Are all Police Officers evil?

I don't like making these threads on Holla Forums since their will inevitably be a very strong biased towards the men in blue.

Do you think all Cops are just out to exert abusive powers and protect the interest of the "financial powers" and stomp out the little man? I live in a pretty dangerous neighborhood and city for that matter, but our police force is probably one of the most relatable, friendly, cool and approachable men and women you'll meet. Lots of them grew up in the same bullshit we're growing in now to be fair and it's pretty rare even in riots and civil unrest to see them become complete hardasses.

Moralistic tripe. The police hold an inherently antagonistic role in society which pits them against the proletariat. The attitudes of individual officers or of isolated localities is irrelevant to their position within class society.

Sure a certain amount no one can ever know since it varies so much between state and country are legitimately shit but most policemen just want to protect the community and up hold laws. I find hating the law rather then the cop (In most cases) is a good way to start.

The function of the police is the preservation of property, as an organ of the state they are our foes. I'm sure there are some good ones, but like any good porkies they are opposed to us based upon their role in capitalism.


So then what becomes of the good individuals? Are we just supposed to kill them along with the "Capitalists"

you're not "supposed" to kill anyone. regardless of the impossibility of an october revolution of 2017, it doesnt matter if a cop gets to stick around as long as they arent actively reactionary or counter revolutionary. mao might disagree i guess

You know it's usually the current power holders that start the shooting during revolutionary periods. The question is not really who should we kill, but if we will be forced to defend ourselves from them and this is highly likely considering their role is exactly to protect private property.

Communists hate police yet they love involving military in civilian conflicts. They can't be helped. There's no hope.

The proletariat disagrees.

Just call it militia instead of police, problem solved.

In my country the police were on peoples side when army coup happened. Of course they were no match to tanks and automatic rifles, but it's the thought that counts.

Is this evil?

white proleteriat**

** aka LABOR ARISTOCRAT & settler & not real prole

if they don't like it they can stop being cops

I keep seeing this ACAB thing which makes me think they can't stop being cops if I have my post modernist neo marxist terminology correct.

No, a lot of police officers just want to fight crime and do what they believe is right, I can't hate them for that

Hey cool thanks for sharing

I thought Communists didn't care about your race?


idpol is against the rules here

Can you really write this with a straight face? I mean the capitalist country par excellence, the US, has constantly invaded, occupied, bombed, infiltrated and destabilized how many countries in the last few decades?


They all do? News to me. Regardless an individual workers opinion of the police, which is heavily influenced by the ruling ideology, is irrelevant to the police's role in class society. A lot of peasants in feudalism really believed that the monarch held a position bestowed upon him by God but we all know that isn't true.

Exactly, the people who actually work.

IdPolers get out please.

Now without begging the question and ad hoc shoehorning please.

{citation needed}

Ignore the shitpost

Really? What about all the protests disrupted by police? Unions busted? Workers beaten and humiliated by the lackeys of the state?

Holla Forums you are so boring.

When was the last union in the U.S. busted, protest that wasnt turned into a riot by the people first disrupted or a worker beaten in the modern era?

Now without an argument from fallacy.

It's called theory, I don't need citations.

What about the KKK members arrested by police? What about freedom of association being banned under the force of police violence?

police=black panther party and cultural marxist as well

What do you expect when you leave the goal wide open, a beautiful trick shot?

Occupy Wall Street you massive class cuck shitbird. Thousands of people peacefully camping out only to get beaten by cops and harassed by the government from Obama on down to their city councils.

Fucking cop cucks. Jesus fucking Christ

I am correct because I am correct. Prove this statement wrong without argument from fallacy or bow down before me.

Union busting does not happen as much as in the past because your dear masters won, unions are pretty much dead. Enjoy working ever increasing hours for ever decreasing pay.
cultural marxism is a spooky boogeyman you created by yourself for yourself Holla Forums
Ehh to be perfectly honest that redditor did gave you a great opening

it's more compilacted to describe them as Antagonist.some join to exercise power other just want to fight crime,other they see as a stable job and they sell it like you will get planty of action like.
So when you're deploy in poor section of the city all you just wish for some action and when you're overworked you accumenlated stress.
They're proles look at the suicide rate it's more common that other profesion.
They also need to be liberated.

And I thought the Nazis on Holla Forums were authoritarian :^)

Yes, our mods are easily buttblasted autists, we know that already

The burden of evidence is on you.