Read Hegel!


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Anal Water fuck off. Roo pwnd you hard. No one gives a shit about your dead idealist German mystic.

Here's a good overview lecture for noobs:

Hitler understood Hegel, there you have it.

But what if reading books turns you into an asshole?

Did you just call Marx, Lenin and Stalin assholes m8?!

Only insufferable pseuds take Hegel seriously.

You aren't wrong, but this feller here was talking about books in general.

So what? If you want to properly understand Marx you need to read Hegel. Dialectical Materialism as a concept means nothing if you haven't first read Hegel.

Clearly it depends on what kind of books you read.
Stalin was an asshole, yeah.

Hegel is actually going through something of a revival rn in philosophy, you pseud

Which is retarded. The only real theorists you need are Stalin and Mao.

In what ways?

I thought this was fake?

It exposes AW's ignorance anyway.

Literally how the fuck is there 'no contradiction' between idealism and materialism?

ha ha so funny

this will give the general idea

Hegel is eurocentric and 1st worldist.

so is your pet chimpazee

These words have a different meaning outside of marxist jargon.

Explain it then. Also, how is the Marxist understanding of materialism vs. idealism wrong?

Hegel is too complex and nuanced of a thinker for ☭TANKIE☭s to understand. They'd rather read talking points from Mao's little red book.

Working my way through Sadler's Half Hour Hegel:

There is no casual link between what is out there and the matter we perceive and conceive.

brainlet here, how do you prove dialectics is an actual verifiable thing that exists and not some mystical belief?

"The materialist method turns into its opposite if it is taken not as one's guiding principle of investigation but as a ready-made pattern to which one shapes the facts of history to suit onself"
Marx & Engels Selected Correspondence (Moscow 1997) pp. 390-91

It's not a scientific theory so it doesn't need to be "verified". It's a way of thinking that can only be shown.



So idealism is true then? Fuck off and learn some fucking science.

Why didn't someone come up with the idea of a fuel injector before the internal combustion engine existed?

I think Sadler's series is really incredible if you have the patience. It may disappoint some people here that he has nice things to say about A.W.

Basically most of philosophy has been Eurocentric.

1st Worldism is colonizing cancer.

I'd be interested in the scientific proof that conscious is a truthful representation of matter.


Honestly chaper 1 doesn't seem really that hard to understand.

It's not hard to understand at all. Reading Hegel to understand Marx has always been a meme, considering Hegel is a lot harder to understand than Marx is.

Yeah so let's discard the number one thinker who influenced Marx. While we're at it let's just discard Marx too since he was Eurocentric and from the 1st world.

(see )

It's dumb because you don't actually need to read the people who influenced the person you want to understand, especially when you can spend a lifetime learning about Hegel and still not get it. But then why stop there, why not read Schelling, Fichte and Kant who influenced Hegel? it would never end - you can go all the way back to the Greeks and you'd still know nothing about Marx or Marxism.

Which is why you read Mao and Sultan-Galiyev.

I know you're trolling, but I can't help but point out that Mao pretended to understand and use Hegel's philosophy. So by extension, that would either make Mao Eurocentric or Hegel non-Eurocentric.

dude was incomprehensible blabbermouth
if there ever was a legit pseud, it was him

Mao's dialectics are a way higher stage than nonsense idealist Hegelian ones.

Also show me a SINGLE successful socialist revolution made on Hegelian/Marxist dialectics alone.

ideologies don't drive revolutions classes do.

Take your babby's first vulgar materialism back to r/socialism



So, you like tea cups?

Tea is 1st Worldism.