Holla Forums these days has about the same level of discourse as Stormfront or a youtube comments section

>They're still sucking off le god emperoh. Calling it out makes you a "kike"
I want to kill whoever brought r/the_donald over. I know Holla Forums has always had it's share of spookery, but it's hard to come to terms with how that place has degenerated over the years.

Former Holla Forumsack thread.
List your reason when you left Holla Forums and why.

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Fun = dehgenuhwacy
Also fuck Imkampfy.

I feel ya, I was never a Holla Forumsack-tier fash but I did browse Holla Forums regularly and it was clearly better in the past. Though some of your points have always been issues with it, albiet in more subdued form.

Do they actually explicitly support the rich and spite the workers, or do they just try to claim the tax cuts will benefit the economy through trickle-down?

This might sound retarded, but now I just use pol to pose as a nazi, making Hitler appreciation threads once in a while, see what everyone else says and laugh my ass off

what's the matter class cuck? they're your people. enjoy your inbred ethnoboard niggerfaggot

Have you considered, ya know, not being a Nazi, then? Come to the red side, we have cookies, and they weren't baked for a profit.

You seem like a relatively chill poster but please, just leave. We're not interested in talking with people who's politics warrant a bullet in the head.

Tbh what are the odds OP is a legit nazi?

Hey. This is a chance to gain a comrade. Maybe this poor fool is just lost.

Exactly. Always nice when you can convince them through reason instead of just shitting on them

You're right, he is lost. He needs help finding the nearest noose so he can be helped up into it.

Most Nazis are working class and can see that something is wrong, they've just been taught to hate people instead of the system.


How can you claim to see through the evils of capitalism if you can't even get over Porky propaganda about race designed to divide the proletariat
Also historically Not Socialism has been imperialistic as fuck so don't post that shit here

Hi Daniel

I had a reactionary phase, mostly out of cultural cringe towards the left, but never went full nazi LARPing, still feel alienated in leftist circles.

Fuck off back to r/socialism or your antifaggot group. On this board when the Holla Forumsyps comes here in good faith he recieves good faith in turn.



Yet another of the many pollacks who saw Holla Forums as superior. For me it was in 2015 when Donald Trump got really popular, every user and their mother shilling for the hyper capitalist not thinking that he could be swayed by money at all. As if the ones in power, whether you think its the Jews, the Bourgeoisie, or both would allow a democratic revolution. I still don't understand how they claim to have read NS theology and advocate capitalism, not like they've done anything more than watch some hitler speech montages on youtube though. I think I got banned 10~ times from Holla Forums for calling out various things like no sources, spamming interracial porn, and the worst of all; green frog wizardy!!!11 But just because I don't agree with the politics here as much doesn't mean i'm going to post things ironically and ruin the board. I'm more interested in a healthy exchange on ideas and the ability to actually discuss something that isn't current events. So I suppose I use this place as a means to find new ideas that I might agree with, even if I don't agree with most.

Honestly this. Nazis are honestly easier to convert than most neo-liberals. Nazis at least understand that the system they live in is broken and warped but they identify the problem incorrectly as Jews, foreigners, dehgenawacy, and whatever other flavor of the month they chose instead of capitalism. As long as we can point them at the correct enemy half of the work is already done for us.

Just remember we kill Nazis because they want to kill us and we dont kill neoliberals because they don't, their ideologies are equally soulless and world destroying.

I was a Holla Forumsyp some years back too, I went to the left after being repeatedly BTFO by theory and reading, not by some chan tards felating me.

I was never a Holla Forumsack because I'm smart enough to not get sucked into tribalistic bullshit like race spooks

this thread is designed as clickbait for Holla Forums to read believe that it's a real Holla Forumsack posting and legitimately feeling sad about Holla Forums and get psyop'd and discouraged.

Maybe? Here's the thing, accusations of psy-opping are one of the things assraping Holla Forums right now, so we should learn from them and just engage genuinely. The difference is that we have the common resource of theory to fall back on, stick to it.

why couldn't there have been just one neutral board where everyone got along ?

some leftists can be pretty annoying

I'm le 56% face actually. these memes actually capture a very real sense of psychosis common among Holla Forumsacks

The irony being that the classical fascist powers largely quit killing leftists in 1945, whereas Keynesian America and its friends killed millions of communists, only to be replaced by the neoliberal order which threw people out of helicopters just for being center left.

How many millions of people have the Zionist neolibs killed in the Middle East? That didn’t even have fig-leaf of a political motivation it was just naked imperialism used against innocent civilians.

I’m not saying there should be an anti-fa against neoliberals although my dick would probably explode on that day because I don’t see Antifa as being very effective. But if people quit fetishizing Nazism as a special kind of evil and targeted all types of capitalism then things might look up for us.

say what you will but (s)he can suck dick like a champ

More annoying than the right with their brainless obsession with SJWs? Not saying you're wrong, it's just that the right is pure troll.

See. This is what I mean. It hasn't even been proven this is the BO, but you people keep spamming it everywhere.
And when you're told to fuck off because people think it's gross you pretend everyone is triggered and it's all a giant conspiracy.
Please fuck off to whatever hole you crawled out of.

This -together with the aforementioned degeneration into senseless meme posting- is what turned me of the Holla Forums. They are the cucks themselves, sitting in the corner while another man fucks their wife, relishing in their feels.

What a beautiful world we live in

This has a lot of garbage in it too tbh. I get what you mean though.

because good old fashioned liberals don't seem to exist anymore.

hey Holla Forums do you know who the fuck is spamming this shit and why? don't ban me, this is just an example of what I'm seeing spammed everywhere, multiple boards too.


like seriously, what the fuck is it?

Peer review is shit.

And nobody was surprised.

It IS a special kind of evil. But nowadays they're just a loud minority.

Iktf op. Pol is too full of dumb redditors obsessing over burger politics.
I enjoy the level of discourse here, then I see things like "dude love is a bourgeoisie lie lmao" that convinces me half of the people here are pure evil.

this is what happens when you attract redditors (although to be fair that sort of thing was always common on Holla Forums for most of its existence even on 4chan). You know OP, you're alright despite being a Nazi and I appreciate your presence on this board. I'd gulag you last.

What do you think about >>>/polk/ tho?

I was always a leftist. I just went on 4/pol/ because I didn't know Holla Forums existed. I haven't been there for a while but I'm pretty sure I'm not missing much, last time it just seemed like collective schizophrenia.

mmm… ass cream…


Capitalism ruins everything, even Nazism

I think I got tired of reactionary politics and how it seems designed to constantly have you in a state of frothing rage over random targets and flavours of the week, honestly in retrospect I believe it was having a very negative effect on my mental health and driving me crazy in a lot of ways. There was also the fact that the far right seems to hold morals on such a high priority in a sort of self punishing way were it innately attracts people who don’t meet the moral and traditional values that are associated with it but flock to it anyways because they have this weird self hate complex. I don’t really approve of the “you hate thing therefor you are thing” line of reasoning but everywhere I looked it appeared to be the case and I think it’s all just really sad.

The far-right doesn't do struggle sessions, they care much less about personal purity than the far-left does. It attracts people who self-hate because happy people don't bother with politics.