Daily News Thread 11/17

Keystone Pipeline Leaks 210000 Gallons of Oil in South Dakota

TransCanada, the company that owns and operates the Keystone Pipeline, says that an estimated 210,000 gallons, or 5,000 barrels, of oil have spilled near the small town of Amherst, S.D.

Turkey pulls troops out of NATO exercise over 'enemy' list

Turkey is pulling 40 soldiers out of a NATO exercise in Norway, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday, after his name appeared in a list of enemies on a poster at the drill, an incident that drew an apology from both the military alliance and Oslo.

Argentine submarine goes missing with 44 crew members on board: navy

An Argentine military submarine with 44 crew members on board was missing at sea on Friday, prompting a massive search to locate the vessel which may have suffered a communication error, a navy spokesman said.

Mugabe Makes First Public Appearance, Military Pushes Exit

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe made his first public appearance at a graduation ceremony in the capital city of Harare.

Turkish President Erdogan Accuses US of Supporting ISIS

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the United States of granting financial aid to members of the Islamic State group, a State Department-listed terrorist organization.

Anti-LGBT politician resigns after being 'caught having sex with man in his office'

An Ohio lawmaker who routinely touted his Christian faith and anti-LGBT views has resigned after being caught having sex with a man in his office.

Detroit Cops Fight Each Other In 'Very Embarrassing' Undercover Mix-Up

An internal investigation has been launched at the Detroit Police Department after two different precincts got into a turf war as they converged on an east side neighborhood.

The Questionable Math Behind Manafort’s Extravagant Home Renovations

The former Trump campaign chief made huge payments to home improvement companies when his renovation work was estimated at far less.

The Pentagon accidentally retweets call for Trump to resign

On Thursday the US Department of Defense accidentally retweeted a tweet calling for Donald Trump to resign as US president.

Arrested Saudi royals must cough up 70% of their wealth in exchange for freedom

Riyadh seems to have found the way to curb the budget deficit caused by lower oil prices. As the Financial Times report, Saudi officials are offering the arrested royals a deal – pay up to 70 percent of your wealth and go free.

World's first human head transplant ‘imminent’

Controversial Italian doctor Sergio Canavero claims he’s carried out the world’s first successful human head transplant, albeit on a corpse. Canavero says a transplant on a live subject is now imminent.

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Saudi Arabia’s Incompetence Would Be Comical If It Weren’t Killing So Many People

Saudi Arabia has all the advantages in its rivalry with Iran — and still falters at every step.

Gaius Publius: New Study – “Natural Gas” Has No Climate Benefit, Will Make Things Worse

Debunking the myth that natural gas will reduce carbon emissions.

Thank an Anti-War Veteran



is the pot calling the kettle black dialectics?

Every fucking time.

I can't wait for communism, alienation under capitalism makes people do really stupid shit, like just have sex with men who cares

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

I'm not like that at all though, if there's a two year age difference in teenage love it's not abuse, three or four years is slightly creepy, more than that is super fucked up.

According to who? Who made you the authority on what's fucked up? Policing other people's bedrooms isn't progressive, and I don't buy all these claims of abuse you use to try to justify it.

Tbh we once had a fair number of people who were woke when it came to the AoC spook. I support lowering the AoC to 16 or lower in Burgerland but at the same time I’m against this capitalist sexual liberalism which would do this simply for the purpose of putting teenage girls on a stripper pole, turn them into prostitutes or put them front of a porno camera amateur porn under communism is probably fine tho tbh

I was a 14 year old boy in a relationship with a 36 year old woman and it really depends on the people involved and their circumstances than an arbitrary age difference.

preventing rape is pretty good though, because people who are sexually abused (because they can't consent) regularly become abusers themselves.

Oh boy its gonna be one of those threads

Jail is just a place. Most people believe that adults shouldn't take advantage of the inexperience of young adolescents.

14 year olds can't be trusted with power tools, it's one thing if you're exploring with a peer, but 18 and up has power over a 14 year old, enough power that it actually makes consent impossible.

El Oh El’ing at your primitive Victorian legalist discourse that attempts to justify the sexual cultural mores inherited from medieval snow-niggers

this is fine, we should extend childhood until age 30, no weed, no beer, no sex until 30, nothing could possibly go wrong.

How was it?

Yeah, but then Reddit flooded in here, demanded that anyone who questioned them be banned, got mod positions and made it happen.

You haven't shown that there's any rape happening.

An adult who waits until 25 to start a relationship won't have any more experience.

And a gun is just a hunk of metal.

Do you have a single fact to back that up? If you've reached the milestone of understanding sex, that's all there is. You don't magically gain power just by being a certain age.

It's less about brain development, but about age differences that correlate to life experience. Having an adult sexually involved with a child allows the adult to take advantage of the child's inexperience, which might lead to negative experiences. Rules are just there to protect the child from exploitation. This doesn't mean that every teenager that fucked an adult had a bad time, just that society has taken steps to avoid the exploitation of children. Your personal experiences are for you to interpret, whether or not they fall in line with the rules of society.

Is consent impossible between a man and a woman because the man has more physical strength? This power dynamics nonsense needs to stop being welcome in the "progressive" movement. The logical conclusion of it is that all sex ends up being banned because no couple is ever perfectly equal in power, and the people who say an 18-year-old automatically has power over a 14-year-old which renders consent impossible don't have any way of objectively measuring power anyway. It's all just their feels.

Why shouldn't it be one of those threads? We're sick of the (American) left's hypocrisy and deliberate lack of understanding of this subject. Just look at the Redditards in here spewing boilerplate feminist horseshit about how they supposedly have the authority to decide when someone is experienced or mentally developed. They don't have a goddamn shred of evidence for their taboo.

Not all experience is the same. An intelligent teenager's experience is more valuable than that of a stupid adult. And again, it's all about milestones. Is it wrong for an 18-year-old to bang a 50-year-old?

First of all, a teen isn't a child. Second, see above. If your concern is that something MIGHT lead to negative experiences, we might as well just ban everything because anything can be harmful.

The rules are there to protect the sexual market value of old bags. Why would you think murrika gives a fuck about protecting the youth when it bombs so many kids?

And society is overreacting yet again with Reefer Madness-tier bullshit.


Oil isn't going anywhere, but can they not hire the cheapest builders for the pipelines?

Seriously, just don't even mention "lol anti-gay politician/preacher turns out to be gay" unless you want to get called out for this. "muh life experience" IS NOT A FUCKING VALID REASON TO REMOVE FREEDOM YOU GODDAMN FUCKING RETARDS.

Anarchists are cancer. Case in point:


There is literally no evidence at all. Every study that says what you described has been found to be fatally flawed. The only reason you can pretend that any such evidence exists is that anyone who calls it out for its flaws gets fired and blacklisted.


Actually pedoposter is correct, because he has the mental capacity of a child he should be allowed to mingle with them as well

The Turks are leaving their alliance with the US
It will be a failure, after all, it hasn't even been succeeded on rats or other animals. I wonder how the failure will affect funding.


You are literally denying science so you can feel good about wanting to rape children. You are mentally ill and a reactionary. Go back to >>>Holla Forums.

A child is more mature than you, let alone a teen. Maybe you should have your consent rights revoked.

Go back to Reddit.


having sex with children is not okay dude

This topic probably deserves a thread of its own. There are a lot of people here who shit on American academia for its advocacy of capitalism, but when it comes to the age of consent they believe it without question. Why is that? You'd think leftists would be more skeptical of the academic community of the most anti-socialist country in the world.

I don't think anyone here actually advocated sex with children. They simply questioned your definition of what a child is.

hey milo. those circumstances are almost never the case. It's always a notable age gap and you're gonna dislocate a shoulder reaching to make a connection like that.

Not everyone is an anarchist that has to question everything society is about. Just because we live in a capitalist society doesn't mean every value is wrong. There are some good and some bad. Protecting children from rapists is undoubtedly a good.

Frankly, so what if it is? It's not your place to decide what is or isn't acceptable for other people to do in their own bedrooms, no matter what "think of the children" pretext you concoct.

If Mr. "Questioning Academia Is Reactionary" over there actually knew anything about science, he'd know that the entire point of science is to question everything.

Still waiting on proof that any rape is happening. I expect it'll arrive about the same time as your proof that weed will kill you and videogames will make you commit a shooting spree.

well this definitely isn't retaliation on the sly
evil bastards accidentally fighting each other, good
huh, so the rumors of their military bumblefuckery are accurate

also this thread went to total shit

Jim kicks ass at web design

I came

you are wrong.

I didn't say that you emotional spooked faggot

It was all right, but I imagine I was pretty lucky. It was back when no one knew you were a dog on the internet, and we met through RP chat rooms. I had a pretty advanced vocabulary and came off as mature and intelligent. We caught each other's attention and as luck would have it lived relatively close together. She was pretty shocked when we met and found out I was an underage b&. Lol, I can still see the look on her face. She turned white as a sheet, turned 360 degrees and walked away.

I was so crushed. She didn't talk to me for like a week, not a word, before contacting me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to meet again. If course I did. I ended up taking her to dinner and we patched things up.

We ended up dating more or less in secret for the next few years. We were kind of each other's dirty little secret and I think that really helped keep it going. We got along pretty well and the physical relationship was satisfying, but we were both at very different points in our lives and I really don't think it would have worked out in a traditional sense had we lived closer and been more "boyfriend and girlfriend." Ultimately her job transferred her to the other side of the country and that's when we ended it. I was going on 18 at the time and really it was kind of a relief because by then I would have been legal and we could have dated openly, but in retrospect I don't think I believed it would work out.

She was a sweet and intelligent lady but awfully shy, so I think she enjoyed/felt comfortable in being "the adult." She made money and I didn't, had a car and I didn't, had much more experience than I had, that kind of thing. Not like she lorded it over me or anything like that, but I think it gave her a kind of psychological security. I'm not a psychiatrist though, this is just in retrospect. At the time I was too busy enjoying having a sugar momma, lol.

Comparing that relationship with the ones that my friends had with girls our age, I get the impression that I got a pretty good deal. She was emotionally stable and experienced enough to navigate drama when it arose and gave me a real education in romantic relationships. I remember being surprised at the things my friends would tell me about the kinds of problems they would have with their teenage girl or boyfriend, because they just didn't happen between me and her.

So I guess the way I look at it, my anecdotal experience shows that it's at least theoretically possible, but our circumstances were pretty unique, but I guess that's just about any relationship really.

Holy fucking shit, this board has become so unbelievably retarded. Rational discourse doesn't happen here anymore. It's just a stomping ground for Reddit shitters to feel edgy without actually thinking about anything. My god, the responses in here are just so fucking American. TBH the American left should be disavowed by every other country's leftist orgs. It's completely unsalvageable.

That's what happens when you don't ban people "for having the wrong opinion." Dipshits don't have the capacity to have their minds changed by discussion and they drive away those that can.

I know you think you've hit on some clever equivalent hypocrisy here but the real equivalent example would be if the anti-pedo advocates all turned out to be pedos and that's likely not the case

heh sounds like someone just got triggered

I'm starting to think maybe a new, separate movement is required just to get away from the morons on both sides and in the center. Irrespective of the AoC debate or how it relates to gay politicians, anyone who's been browsing this board for any length of time has to have noticed the uptick in authoritarian views that came with the Reddit migrations. When these people came in here and said all the things mainstream American leftists are expected to say about AoC, multiple responses were given to them, and for the most part they haven't bothered to answer. "Come into a thread, post the politically correct view and leave without ever bothering to defend yourself when someone challenges it" is not a recipe for a successful board, and people with that mentality do not make a successful movement. Nobody should want a movement with people who can't or won't even make the attempt to defend their claims about morality.

Biology disagrees with you. 14-16 has been found by numerous ACTUAL (i.e. not irreproducible feminist propaganda) studies to be the most attractive age group.

You're a dude so that's entirely different.

Okay user. I'll bite.

Let's say my position is that same-age relationships are the only justifiable relationships. a 50 year old dating a 18 year old, just as a 17 year old dating a 14 year old is wrong because the 50 and 17 year olds have more years of experience than the partners, creating a power imbalance and mental exploitation due to a comparative wealth of experience.

Counter me.

I can't tell if you're shitposting or not. This double standard needs to stop, though. It's genuinely sexist, for one thing.

This was already answered earlier in the thread. The milestone of understanding sex is the only thing that counts. Once you've passed it, it doesn't matter how old the other party is. Further, the people who cite power imbalances as their reason for forbidding adult/teen sex have never shown how they're quantifying how much power someone has.

I think the double-standard comes from a woman's ability to reproduce, along with the responsibilities that come with that. I don't think it's an unreasonable double-standard. Teen pregnancy can leave a woman at a societal disadvantage for years. Less likely to finish school, less likely to go to college, etc.


Just like the anti-gay people getting caught being gay the pedo poster is a hypocrite. Really gets the mind jogging.

I know you're all busy having your shit flinging session, but can we talk about Erdogan for a minute? This is among the most significant events in the OP. Turkey is a key ally of the US in the Middle East. Anything that pisses off Turkey could mean wide-ranging consequences for the region.

Reddit spacing only applies when whole paragraphs are broken up into 2-line bites. Responding point by point isn't Reddit spacing, it's making the post more readable.

Now you're just being dishonest


It comes from the Victorian infantilization of women and the need to protect female chastity to assure smooth property transfer, not to mention the delusion that females lack the predatory dimension of their male counterparts. There really is no reason to allow the one and prohibit the other.

Lol did you just admit you're advocating for predation?

hurf durf

Anita Sarkeesian pls

what is there to talk about?
little Asia Minor god emperor got triggerd by the based vikings

only thing I can say is that Constantinople is a Greek clay

You're the one that called men predators tho.

Again, because you don't seem to actually understand my point, the equivalent case would be adults having sexual relations with children after fighting against the ability for others to do so. Until pizzagate is revealed as 100% real you're probably off. Also it's interesting that you assumed that we were discussing burger-meme age of 18 and not somewhere closer to 16ish which is what most other developed countries (and even many places in the US itself) agree on

Erdogan has been trying to play off Russia and the US, and that's going to work for him as long as he's popular. He's got to throw his weight around to look like the tough guy, but Turkey leaving NATO I don't think is anywhere close to actually happening. The US would declare him a dictator in a split fucking second, freeze Turkey's assets, and levy sanctions.

I was making the point that having a child at a young age can be a great burden for the mother, who might not be able to finish obtaining her education by having to forfeit her time to raising her child. It really is about the opportunity cost of having a child at a young age vs at an older point in life.

Again, I was explaining where the double-standard comes from, not saying that we should limit access to birth control.

I've been wondering why Erdogan hasn't faced any backlash from the US as he gets closer to Russia. Is this like the Egyptian who started a war against Israel to get stuff from the US?

You didn't differentiate. If you want me to refute or agree with your argument, make one.
You hate workers from a particular geographic area, why is that?

No I'm not. That's a different poster.

Pizzagate is 100% real and it will be proven as such. I wish the Pizzagate controversy had come much earlier. If it had, people would have started questioning AoC in America earlier, AND a lot of horribly abused kids could have been saved. Believe it or not, I don't actually like child abusers.

I'd be fine with 15, which is legal in many places. The fact remains that there are too many spooks here.

Nobody here is advocating legalizing sex with a newborn, so even bringing it up is so dumb it doesn't deserve a proper response.

Also, Americans are fucking retarded. For proof, see almost any thread on this board. Or Holla Forums. Or Reddit. Or YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


welp, you had my full attention up until this point
goodbuy sir

This is an excellent question. What kind of leverage could Erdogan hold that would allow him to get away with this? You'd think he would have been slapped down by now. Maybe we should talk about Erdogan's relationship to Saudi Arabia and all the recent events there.

"Pizzagate" specifically is not real because real pedos in the establishment fly to private islands they own and party it up in antiquated castles, not retarded basement pizzaparties. Pizzagate is the best thing that could happen to elite predators because it makes any accusations of systemic behavior like that seem like weird schizo ramblings about secret societies and devil magic where before you could just point at the (pedestrian by comparison) shit that was caught in the UK.

*blocks your path*

Ostensibly the objective of age of consent laws are to prevent or at least mitigate predation and or exploitation of minors by more sophisticated adults. The earlier assertion was that "it's different because you're a guy." In my view, this stems in part from views on female agency, on the one hand that young women must be protected and on the other that they are "naturally" less aggressive or violent or greedy or whatever. I don't believe that the portion of the male and female populations inclined towards exploitation and predation possess these qualities in a greater or lesser degree than the other. The expression might differ, but women can be just as vicious as men.

Not all such relationships are or would be predatory. My personal opinion is that the age of the couple doesn't matter as much as their intentions and the manner in which they engage with each other, but I definitely believe that younger people lack the experience and depending on the age the cognitive ability to know when they're being taken advantage of, and it's not unreasonable to try and protect against that.

Personally, it doesn't make sense to me that the conversation so often is "prohibition or nothing." Age of consent laws aren't the only solution and they're not the only problem either. I think there is plenty of historical material on how previous societies managed relationships, especially been adults and pubescent teenagers. I don't really know off hand what kind of "system" could be implemented now, but I don't think it would be the free for all that it seems to be imagined as n

I'm not going to bother reading the rest of the post because you are seriously too stupid to argue with.

Ain't that the truth. Look at how well Bill Hicks Alex Jones has poisoned the well with the anti-child sex trafficking movement. Almost like that was the original intent…

I think he has, but not in obvious diplomatic ways. If the rumors are to be believed, the attempted coup last year was instigated by the US. It could just as easily be bullshit from Erdogan to purge his enemies. There's also the possibility that other regional allies like Israel or Saudi Arabia are working behind the scenes. It's possible too that the US might be indulging him as long as he doesn't directly act against certain red line interests. They give Duterte a lot of rope too, I imagine they believe eventually he'll hang himself with it, but that'd be a pretty canny play for Yankee foreign policy.

For a while too Turkey was the primary means of supplying the Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that bought Turkey a lot of leverage, but I don't know the circumstances now. I'd like to think that after fifteen years they'd develop an alternative, but this is the burgers we're talking about.

The real shame is that Pizzagate was starting to uncover compelling evidence of the Clinton Foundation being involved in child trafficking. One of their prominent employees got caught attempting to smuggle a busload of kids from Haiti into the Dominican republic, and there were a lot of other weird connections and strange bullshit that at least merited a closer look, but then those fucking morons became obsessed with all this social media spirit cooking bullshit and any possible value it had went right up Baal's hairy asshole.

On second thought, that might be too strong of an assertion. Rather, they started to find indications that there was a lot of suspicious activity of various kinds, but any serious investigating was wasted on spirits and Kabbalah magic nonsense.

Don't worry I get what you were getting it. It's not a "conspiracy" to say people like the Clintons are shady pieces of shit and some of the tangential pizzagate stuff was chipping away at stuff that was real, but yeah of course genuine autists and/or atroturfers had to make it about meme satanism (even though real life satanism is just fedora level libertarianism)

I agree, you are too stupid to argue with.