40% of Russian communist party members are under 35 years old

This is what the communist party looks like now. What do you think?


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I respect them because they're probably one of the few commie parties that hasn't disavowed Lenin and Stalin to appease liberals.

Communism by 2030

I know the Russian Communist Party is the second largest party in the country, but I've heard they're basically controlled opposition by Putin and United Russia. Is this true?

I remember the stereotype a few years ago was old people hanging onto soviet nostalgia

With this guy as the head?


The leadership is full of old fucks, and I suppose 40% young people is still the minority

the CPRU is rather crap tbh

I can only hope that new blood will drag the party away from the spectre of Stalin.

Looks 10000000% better than every picture I see from western communist parties. Actually normal looking, well-adjusted young people.

I fucking hope that the opposite happens, as there is a Dengist current in the party. Moving away from Stalin means moving towards Deng in this case.

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If they are in Russia, why is the sign in English?

If Communism ever comes back to Russia (which I very much doubt it will), it won't be brought about by the Stalinists, or whatever remnants there remains of them

They need to pump new blood into the party. This is good

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Who gives a a shit? Russian commie parties are suc-dem

I don't respect them for exactly that reason. Communist Party of Russia is literally controlled opposition.

this is the youth group not the actual KPRF

I'm willing to bet that the youth will most likely outgrow the old people of the party and hopefully there'll be a resurfacing of the communist party of Russia

What if I told you only true Stalinists can bring it back?

their last chance was like in 1996 or whenever the Yeltsin re-election year was.

if they couldn't have gotten it back then, they'll won't do it for a century or so

They are all Putin supporters. Good commies.

My understanding is that the KPRF is simply a revisionist party that now simply does hot-takes on the culture inherited from Brezhnev-Gorbachev era CPSU.

I know there are other parties in Russia that ar more seriously dedicated Bolshevik parties. However, they do have a much smaller following but I think people overrate numbers sometimes. The Democratic Party has a lot of people, but it will never get us anywhere close to communism, probably not even unintentionally.


Russian ML gf, or reactionary goth gf? I feel like this is one of the hardest questions a man of our generation may face.

So brainlets then.

Marx did not anticipate this when writing Capital, and I believe this was one of his biggest mistakes

Younger members are pissed at party leadership for kissing Putin's boot though.

It's probably from the World Festival of Youth and Students that happened this year.

no shit the youth will eventually outgrow the old. what are they teaching you people

Tbh КПРФ all the way.

The party is just nationalist soccdems. Left Front is the only good option.

LARPers. All of them.
Unless they are planning on overthrowing the current system through a coup or something this is all just LARPing.

You don't want a socialist party to be made out of jurassic old leftists, but you also don't want it to be a student fad. 40% seems like a good ratio, but I wonder if the new generation really gets along with the old guard that are probably full of Soviet nostalgia or it they're trying to purify the party from them.

What the communist parties even do in the countries that have a CP?
They can't just go and expropriate private property and give all the power to the workers. The most they can do is try to pass some socdem policies to ameliorate the worker's conditions which is like just putting a band-aid on a huge bleeding scar, while dreaming of the day when capitalism will finally collapse on itself as if capitalism hadn't already showed that it can survive and evolve crisis though crisis indefinitely and as if it won't just destroy the entire planet before finally falling for good.
I'm sick and tired of this bullshit tbh. If you are serious about communism then you should push for revolution, because that's really the only way. You don't participate in bourgeois fake "democracy".

Leave EU, leave NATO, put the mandatory military service back on and initiate a large campaign of nationalization of banks, insurance companies, energy companies, oil refineries, comunication companing and mail services will take place.

It's more or less like this the political prgram of the communist party in my country. Last election received 500 to 600k votes and elected 16 officials in the parliament.


For the most part they pretend this is the 50s and that you can nationalize everything without global finance turning your country into shit

This is not only LARPing but dumb as fuck

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Kill yourself. Almost all revolutions so far were carried it out by the masses together with a parliamentarian arm.

That's why Marxism-Leninism is still the correct way to go. Marxism-Leninism is the only ideology that incorporates a socialist construction to achieve self-reliance.

Venezuela didn't nationalize anything except the oil industry.

Is there any good analysis of the Left in Russia? All I know about it is there is the CPRF and the Left Front.

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Yes it's dead


I know it's vice but it is some interesting reporting. Also I love it when the reporter tries to bait the guy into saying "Stalin didndu nuffin" and it turns out he says Brezhnev was the best soviet leader.

And the burgers screeching in the comments that "lol gommis don't know about gommunism" when this is literally Russians who lived or whose parents lived in the USSR that are organising here.

KPRF are corrupt as shit controlled opposition that are completely bought out by United Russia. Not to mention they're hilariously socially reactionary and right wing and basically just circlejerk over 70s Brezhnev Russia.

The entire party is built around Zyuganov who's a corrupt piece of shit and actively refuses to take power. There have been times the KPRF have surged in support and they always just blow it because Zyuganov and his cronies like their comfy public service jobs more than Revolution.

This. Anything less honest of a post on the state of the KPRF than this is worse than worthless.

Looks kinda.. jjjeewish

RCWP-CPSU > KPRF tbqh famalam


That's expected from anywhere east of Germany in Europe tbqh.
The thing that really matters is how interested people are in the questions of the working class, social liberalism is irrelevant in those places.