not them) there's little most millennial could do. You just can't know what you don't know, especially when society doesn't want you to know it. My highschool was pushing taking the SAT and applying for colleges since my sophomore year, you really expect the average 15 year old to have their entire rest of their lives worked out or realize that the system pushing them to do it is fucked? How like a libertarian to blame the losing player and not the rigged carnival game that they never had a chance of wining even if they played by all the rules.

Ideally there would be nothing wrong with living with your parents. Reality isn't that black and white though. My dad is basically a 8pol boomer except somehow even stupider because he doesn't use the internet and gets his news from people like Alex Jones. Do you have any idea how depressing it is to have to come home to listen to your dad rant about niggers every day.

They are the most conformist generation in a long time. When baby boomers unload their guilt millenials play along because tears from no more online content.