Venezuela Thread

Give me all the redpills you have on Venezuela. Need them for whenever a liberal brings it up in an argument.
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Venezuela is not socialist, it has a self professed socialist government. That's all, no more no less.

Also ask them of their very capitalist neighbour, of its dozens of US military bases, of their crumbling economy compared to Venezuela.

rojava is venezuela's capitalist neighbour now…?

Chavez did nothing wrong, Maduro will help collapse the dollar by adopting the Petroyuan.

Savage but incorrect.

*oil prices fall by 50%

It's a capitalist state, nothing special or new.

USA is waging economic war against Venezuela. They dropped oil prices with Saudi Arabia to punish Russia for attacking Ukraine and Venezuela is harmed by this too.

This bullshit gets repeated every Venezuela thread. The oil crash actually wiped out lots of burgeoning US production. There is no way the US was behind it. Almost all Midwest fracking, and Bakken formation in North Dakota can't be profitably extracted unless prices are over $70 a barrel.

Saudi Arabia confirmed for the headquarters of the world revolution

You joke, but they were held up as an example of successful socialism for years.


I'm going to need a source for this

Yeah, I only have this Sanders quote handy, but most of the left was quite eager to claim Venezuela as a victory during the good times.

I dare you to say this in the next Gadaffi circle jerk thread.

Why are you listening a socdem reformist's definition of socialism? His followers all thing that Sweden is a communist utopia.

It wasn't just Sanders or succdems. I don't have any other screenshots handy, but other people who were around at the time can confirm that Venezuela and Chavez was pretty widely praised.

This is an anti-materialist perspective, coming up with a perfect form and then trying to see how reality lines up against it. It is better to learn from mistakes and see what could be done differently rather than just squabbling over labels. In Venezuela's case, basing your entire economy on one sector is shown, yet again, to be a bad idea for a market economy. What is further demonstrated is that you can't hope to advance revolution if your existing achievements depend on the continued flourishing of the status quo, namely all of the wealthy countries buying oil.

They did it in 80s to crash the economy of Soviet Union and it worked. USA is still using this weapon against Russia because they own large oil and gas reserves.

the pink tide in general was pretty widely praised.
But it was just that, pink. It's better than neoliberals privatising water like they used to do but it's a pretty low standard to call it socialism.

the government was always just shitty succdem, and even then the few things they nationalized aren't even put to work and there is no real worker movement or solidarity whatsoever for that matter

and there's the obvious stuff like them not diversifying the economy, banking it all on oil, not knowing how markets work, depending heavily on other countries as a "socialist" country supposedly against US hegemony

the best thing that could happen is an actual revolution and not just another pinochet, but alas

There once was a failed coup.

So so the Coupmaker made it into politics.

Despite having a lot of oil, the country remained poor.

The Coupmaker died, and all his henchmen was sad.

Then there was a toilet paper shortage.

So the henchmen became even sadder as they had to wipe their butts with their fingers.

The end?

The problem is the Venezuela's "socialists" are socdems, and like all socdems they care about living standards completely out of proportion to everything else, they see poverty so they give more money to poor people to buy shit. Instead of funnelling all that money into building factories that produce the things those people want.

Venezuela today would be a different story if Chavez went full Stalinist and expropriated everything and created state-owned central planning.

The Communes are the only way for a really stable and socialist future for Venezuela. We cant count on Maduro or his government to change things for the better, nor should the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois opposition get any support.
Many in Venezuela still believe in the Bolivian project but only support Maduro to prevent the capitalist opposition from getting power, not because they think he can really move the revolution forward. The way out of the crisis is to go more radical.
All power to the Communes!

tell me about these "communes"
are they an actual thing in Venezuela or do you just mean the idea of workers communes in general?


Anybody else somestimes feels that capitalism is just a gigantic cult?

i wanna die

They are an actual thing yes.

Didn't the latest draft for the new constitution include a plan to strenghten these and increase the role of direct democracy?

Capitalist media said that the new constitution supposedly "transforms the country into a dictatorship" which I could never understand where they were even remotely coming from. Reading the articles then they also didn't quote a single excerpt from the new constitutional draft, they just claimed it.

Fucking western media is such garbage. Maduro is no saint but you would think he's worse than Hitler if you took what the media says about him as fact.

Literally the best explanation of Venezuelas woes that isn't just all "WAAAH THE CIA" and or "WAAH SOCIALISM"

Surprisingly not shit. Thoughts?

You completely misunderstood the media.
It "transforms the country into a dictatorship" because it's a supra-constitutional entity pulled from Maduro's ass (he had to call for "an initiative" (in other words, a referendum) to see whether or not people wanted a constitutional assembly, but he just skipped that and said "here it is motherfuckers, you're gonna elect the people that will be in it") that hasn't even made a "new constitutional draft", they've just made a few things illegal and jailed people.

Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia also have socialist governments; They fund Telesur. These countries don't have oil so their economy isn't targeted by by US imperialism:

70% of Venezuela's GDP comes from the private sector, you can find this by googling the name of the central ban, with some Spanish keywords. I'm too lazy to find it again.

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We must not let ourselves be oppressed by the ownership class!


The Venezuelan government pretty much tried to create a playground for the rich.
Four redpills:
– Zoo animals were eaten
– Waiting in line at the public store was a full-time job
– Toilet paper was scarce
– Nicolas Maduro made racist jokes about Barack Obama