I've read Marx, Engels, Kropotkin, Bookchin, Bordiga, Lenin, Mao, Trotsky, Stalin, Bakunin, Zizek, and Luxemburg...

I've read Marx, Engels, Kropotkin, Bookchin, Bordiga, Lenin, Mao, Trotsky, Stalin, Bakunin, Zizek, and Luxemburg, yet none of these individuals can compete with Hayek, Moses, Sowell, Rothbard on political and economic matters. Their ideology leads to despotism and tyranny.

I am likely more well read than all of you, and pic related shows the Marxist works I have perused, and come to despise.


ive read literally every book and i say anarcho primitivism is the way to go

All that reading, yet not a single argument.

I've heard all your infantile arguments before, from your greatest minds.


Read Cockshott

ive heard all arguments in the library of thoth, recorded on clay tablets. your manape economic system is nothing compared to the knowledge of the ancients

Jesus was an illiterate. Check mate mate.

Towards a New Socialism? Aah yes, because computers can solve the economic calculation problem! Haha, central planning doesn't work.

howd he write those books then idiot

No shit, idiot. That's why it has to be destroyed.

Jesus was a leftist; I support him not.


It's pretty obvious that you haven't.


How the fuck does capitalism work? We will be extinct as a human race this century if capitalism is not stopped. Is that it's end goal, to destroy life on earth? Is that why you like it?

I've read all major works by bourgeois economists they are all wrong. I've read more in a week then you will ever read in your life you little shit stain. I have given my body and brain to hacking through pieces of shit like you who think they can write a book. This post you have just made is being catalogued and you will be gulag'd if necessary. You better hold on tight to your fucking toothbrush you inbred mongrel.


Listen folks, I've read all the books, all the best books. And you know what? They are all wrong, can you believe that? It really is true, they are wrong and Im right. Next question.

Actually correct.

Op should beware Poe's law because if I hadn't stopped to check his post history he'd be unfortunately b&

yeah he took the screen from the small business owner thread. At least I saw it there and then I saw this thread. Coincidence?

Wow, this detailed and insightful analysis really shows the power of your intellect and amount of work you have put into understanding leftist philosophy and how economics work.

Why did you jump the other thread when it became obvious you have no idea what you are talking about? Opening a pdf once doesn't constitute reading. It is clear you have no understanding of the material in any way.


So you're a right wing armchair?


Did any of that reading make you an expert in "capitalism?"