Daily News Thread 11/16

FCC Will Vote to Overturn US Net Neutrality in December

Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, FCC, Ajit Pai, an appointee of U.S. President Donald Trump, will be presenting a plan next week to draw a December vote to reverse a 2015 net neutrality decision.

US to lift ban on elephant hunting trophy imports

The Trump administration will allow American hunters to import elephant trophies to the US, reversing an Obama-era 2014 ban, US media report.

Radio Host Alleges Al Franken Forcibly Kissed Her During USO Tour

A Los Angeles radio host says Democratic Sen. Al Franken forcibly kissed her during a 2006 USO tour. The host says Franken posed for a photo with his hands on her breasts as she slept.

French unions stage fourth day of protest against Macron

French unions protested against President Emmanuel Macron's labour law reform for the fourth time this autumn on Thursday. Although the turnout was reported to be lower than on previous days of action, they vowed to keep fighting policies they claim favour the rich at the expense of ordinary people.

Here’s Where the GOP Tax Plan Stands Right Now

House leaders are poised for a Thursday vote on their tax-overhaul bill as Senate tax writers continue to debate their proposal to make individual breaks temporary and repeal a key part of the Obamacare law. Here are the latest developments, updated throughout the day.

Israel is ready to share intelligence on Iran with Saudi Arabia – IDF chief

The chief of staff of Israel's military (IDF) told Saudi Alaf newspaper in an unprecedented interview that his country is ready to share intelligence on Iran with Riyadh.

US Army fail to report up to 20% of crimes to FBI

After an Air Force veteran with a criminal history was able to buy guns and kill 29 people in a Texas church, a Pentagon-wide investigation found that the Army is failing to alert the FBI about soldiers’ criminal histories in a “significant amount” of cases.

Trudeau press conference ambushed by pipeline protesters

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was interrupted by two environmental activists during a Q&A session at the United Nations Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial conference in Vancouver.

As North Korea 'Sentences' Trump to 'Death,' the South Tells US: War 'Not On the Table'

Coming shortly on the heels of U.S. President Donald Trump's 12-day tour of Asia, the government of South Korea has made it absolutely clear that the United States should not spark a unilateral military conflict in the Korean Peninsula.

Far-right accounts lose Twitter verified tick

Twitter has stripped several far-right accounts of their "verified" badge, after changing its policy.

Roy Moore: How Alabamians are defending the accused judge

"In the South, some of these girls look 20 and some look 14", says a supporter of the accused judge.

Nearby Planet Could Harbor Life

A team working with the HARPS instrument (High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher) in Northern Chile, has discovered a promising exoplanet.

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Remembering Istvan Meszaros (1930–2017)

No political philosopher of our age has reached nearly so far in terms addressing the question of the movement toward socialism.

Will the new rules of sexuality be like an ashtray with a no-smoking sign? - Slavoj Žižek

Women's protests are a great awakening, but with many dangers. It could eventually be a case of rules being made to be broken.

Scientists: Population Growth “Primary Driver Behind Ecological and Societal Threats”

A bit late in the game, experts are finally depicting population growth as the driver of threats like climate change.

based newsanon

Thank you newsanon

This means right wing facism will be removed from the internet right? Freedom is evil


Landmark study links Tory austerity to 120,000 deaths

Everyday, I feel like my government is trying murder me.

Such is life in burgerland.

You think this will turn Holla Forums more lefty when shit hits the fan?

God Bless America.

I love how Holla Forums doesn't even care about net neutrality anymore now that it's Trump pushing it.

So I expected corruption but I didn't expect something so useless and petty.

It'll hit them when they start getting slower Internet because corporations can undermine their competition's network.

For real? I imagined they'd have a cyclical pinned thread on it since August. The end of net neutrality in America would be the end of an era for them, especially given everyone downloads their games these days.

They'd go along with anything as long as it epically pwns the libs

It'll be too late then though.

it'll hit them when their hentai sites don't load because mom doesn't want to pay an extra $30 a month for that package.

If they don't fight it, they deserve their fate.


now Lauren's kink makes sense

PJW would literally eat shit if it meant "triggering" someone

There is a good case here. Letting powerfull private corporations handle our 'commons' will lead to exclusion one way or the other.
This might convince the more reasonable ones, but knowing the alt-right they will most likely explain it as corporations bowing to liberal pressures.

…I'm pretty sure it's fake, user.

On regular circumstances I'd feel dumb but given it's these guys I genuinely couldn't tell the difference.

Are you seriously retarded, you know we go down too right?

You know it's not actually that far from reality…

The Zizek article is interesting but did anyone else feel there was no real coherent message to it? Forget the fact that he didn’t tell us what we should do, it’s not even clear he knows even what direction we should take the conversation.

Tbh, and I fucking love Zizek with a passion, that is his writing style.

Why are american conservatives so cartoonishly evil

Holla Forums: It's okay if africans and muslims multiply and breed like rabbits because of like, historical materialism or some shit

Haha take that Liberals!

"DTM does real and economic development will lower fertility rates"

wait a couple of years when some rich guy proposes cracking down on 4chan and pol and suddenly they'll all reverse course

Interracial Communist Breedism will win. Don't fight it.

That's how I feel about everything I've ever read by Zizek, tbh.

I do hope he does an analysis of Elsa
Gate videos soon.

Source on actress?

First world still consumes more recourses and creates more pollution.

fuck you too Pajeet
oh boy more political assassinations, people will care more about this than his support of SOPA-PIPA
now that they're done manufacturing it so the goyim will do as they're told
ah, so the falseflag was staged specifically to disarm vets who don't fulfil increasingly-stringent political qualifications, got it
retards wave stumpdicks at each other, film at 11
oh boy the companies are here to make us not actually have to easily defeat da scaree nazis in a debate
t. normalfaggots
well this certainly can't be the result of interviewing a shitload of people until a few of them parrot the party line so the establishment can paint that as representative of greater trends
fat lot of good it does me
huh, so that's where that planet name came from, TIL
they already fucking are
hear that, intelligent, concerened people? Have no or fewer kids! Don't worry, you can convince the toothless tard with the mind and job of a fucking genejack with a dozen illegitimate kids he's dodging child support on, and the one pseud faggot you've met who told you "wellfate = gommunism = when the gov't does stuff" that further irresponsibly spreading their putrid seed is something they should stop doing! It's totally not just one more factor designed to breed out people smart enough to dissent for shit!

I believe It's Lexi Rose, not sure.

I hope this Net Neutrality thing is some sort of sick joke considering how I could hardly afford the internet when it was still Dial-up. I have slightly more breathing room now but removing that shit would force me off the web if I want to keep that breathing room.

Can I do this with a 13cm dick?

I've done it, you can too.


Tila Flame (Let's Try Anal is the video)

I am not a burger, so I would love see the net neutrality dying in the US, but at the same time I feel bad for my comrades that live on this shithole.

Wait till they get Dial-Up speeds again, then they'll fucking go mental and blame us for some reason


Right wingers shit themselves to "trigger" Leftists.

"Rightists have low lQ"
- Varg

T-thanks, gotta lose that virginity some day


Fellas, in all honesty how can a burger convince their entire conservative family that all voted for Trump that Net Neutrality is good without them disavowing me?

You'll make it, user.

Just wait until they see their bill and the service they get with it.

I mean yeah he was right to apologize but give me a break

This is sadly truth.
someone knows if they will do a voting or will just kill the neutrality?

Is it an executive order from Obama? If it is they can kill it without delay

Net Neutrality isn't regulation of the internet itself, it's regulation of service providers so they can't censor the internet or charge extra for stuff they don't own. You probably know this, but just pointing it out.

It's a bit like watching the old great libraries burn down, all for ideology. I really, really, hoped I wouldn't be around to see this. Still some time, I guess.


I unironically hope that happens. 8ch will probably be ignored and all the cuckchan Holla Forumstards get BTFO. Hopefully some future administration re-establishes the old rules again. Ah well, in the meantime…

I showed this pic to some fag on Holla Forums, and he still tried to argue that the early 2000s were cringier than now because some people wore JNCO pants and listened to Limp Bizkit.

Verizion already slowed down Youtube and Netflix.
Just talk about how every single major ISP also owns a news network so if they watch any alternative news those companies have an interest to make it harder for you to view the content.

He is my favorite

I really hope Holla Forums and the like aren't really going full anti-net neutrality just cuz. I don't really think most stand to benefit from them destroying themselves at the cost of the entire internet.

Also, government-corporatist power grabs are extraordinarily hard to reverse. See the Patriot Act. The public is effectively left to negotiate in about the same manner as a young actress negotiating a contract on a casting couch. This is an essentially linear path, and there's not a single moment (including, particularly, right now) that you shouldn't stand for your rights.

Whoa, the FCC "votes"? Is this like democracy without the demos?

A selective few, chosen by a selective few, created by representatives that were voted by those that can voluntarily voted.


Seriously, what is even the point of this? It's not like one of those laws that make a lot of difference whether they're enacted or removed. Obama banned those imports, nice, fewer people will bother hunting elephants. Trump lifts it because…? The only reason I can see is so that Porky can go be a decadent fuck at African wildlife's expense. I vaguely recall Sarah Palin removing an Alaskan ban on strafe-hunting wolves from helicopters. Yeah.

Oh so it's straight up to benefit his son. How nice. Also reminder that this hilarious article also involves Trump cronyism: bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42001038

Honestly, this reflects well on on them. I remember when Twitter removed Milo's checkmark, back when its only function was identity verification. Petty yet perfectly demonstrative of bias.

Oh dear God, let this be the start of the despooking of everyone's """need""" to have their own biological children.

I kept telling trumpets how he was against NN in the campaign and they ignored that. When he appointed that anti-NN stooge to the FCC, they started started saying NN is bad because it didn't need to be regulated by the government so far so why give them that power now, it'll just overuse it. Except the government already did have NN as FCC regulation but not as law. If only it was made law, it would be much harder to overturn. But alas, just another case of reactionaries fucking everything up for everybody.

It's the left's fate to be Cassandra, comr8. In one particular discussion I completely trounced the anti-NN poster, maybe I have the screencap, it could make for a decent infograph.

It's worth mentioning that SJWs have their own version of the same fiasco going on. Prompted in large part by GG, they kept on calling for more censorship on the internet, and behold, the corporations listened but to the surprise of no one but them, the left got shafted too.

This has nothing to do with ideology tho. It's pure corporate favor.

Back in my day, posting bait this weak would get my ma to spank me.


iirc congress and senate also vote on it, but it's currently a republican majority that would literally suck dick to give porky a few extra dollars.

Show me one post expressing that sentiment.

Can't the dems fillabuster this shit?

pick 1

Tech companies like net neutrality and dems love their money so unless the bill comes from the committee that controls the governments budget they should be able to filibuster it without any problems.

Not sure how likely it is. Most of the Democrats are too focused on Trump's ties to Russia, whether they're imaginary or not, and the 'progressive' Democrats are too busy apologizing for Franken pretending to grab some lady's tits 11 years ago.

Sweden declares milk, expressions of fear, OK hand sign hate speech

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi: “Impeachment would further divide us, not bring us together.”

Lena Dunham defended a Hollywood producer who drugged and raped a teenager

A political science journal published five years ago gets a correction: liberalism, not conservatism, shows traits associated with "pyschoticism"

She was sleeping at the time.

She was sleeping at the time. At other times Franken was forcing his tongue down her throat.

I didn't know about the last part, but it still stands that they'll be too focused on that to do anything else. The Democratic base will also be kept in the dark because MSNBC is owned by Comcast.

Former Secret Service agent: Joe Biden did "Weinstein-level stuff" against the wives and girlfriends of servicemen.

According to the source, a Secret Service agent once got suspended for a week in 2009 for shoving Biden after he cupped his girlfriend’s breast while the couple was taking a photo with him. The situation got so heated, the source told Cassandra Fairbanks, that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President.

post an actual source

Nope, the Republicans destroyed the filibuster rules so they could ram some judges through. As if every single Senate Democrat would oppose this anyway…

The Chinese Communist Party banned Katy Perry after they found a picture of a green sunflower dress in her social media.

Several Russian models were denied visas. Russia is investigating last month's mysterious death of another model at Shanghai Fashion Week.

"Palestinian" Gigi Hadid was also banned for making Chinese jokes. Apparently this is not her first time – and she has an Asian boyfriend!

A 14-year-old was lured into sex slavery through her drug addiction.

Color me surprised.

For me it's spite and I think it's funny when you want to cry

Whoever isn't psychotic doesn't know how to have a good time

sounds pretty legit. foi.se/en/about-foi.html

enjoy you're ban

Socialism could save America. But America doesn't deserve to be saved.

that site gave me capitalism

Psychoticism has nothing to do with psychosis nor psychopathy, actually.
Please forgive the Jesse "Virtue" Singal.

This reminds me, academia is currently in the middle of a massive crisis.

I'm afraid this isn't news, it's a global industry.