Do you trust this?

Something tells me that though their goals are seemingly progressive, it's still a capitalist organization, run by the elite. Therefore, I believe Globalism strives to become a world nation with an authoritarian/fascist-like system, rather than attempt a communist utopia run by the people.

The UN has no goal, they're downright incompetent

Uuh, no shit?

Really? Huh…

Don't you know that the UN is communist. I mean JFK was one. *snort*

Well it certainly seems progressive.

This, but they aren't incompetent. They serve the goals of various world powers and separate cliques within them. They seem incompetent because these powers undermine each other and power balance, and, thus, agenda, shifts. UN is, really, the Holy Roman Empire, but of the world.

id put it somewhere between chemtrails and lizard people

Oh come on stop this bullshit.

Communism is internationalist and communist would probably take over the organisation if world communism could be achieved.

they appointed China to their human rights council chair, they can be only as good as the sum of their parts

They are worthless simply because they're representative democracy writ large, with the added benefit (from Porky's point of view) that the countries' representatives aren't elected.

Here breh have some improved versions.

Are those OC by any chance?

I'm not even sure what you were going for here.

I kind of want to believe that this is a Holla Forumsposter earnestly trying to reverse psychology us into thinking globalism is bad.

So, to level, I'll just point out we already know globalism is bad - it's global capitalism and enables the rich to exploit people around the world in order to avoid negotiating with workers in any one place and adhere to developed labor standards. In America's case, it represents American market dominance and interventionism.

Though at face value, I suppose you didn't really imply anything in particular about the rest of the board's beliefs, so I apologize if you're not a Holla Forumsack.

To be fair, though, I will say that I don't worry much about the UN. Compared to the EU, US, various trade deals bother me more. The UN actually makes sense given WWII, it's more that they're a shameful, ineffective organization who bend easily to powerful countries and pretty much just end up taking action against a few batshit African warlords because they're low-hanging fruit.


This. OP is just a brainlet.

I'll take back what I said about being against the idea of globalism, I'm not against the concept of Globalism, I'm just against that the UN is a private organization, and not a public one. I don't think the UN should be in control of security and order, that's authoritarian/fascist.

Since it's a private organization, who knows what the UN could be up to. They could be trying to dumb us down the world by putting fluoride in water so the porky elites can control everyone. If that's the case, then the UN is not communism.

Please read . The reason UN is suspicious is because it's a private organization, and private organizations, especially ones like this, are run by the elite.

reminder the UN is Human Rights with Chinese Characteristics

What if anything is "globalism" supposed to mean? International trade has been in place for centuries. People used to be more connected physically in past generations. There really is no new movement towards 'one world government', we had the closest to that right after WWII with the US. Globalism cannot be a new development or a new trajectory and it certainly can't be spear headed by the UN since nothing about the UN's decisions are binding and the entire institution is a thinly veiled colonial auction house.

I can't get my head around the idea of globalism. What the fuck is it supposed to denote?

Yeah, no shit. But typically some brainlet waves around abstractions of "globalism" in order to imply support for reactionary policies. Read Marx.

This is true.

Free trade + the rise of the US as a dominating global force + internet and phones 'n' sheeit.

Mostly free trade, though - which as policy is different from just any international trade. See NAFTA.