The occupations/jobs of historical leftists

For example, I'm thinking of Amadeo Bordiga who is said to have been some sort of engineer and had something to do with designing houses. There's also Anton Pannekoek who interestingly was a professor in astronomy while publishing and advancing councilist theories. Could we go more into detail on this?

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I know Krasin was some top dog Siemens engineer and Beria graduated with engineering degree
Stalin worked some time as an accountant at the Tiflis Observatory

Bolsheviks in general were political prisoners and cofvefe sippers

fuck you bordiga was a theorist by occupation, a revolutionary, unlike the milk shop man Stirner

Chomsky is ofc a linguist, but he's not really a great theorist or anything.
Bookchin was a autoworker for much of his younger years.
Marx was a journalist and Engels was a capitalist.
Stirner was a teacher at a all-girls school.
Kropotkin was a scientist.
cant think of anyone else

Oh and Mao worked at a library in his younger days where he read a bunch of anarchist literature and became an anarchist. That changed later ofc.

Peter Kropotkin, Officer in the Army, Then Geologist
Stalin, Bankrobber and extortionist

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Peter Kropotkin was a scientist. He even proposed that there existed underwater lakes in the Antarctic a century before Lake Vostok was discovered.

Élisée Reclus was a highly respect geographer. He was awarded a gold medal by the Paris Geographical Society for his achievements, most notably a 19-volume encyclopedia.

Marius Jacob was a burglar. Really, that was the actual job on which he subsisted. He and his pals called themselves the Workers of the Night.


Posadas was a shoemaker
Makhno was a painter and a foundryman

Typically cushy jobs shielded from the real world like op ed columnist or university professor

How is a university professor "shielded" from the "real world"…?

Bordiga is more worthless to Leftism than Egoism and you fucking know it

Tito worked in a restuarant, as a locksmith, repaired bikes and he worked in car factories Skoda, Benz and Daimler.

Deng worked as a fitter in several factories and was quite skilled at it.

Hoxha taught grammar at a french school.

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well, for one thing, he does not have a threat of uemployment hanging over him

How is academia an "ivory tower"…?

Quite a few leftists like Zizek, Chomsky, Badiou, Antonio Negri, Graeber, Cockshott, Raoul Vaneigem, Nick Srnicek and Land were or are university teachers indeed, and while you can say that they are removed from the "real world" like the dumb ☭TANKIE☭ above, there is something comforting in that since academics are used to critical thinking, dealing with complex systems and devising efficient methods for analyzing them, and so on.
On the other hand, right-wingers are often petty-bourgs who feel threatened by the status quo of their time and with just enough education to become efficient sophists. There are quite a few exceptions like Leo Strauss, de Maistre, Heidegger and the Austrian school of course, but overall, there are less right-wing academics, and I don't think it's just a question of self-reinforcing milieu who cunningly spread its ideas in the minds of impressionable students (or basically what Moldbug calls the Cathedral)

Otherwise, Guy Debord was a dedicated NEET, and that's why he is one of my favorites.

His theories on innate grammars aren't taken seriously anymore by linguists, but they were pretty influential at the time and continue to be relevant in computer science and programming language theory.
Now, I guess you were talking about leftist theory, and you are right, but it doesn't really matter since he did a great job at introducing a few generations to socialist ideas in the English-speaking world and beyond, and that is no small feat.

Went through and looked up some anarchists not mentioned in the thread for something to do at work
Worked in the printing press industry, worked up to being a corrector before becoming unemployed and tried to find work in either a press or a school.
Junker at an artillery school from the age of 14
He has quite a lot. Shepard at 7, worked for landlords at 8, left school at 12 and worked on a kulaks' farm, from 17 he was an apprentice painter, worker in iron factory and ultimately as a foundryman.
Seamstress seems the main one but it just said she had "many jobs" when she was young
Cabin-boy then apprentice typographer


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Lenin and Castro were lawyers, Che was a doctor.

Chavez was a military officer

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