ITT little complaints about capitalism

leave your small complaints/thoughts about capitalism here

every single big/extremely successful company usually goes downhill in quality after all of it's initial people leave the company

why is this ?

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Like Microsoft was ever good. Anyway it is not just when people leave. Gabe Newell still runs Valve yet Valve's greed has become transparent in recent years. It is a process of enterprises become so massive that they don't have to care about the customer. Thus you get the process that Steam's library exponentially grows with shovel ware of every worse quality.

Fur me is PC gaming culture in general, its very fucking elitist, there are far few choices in the hardware market and there is a lot of blind asskissing to Steam. I fucking hate Steam, not just for the DRM and mistreatment of the consumer but because they killed physical PC games, I really miss physical games.

Gamers in general are strange when it comes to politics. You'd think, with all their criticism of EA and Ubisoft, they'd be class-conscious as all hell; but then you realize their entire culture prides itself on its steep cost of entry and excessive consumption ("Look at all these games I bought I'll never play…"), and remember they still bend over backwards for Paradox whenever they roll out another HOI4, CK2, or EUIV DLC. And while you could make a very valid argument that those are only a minority of folks, the mainstream audiences similarly grumble about CoD and Battlefield's DLC models, but still fork over the money to play with their friends. I say this from past experience.

Of course, this is just online. IRL the average gamer is a normie who's apolitical unless pressed.

windows was a decent operating system when during the days of xp

remember when when you didn't have to pay for extra features for games and expansion packs were actually expansion packs ?

Not written by a lefty, but this does a pretty good job of explaining the dynamics within corporations, and specifically how they get bloated over time. The first part (this link) covers that question but the whole series of posts is a pretty good examination of how corporate culture works.

I'm glad that these days people are more able to produce independent content, like on youtube, but it bums me out how much supporting those creators has already been appropriated by capitalism. The super chat function on youtube is neat in theory but it focuses all attention on people with the most money, and youtube takes a 30% cut.

i swear to god every time someone talks well about steve jobs or elon musk i'm closer to mass murder
i'm feeling rage as i type these words, what the fuck.

The kingdom has great craftsmen and artisans. What a great king who makes the kingdom great. :^)

Idk how Bill Gates could be considered a 'small' complaint. The dude set back IT by 20 years at least.


I don't like how people enjoy markets. That is a little big, so a smaller gripe would be that I don't like how people believe debts have to be repaid. They just don't, and you shouldn't feel bad that people who do nothing but loan money don't get it back. Maybe individual loans are fine, but if I was Divine Gommie Dictator (Destructor of Freedom III), consumer debts would certainly be cleared regularly.

Planned obsoletion and the general quality of products declining fast as fuck because short term profits is the only motive to produce. And the fact that EVERYONE does it so you can't really switch to a "good" brand. Literally cartel business.

Debt shouldn't be repaid in general though. The idea that "i give you something so you have to lose something later" is fucking stupid. Outstanding debts between people is how relationships work. If anything, we should have debts toward each other accrue indefinitely and drop that bullshit where my debt to you cancels out your debt to me.

There's also a sort of battered wife syndrome thing going on here tbh.

settle down dr. Graeber

Here, you should read this. I am about 100 pages in and I like it a lot.
I am certain this is a development stemming from market/debt. As in, debts are the framework relationships are viewed through because it is what is forced upon people, not because of any "natural" need for social debt. Relationships don't really come from debts. I would argue debt actually destroys relationships. I don't think we actually disagree however, I am just trying to get some ideas out of my head.
Old part of reply I didn't keep: I am nice to others because it pleases me to do so, not to exact debts.

I am interested in who Dr.Graeber is.

you just posted his book

That's what I was referencing.

Debt as a formalized and explicitly measured phenomenon sure. But informal debts tie people together (Graeber makes this point better than I could) because the represent an ongoing functional relationship.

Holy fuck I'm such an idiot. I can't imagine how embarrassing this would be if in real life I cited something like this, and hadn't even taken to heart the authors fucking name. This was a wake up call, I need to stop being so lazy when I read.
It's a good book, no? Do you disagree with what Graeber said or were you poking fun at the other user?

I think Graeber said what the other user said and I tend to agree with him.

As shown by the fact I didn't read the authors name, I'm clearly not the smartest guy but I really didn't think Graeber was making that point. Of course it might just be a later thing, but that really isn't the idea that I've taken away reading the book so far. Interesting, cool that this book has so many Holla Forums readers, I only saw it posted once in the reading list.


it's a pretty awesome book btw, i shill it every opportunity i get.

There's not enough lit on prehistory tbh. Humans lived for hundreds of thousands of years in "primitive communism". So just on that I like the book, but yeah it's good in general too.

Yeah he develops the ideas throughout the book. I think it's mostly about establishing a context so modern readers can understand the very different world he's talking about. Been a while since I read it though. Should do it again.

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He does have a way of mentioning things and then "You may have noticed…" (I never notice) and then it hits me like a truck.
Polite sage as well.
The only make up for my derailing, another thing that irks me is that companies like Tesla are fueled by government spending yet are seen as private successes. 4.9 billion dollars have been put into Elon's bastard children, and I hope they die and he is left with naught but his smug liberal ideals.

Story of my life, comrade.


kek I can´t believe this is real, is this real? Labour day a day to celebrate women that give birth? Mein gott kek

Hate when no formal definition of "capitalism."
Hate when the goalposts keep getting moved.

This has happened with societies throughout human history. For example, take the 1960s drug craze. It was supposed to be spiritual but turned into a mess of technological debauchery.

An economic system where productive property is privately owned and primarily used to create profits.

Which credentialed expert in capitalism did you get that definition from?

whitewashing genuine socialists. I was legitimately mad when I found out how much of a socialist Helen Keller is.