What the fuck is wrong with modern Russians?

What the fuck is wrong with modern Russians?

I had a Russian expat friend that grew up here, was completely normal, Atheist, went to live in Russia for literally 1 year and came back a fucking Russian Orthodox Neo-Nazi

How in fuck do you go from the most progressive, atheist, scientifically minded country on earth to a fucking insane reactionary conspiracy riddled, theocratic, Tsar worshipping shithole?
I mean, even to Russians, what in FUCK is redeeming about the fucking Romanovs? They were insanely incompetent, bourgie as fuck, sent millions of Russians into the meat grinder, kept most of the country in pretty much slavery, lost wars against pretty much everyone.

What a fucking disgrace of a country honestly.

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Thats the power of christianism

Could it be because they give a shit about their country and hate the fact a bunch of commies ruined it?
Tsarist russia was the pinnacle of all russian society the communists ruined it
And eh tbh i hope russia has a Monarch restoration
Because that wonderful "scientific athiest" state suppresed thei faith for decades?

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hopelessness & fear.

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It's exactly what a counterrevolutionary oligarch like Putin wants.

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How is increasing wealth and quality of life ruining it?
How was the most poverty and starvation ridden time the pinnacle of the society?
How can faith be suppressed? Is there mind control technology that Im not heard of?

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they're just larpers
something like confederacy fags

also, this is more of a capital thing
also, orthodox church is heavily state subsidised
also, obviously your russian friend is just a stupid faggot
also, nobody is a honest believer except some old babushkas who are just afraid of death

All commie lies
In the nineties when the cash dried up all the fake jobs and the econom the commies had built collapsed
russia was on track to becoming the Industrial powerhouse of the planet until those traitors Lenin and Bronstein stab the nation in the back while it was kicking the kaisers ass
Closure of churchs and Anti-Christian Athiest Propagada in schools

Poverty. Though, I'd say Russian identity tends to cling to pretty much anything before Yeltsin (or before scarheadguy) - so there's USSR fetishism, too, and state policy actually resembles that in some ways. But everything is kind of worked in.

With regards to social attitudes, post-Lenin Soviet cultural isolationism actually resulted in a lot of attitudes being kind of trapped in time. But in the '90s, after the fall, they were more-or-less unwillingly liberalized not only economically but socially as well. And simultaneously, the Russian Orthodox Church, which had been suppressed but not destroyed, re-emerged.

Putin encourages and plays to whatever will keep his popularity and control. If you turned them all into one big blob of popular opinion, I suspect you'd find that the Russians were both ashamed of the USSR's fall and the accompanying loss of influence, and revere the church and hold paranoid fears about any threat of its suppression.

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Russia is on the verge of total collapse tbh

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At what point in history was russia ever this?

Don't even bother answering you ☭TANKIE☭ fiend. Learn to recognize propaganda when you see it.

You are seriously waiting for someone to rebute your accusations of "fake jobs" and atheist conspiracy? How about you bring some evidence to back your crazytalk first. This isnt orthodox church you know, people arent going to just take deranged delusions as a fact here.

lel, there was a shortage of food in the fucking capital that started this whole shit
monarchy cucks have no one to blame but themselves

kicking ass, my ass

b "fake jobs" i mean jobs that didnt contribute to society and were created by the commies just to keep unemployment low
The government would hire people to do jobs that were not even needed

It was a war sacrifices need to be made in a war and if it had been won the benefit would have far outweighed the temporary cost

Surely there is some sort of record of this. I'm not just going to take your word for it.
Ah yes, Tzar was known to go house-to-house with a huge sack of war-goodies like a fucking santa clause after each succesful war. How fucking dense are you to think that people had anything to gain in the stupid monarchy wars?!

kek, salty that Russian Empire was pulling someone's chestnuts out of the fire all along, aren't we?

russians were a cannon fodder in the ww1
everytime frogs experienced problems on the western front, russians threw some more meat at the eastern front, and everytime krauts BTFOd them the fuck out

russians only had some modicum of success against austro-hungary

russian empire fags are the ultimate cucks

also, the whole embarassment that was a Russo-Japanese "Little Victorious" war
when subhuman "monkeys" throatfucked the glorious aryan slav "Third Rome" Empire in front of the whole world

read it up

everything that russia is now is a living proof that Stalin did nothing wrong


There is a reason Stalin is popular, while Lenin and the Revolution are seen as very unpopular.


lol no, you couldn't be farther from the truth

yep, Lenin was a retard

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and idpoler

Result of extreme hypernomalization.

That is the life of the average Russian.

Most Russians don't want the USSR because it was Socialist. It's because it was a global super power that ruled over numerous other countries and they've been fed ultra-nationalist wanky propaganda about it for the past 15 years. It's reactionary empire nostalgia. Same shit with the Brits whenever Trident comes up.

pretty sure they were fed standard liberal propaganda plus some "Lenin was a german spy" bits
it somehow changed after the whole Ukraine clusterfuck, more antagonistic to the west

I am a Russian living abroad, didn't grow up there so my "insight" about this issue goes only so far as the Russian household and community I grew up in. Been there a few times tho. It is said that Russia cannot be understood with logic. And if you want to understand Russian there is only one rule to follow: as long as it makes Russia strong.

You see, my Western friends, Russia is a world of its own with its personal rules. The sort of patriotism/nationalism that is apparent in Russians is the embodiment of reactionary romanticizing, the only difference between them and Western reactionaries is that they're fully aware of the contradiction. It doesn't matter which part of history you're vouching for, as long as it's Russia it's good. So you can in the same time praise Stalin and the USSR, and praise the Russian tzardom. Anyone here remembers the video of Amnesty Intentional interviewing Russians on the street after a bust of Stalin was put up? Remember how even when the reporter pointed out Stalin killed a lot of people, people just dismissed it and said "it's part of history" or that he "didn't kill enough"? That's the embodiment of Russia right there.

My vatnik grandfather is my first hand experience with this. He would praise Putin, Stalin, Lenin, the various emperors. He did dislike Nicholas II, but only because he was a weak leader, or any leader that hurt Russia, like Khruschev.

I don't think this veneration of the last Romanovs has anything to do with poverty like some suggested, it has more to do with national identity, it just so happens that communist leaders fell out of fashion after 1990 and the Christian reawakening (which I'm guessing was because of a loss of faith and a coherent worldview). You can also see old people carrying portraits Stalin and Lenin as if they were saints, so this isn't a particular behavior for the nationalist crowd.

I know, I know, pure idealism, but that's all I have. Some thinkers would trace this behavior of Russians historically, to the times when Russia began to see itself with a messianic mission towards the world, thus it doesn't matter what form Russia takes, what matters is that it's Russia.

Wrong again

see also: White Army generals joining the Communists because they believed it's the way to bring Russia back to glory (and they were right).

see also: imperial army "specialists" betraying and switching sides, defecting to the whities and sabotaging military operations

I just wanted to point out an example of what I was talking about. I'm not saying it's something that happens on a regular basis or the rule. Your reply is irrelevant, really.

Except once you delve deeper you see that most Russians view the Revolution negatively, don't like Lenin or the Bolsheviks and basically see the Bolsheviks as a anti-Russian, anti-Christian evil deviation.
They love Stalin because Stalin reinstated a lot of social conservatism, brought back imperial era policy and made Russia STRONK. They like Brezhnev because the 60s and 70s were very comfortable.

This is why people march around with portraits of Stalin and the Tsar and Jesus hand in hand. Stalin isn't viewed as a good Communist leader, he's seen as a great Russian Tsar. The USSR isn't beloved because it was Communist or Socialist, it was because it was a strong empire and the 70s were Russia's golden era.

Russians hate Communism the ideology, they like the USSR the empire.

they were some of the most educated people in europe after the revolution.

Any source on that bold statement?
You know lenin has a statute in every city in Russia Right?

You are full of shit, a lot of people did live better during the Soviet Union. Material interests are far greater than your idealist nonsense

Pure cringe.

Get the fuck out whitey.

That doesn’t explain the socialist nostalgia in other countries like Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and East Germany. In all these places the view that they were better off under socialism is more prevalent than the opposite, and in some cases it’s an outright majority.

Don't you think it's a bit of both? I do believe a lot of Russians like Stalin and the USSR because of the RUSSIA STRONK stuff, but it's also undeniable that the dissolution of the USSR was a disaster and made life incredibly shitty for a lot of russians. Is it really that hard to believe that some people miss the USSR because a lot of things were actually better back then?

And the average person is never going to give a shit about "communism the ideology", and they don't have to, because that's not the point. What they will care about is if the communists in power are making their lives better or worse. Material interests and all that.

Didn’t some large number of Russians also say they would either actively support or at least not resist a communist takeover? I can’t find the link since everything gives me revolution centennial stuff.

53% of Russians view Lenin favorably and feel his role was largely positive in Russia's history.

Anti-Western spooks do that to people.

Absolutely disgusting. I hope americans and russians will nuke eachother.

You're too optimistic fam.

one can only dream
it would be best timeline if they also can take GERMany with them

Because guess what you fucking ☭TANKIE☭ piece of shit, the USSR was not a good place to live and unsurpisingly the people subject to it are now engaging in reaction which means going full monarchist fash. This could have been avoided if the Bolsheviks never won.

And eh tbh i hope russia has a Monarch restoration
This is how delusional rightists are, holy shit.

The soviet union was artifice, the collapse of the soviet union left a hole that can only be filled with the only filler Russians know; artifice. This is why stalin and tsar nicholas are revered by the same people, its a superficiality akin to chinese conceptions of gods.


Before you can have another Bolshevik revolution, you need to reinstate the tsar's rule. It's all part of the master plan.

t. someone who has never studied econ

Now he is some ersotic dialectical understanding.

Socialism with Chinese Characteristics with Russian Characteristics.

I wish, they're actually revisionist dengists, the communists of Russia party is /ourparty/


what the fuck

a lot of people split with the communist party of Russia because of the fact that a lot of people really hate the current leadership


The USSR was a good place to live you fucking cunt, much better than modern Russia.

You’re confusing Stalin with Khrushchev. Say what you want about the Stalinist USSR but it was ideological as fuck, for good or bad.

Is it just me or is that name is an indirect insult towards the other party?
I laughed.

lol this is the first time ive heard ☭TANKIE☭s blame the purge on kruschev, usually its just "no those people who dedicated their lives to the revolution were actually nazi spies"

Okay, so why is it so easy for Putin to redeem the Romanovs? Why did people keep fleeing the USSR into the 80's? Why did they have to isolate the people from Western influence during the Olympics, the public was entirely segregated from Western journalists.

They could be exposed to the perverse bourgeois idea that there's more to live than a menial job, a tenement and sacrifice for the motherland.


Every country has its fair share of retards.
It's part of human nature

What does Putin's rehabilitation of the Romanovs have to do with whether the USSR was a good place to live? Robert E Lee was a treasonous racist who got off Scot free despite leading the murder of hundreds of thousands of Americans and yet he's still viewed generally as a forlorn gentleman that waged reluctant war against his country, despite his memoirs clearly showing that he wasn't. But thanks to a sympathetic revisionist PR team, guess how he's been viewed until just recently?

Despite being autocratic aristocrats even in the US the Romanovs have been rehabilitated. You know that animated movie Anastasia? It's being remade into a stage musical, only now Rasputin is cut out entirely and the Bolsheviks are overly the villains while poor Ana and her family–the very same reactionaries that ordered the slaughter of civilians and threw the country into a complete disaster of a war that killed millions more Russians and ultimately lost Russia a quarter of its productive territory–are so unfairly persecuted :,( I'm sure that's just a coincidence that has nothing to do with the concurrent rise in the popularity of leftism, though ;^)

You're a dipshit

lmao You can't be serious. The Russians have rebounded from the soviet disintegration. They're becoming more self-sufficient because of sanctions, and they're going to be selling western europe natural gas at record rates pretty soon. If anything, America is in decline.

When you enjoy killing pretty princesses while lamenting the dead of thugs like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, you belong squarely in the disney villain category.


Holy shit, once you put it that way, it's a real life Imperium of Man.

How about you go outside and ask people what they think about killing little girls.

He's voted constantly as Russias greatest ever leader.

Yeah okay, the execution of the Romanovs was hilariously incompetent and unnecessarily brutal and even I question killing the kids and even the dogs by literally beating and stabbing them to death (though at the time, They were sure the city was about to fall to the whites). But Nicholas II and Alexandra totally deserved it.

Like ones killed by the Tsar in the throves?

You truly are a brownnosing cuck if you suddenly start tearing up because it happened to your precious bluebloods.

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Russians just want the state to take care of them. They don't want communism and right now Putin makes things alright so no one cares

That's why State-cuckism is bad.

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this is too retarded to be real

There hasn't been a significant Marxist presence in Russia since the 1930s.

Literally cultural capitalism.

Gee, call me crazy, but it’s almost like they didn’t enjoy life under state socialism, famine, and poverty. I’ll wait for the unsourced bullshit infographs that prove “People enjoyed life in the USSR, and want it to return” ;^)

Don’t forget about this gem

You mean the same famines the USSR ended?


Tl;dr. The soviets ate a lot of useless calories with little nutrient, and even then that graph was made with fuzzy data, so it can be written off.

1922? You know the one that killed more than the previous one under the Tsarists government? The only one that came close tho that was in the 1600s.

Russia suffered a famine in 1921 because it went through a devastating war and then came under assault by a coalition of 14 countries and a blockade and had its entire economy and industry/agricultural base fucked over. Attributing it to the soviets is nonsense.

people I spoke to, ones that lived there, did want a return almost universally. So yes, there's statistics AND anecdotal evidence to back it up. What do you have?

but why are they so drunk and just contrarian? like they give a fuck about human rights?

russian here, ask your answers

Wow it's almost like lenin betrayed the proles he pretended to represent and they lived worse than under the tsar's incompetent government. Trotsky's wall st funding did a lot but it didn't buy bread

The virgin lenin vs the chad stalin

*cackles like a witch*

Shut the fuck up, Holla Forums.

Why in fuck do Russians love the Romanovs and the shitty Orthodox Church which is like one of the most corrupt organisations on earth?

The fuck? Literally the exact same thing happened to me, no kidding, EXACTLY the same.

More so than the catholic church do you think?

Yes but OP asked why this is.


this was posted on kc recently. it was apparently aired on a tv station close to the government in russia. trotsky was kind of a faggot but this is basically mc carthy tier anti-communist propaganda, if not worse. i used to somewhat like putin because he stands up against american/zionist imperialism but now i think that he's a reactionary, anti-communist faggot and/or a tsarist as well and might have indeed imperialist ambitions of his own, because that's what reactionaries usually have. not better than any of our own "leaders" in the eu/ue and us.

learned your lesson?


because constant propaganda works. why did people follow hitler? because of the nazi propaganda and hitler's charisma.

did they?

oh hi neocon journalist. the olympics in russia were BOYCOTTED by the west, for instance the west german team was not allowed to take part in the games. the term "lügenpresse" isn't new and was not invented by german alt-righters, by the way. it was coined in the 1960s by west german leftists and directed at the reactionary springer press.

i was born in east germany and lived in the gdr through my teen years till 1989. it was a good place to live and most people who experienced it themselves have some fond memories of it. there was no poverty at all, no homeless people. everyone had a job. we all lived on western lower to upper middle class standards. the healthcare system was better than what we have now, education was better as well.

i've been to the ussr/russia once for holidays with my parents, however i was very little and we basically never left the hotel resort so i can't comment on how life in the soviet union was. i doubt that russians were much worse off than us though.

Russia is literally a nation mostly comprised of Nazbols due to the humiliation and economic collapse it received post Soviet-Union. Putin will both rehabilitate Stalin one day then praise the Tsar another day. The Russian zeigeist is "Russia stronk", whether in the form of the Empire or the Soviet Union.

This is the same reason why pro-Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine would use Tsarist symbols and Communist symbols at the same time. They have been robbed of their original ideological meanings of monarchism and communism, instead melding into a Nazbol ideology which is then moderated by Putin into a generic sort of Russian nationalism.

Basically, the Russian is humiliated by the fall of the Soviet Union, which was really a Russian empire, and the resulting economic collapse brought on by capitalism as well as the aforementioned collapse of the Soviet Empire.

If the Soviets won the Cold War, Nazbol wouldn't exist, since normal Communist party politics would've satisfied all of those who would be Nazbols. Why be extreme in bringing about Russian hegemony when you already have Russian hegemony? It would be the Americans who would create a syncretic ultranationalist ideology that takes elements of leftism, though it would be of a different nature from Nazbol.

The same applies to ALL Russian ultranationalists. Russian Nazis use the same anticapitalist rhetoric as Nazbols and Communists. Communists use the same nationalist rhetoric that Nazis and Nazbols use. All of them support Orthodoxy. Those who sympathize with monarchism merely emphasize different aspects of Russian nationalism, focusing more on the religious elements over the racial, whilst Putin tries to satisfy all of the nationalist elements to maintain his popularity.

There is no Left or Right in Russia, only globalist liberals vs ultranationalists who want Russia to be stronk again.

They like the state-planned economy of the Soviet system AND the Russia stronk aspect at the same time.

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Also, Lee was actually reluctant about the Civil War and secession. Also, he didn't actually declare the war and only commanded one army out of many in the war. The real idiots are the Fireeater planters who led the South into a sperg-out when Lincoln basically pulled off an 1860s Trump and ate into the yeoman farmer voting base of the Democrats at the time. Robert E. Lee wasn't even particularly racist and generally worked to mend relations between the North and South post Civil-War, and his memoirs say the opposite. He wanted to remain in the Union. Hell, this wasn't even unusual to have generals whose personal beliefs don't match their side of the Civil War. (Most soldiers and generals simply served whichever state they happened to be of. The American Civil War was a lot less ideological than the Russian one.) Longstreet, for example, even switched to the Republican party and cracked down on pro-Democrat militias post Civil-War. Do note that the Bolsheviks actually took in some Left-SRs who willingly abandoned their party as well as Tsarist officers.

Would Lenin be a murderer for essentially starting the Russian Civil War? NO! Declaring war is not murder and shooting enemy soldiers is not. Both sides seek to defend their lives through combat, even if one side is less legitimate than the other or both sides suck.

I agree entirely with killing off the Romanovs, my issues with Lenin come more with grain requisitions on peasants and the treatment of the Kronstadt sailors and other participants of the "Third Russian Revolution" as well as his destruction of workers self management. Though, to be honest, Lenin was less running the show as much as the Bolsheviks ran it through an oligarchy. Russia was an oligarchy under the old Bolsheviks, not an autocracy like under the Tsar or Stalin, though you can say that the Provisional government was similarly oligarchic.

Also, Anastasia is a shitty Disney rip-off. Stepen Petrichenko needs his own movie to be honest.