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I have one question but I don't want to create a separate thread or else it'll turn into shitpost-fest.

I'm interested in business and actually want to pursue business-related goals in the future. Am I allowed to still participate in leftist discussions? I know that for many lefties, everything related to marketing/sales/business is automatic disqualifier.

Basically, I come from arts background and am currently employed as graphic designer, but I'm interested in opening and running a print shop/design agency/art shop in the future. That's pretty much my business goal.

Fuck it. Go for it. At least it's something spiritually rewarding,

For a start, who gives a shit what other people think. Secondly, class struggle is not "good people vs bad people", even if you're part of the bourgeoisie it's just a part of the greater capitalist system.

go for it, though invariably dont exploit your fellow artists, make it a cooperative or something like that if it needs to increase art production

I understand that there's a tendency for the rate of profit to fall. I understand that this creates crises, and it's what bourgeois economics calls the "business cycle".

1. I also heard that crises never end, they just moved around geographically. Why is that?

2. If the crisis just gets moved around geographically then a crisis is never a global crisis. But apparently the global rate of profit is falling too. Does this mean that we're eventually going to get a global crisis that can't be moved around geographically? Is this why capitalism's end is inevitable? And what's to stop the rate of profit from picking back up?

3. If the answer to that last question is that there's no more markets to grow into, nowhere to colonise, does this mean that if we ever colonise space before capitalism falls then capitalism could potentially go on forever because there will always be more planets to colonise?

I don't care how dumb these questions are.

Thanks for support, user. I appreciate it.

I've thought so too. Those socialist meme pages on FB have jokes to the like of "kill your boss dawg" but I don't understand this line of thinking, since there will always be a new boss. Entire system must collapse or must be taken over by revolutionary forces, that is the only real way to defeat capitalism. In the meanwhile, one gotta live somehow.

cooperative sounds like a great idea. I'm still keeping my eyes open for any good material about cooperatives. As for fellow artists, I try to be ethical and show empathy when working with them, but also I don't want to be "did you have a good fuck" kind of mananger and be completely honest with them if I need to make hard decisions.

go for it

Of course it would be a bit more complex, and your fellow owners will need to have educated themselves on any subject pertinent to a cooperative.

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Does anyone have a good source showing how neoliberalism has slowly eroded the reforms won by labor movements in the past?

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wrong. they do end, but new ones spring up so fast that it seems its a single constant process.
it also has to do with the world not being on the same level of development, which is why you had revolutions in europe in the 19th century and in africa in the 21st.

there will always be new markets springing up because were not in a technological stalemate.
and colonisation will always be happening, because the word doesent just mean something developed conquering something new.
the US is colonising europe for example.

yeah i played that CoD too, didnt like it.

I thought the whole point of the "communism is inevitable" thesis was that capitalism runs out of places to grow to, or the global rate of profit falls (are those the same thing?).

yeah, about that, i kinda learned that not everything that shines is gold which is reffering to the fact that if marx was right about past and present processes, he is not neccessarily right about future ones as he could not have predicted the current factors

my point
is that capitalism will always find new markets (like smartphones a few years back and now apps)
or make them itself (fidget spinners, fashion and other fads)

but so is that what Marx thought? that we'd run out of markets? and you're saying that that might not necessarily be the case?

are you sure that's a counter-point to the (global) falling rate of profit?

The tendency for the rate of profit to fall is not connected to the "business cycle." It leads to a crisis when the rate of profit is so small that there's no incentive to invest in the given industry.

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Unless you can give a specific example, generally speaking it has to do with capital flow.

Country A and country B both have market economies. Country B experiences an economic boom, and its consumer class increases its purchases from country A. For the sake of example, let's say that country A doesn't in turn purchase goods from B, and for this or that reason its native supply of capital is no replenished. Eventually, B's capital is going to accumulate in A. When this happens B will experience a crisis because the capital driving their economy isn't any longer.

So, say B's crisis develops into a recession/depression. That's when you get countries like A moving factories there to make the Betas work for a fraction of their Alpha counterparts would.

Things don't work so simply in real life and fiat currency has further complicated matters, but in general something to keep in mind is that at any given time there is a finite amount of capital actually able to circulate and that crises arise when it no longer can. This is a severely simplified view but without a more concrete example, there it is.

More or less. Capitalism must necessarily expand. Whether a country's capital is valued based on its resources (eg gold) or its productivity (gdp), it ultimately has finite supplies of both. Belgium on its own could never hope to compete with Russia or China.

This is one of the historical drivers of European imperialism. All else being equal, England could never hope to compete with France. In a one to one competition, France could simply out produce England. The accumulation provided by exploiting the resources of British Canada however makes the competition more even.

In part. In an idealized sense, eventually every market is integrated into the global system of capital. Once there are no longer outside sources of revenue infusion, the system is self contained and the process of accumulation continues until there is nothing left to accumulate.

It's not impossible. However, what makes crisis under Capitalism an inevitability is that the better it works, the more doomed it becomes. For example, something we can see going on right now is the dismantling of banking regulations which diminish the profitability of the financial sector. These regulations were put in place though specifically to ensure that the financial sector is able to function. Without those regulations, profitability increases, but in such a way that is ultimately harmful to the overall system. The success which enabled it to remove these restrictions eventually destroy it when new sources of revenue are unavailable and the system must begin cannibalizing itself in order to survive (via merges and takeovers for example).

These answers are very simplified but I hope they help/make sense.

And what about the space thing? I'm also wondering about the possibility of markets emerging in cyberspace

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Yeah, sorry, I was heading out and didn't have time to get to that one.

It's theoretically not impossible. I don't think it's possible to say definitively one way or another.

Previously colonization rarely occurred where there weren't already some people living. Greek colonization wasn't strictly speaking an economic act. By that I mean the colony wasn't created solely to furnish its metropolis with economic products. They sometimes did, exchanging resources for protection or whatever, but this wasn't always the case.

Roman expansion could be said to be economically driven, insofar as it was the only real way they had of providing economic opportunity to the middle classes left unemployed by predatory Patrician economic practices. All the land was monopolized by the aristocrats and all the jobs were held by slaves. Making the poor go and kill for their own land got several birds stoned at once. Rome in part operated under a plunder economy. Ideally you'd get a posse together and shake down the neighbors for whatever they had in tribute. Gold and silver if possible, which the state would then use to fund its public works which kept the poor happy etc, but it was also a source of property accumulation. Most people had no use for gold or silver per se. They preferred things like glassware or iron tools, etc. Consider how much human effort was required to manufacture these things. Appropriating someone else's cutlery saved a great deal of effort.

It isn't until after the medieval period that colonization is specifically with the aim of providing raw materials, but most importantly, markets. Most of the places the Europeans colonized already had people living in them though that didn't really stop them :^). Having a colony full of filthy injun savages whose labor you could exploit was a major economic benefit. Typically also the colonized already had an economy of their own, or native products for them to appropriate (Atahualpa's rooms of gold and silver, for instance).

Space is unique not only in its lack of a native population, but also in its remoteness. There's no market up there to assimilate, no population to sell to, and whatever market could be created would need be as self-sufficient as possible, if only because of the incredible cost of lifting resources from the earth into space. From the perspective of capital, it would necessitate a tremendous outlay for little potential economic benefit.

There are initiatives like Google's Planetary Resources, but that kind of thing is more about automated mining rather than colonization. If permanent or semi-permanent dwellings were to be created, I would imagine it as more of a Moon situation than a Star Trek one. Creating markets out of nothing is a capital intensive and time consuming process, and I find it hard to believe that any current corporations would be willing to spend the tens of billions of dollars for some theoretical, possible, future profit, however many decades or centuries later.

So, unless some serious changes happen that drastically diminish costs across the board, I doubt even planetary colonization would save capitalism. It can barely totter from year to year as it is. The possibility is certainly there, but the likelihood for it I believe is infinitesimally small.

basically yes.
he was great at sociological analysis of the past and present, but noone can really do it for the future

when the economy will collapse yet again the only thing that will happen is that new warlords and thinktanks will take power.
the world is too divided and distracted by petty affairs to actually unite and advance in the propper direction.
even if some countries do go that way, they will eventually get conquered by eachother or other states that see them as a threat.

Is Grundrisse worth reading?


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I hope I dumbed-down it enough, comrade.

The LTV only applies to specific goods, right? Which ones? It seems it wouldn't apply to rare items like paintings or original editions of comics books and so on, but where is he line drawn?

Does it only apply to goods that serve basic needs, like food and clothing? Does housing count? What about cars? What about aeroplanes?

Hell yes my man

Comrade, you more than dumbed it down for my dumb brain, and for that I thank you graciously. Many blessings upon you and your kin

Items intended for trade and/or consumption.

Not only, no, but generally since those goods usually require social effort to create and are intended for consumption or trade.

Basically you apply the LTV to things meant to satisfy the personal desires of others rather than things made for one's own personal needs. You reach up and pick an apple, and you've just performed labor in producing food. Does that apple have any value? Aside from its ability to satisfy your own appetite–after which it naturally cannot be used to satisfy another's–it has no value. Instead if you collect these apples to sell at market, the same mechanical action of plucking these apples have now produced commodities for exchange which are valuable.

Reminder both engles of and lenin were bourgoise

if the same amount of physical goods are produced in two production periods should the price of production be the same? Even if the productivity changes?

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This thread has good discussion. People should archive it when it is over.

1. Did Marx actually believe the fall of capitalism and the rise of communism was inevitable, or did he just claim that for propaganda?

2. Is China a lost cause or are their actually influential members of the CPC with an ideological commitment to building Socialism.

3. If Russian's have fond memories of the Soviet Union (as I've seen strong evidence to indicate) then why isn't the radical left more powerful in the country. (I mean a real radical left not the crypto-nationalist puppet party in the Duma.)

4. Does your class position change if you earn the majority of your income from waged work, but you are highly paid?

5. Did working class people used to have more progressive view on social issues than the broader society? It's insane to me that socialist parties had female leadership in the early 20th century.

7. Is there any evidence that the working class is more actually reactionary than the broader population or is this just a stereotype?

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Obviously a "Trot" is a Trotskyist but what does it actually describe? I keep hearing it an a pejorative to describe a kind of milquetoast middle-class nominal socialist who loves parliamentary politics and hates anything populist

Thats sort of what trotskyists are now.

Okay lads, so is the transition within capitalism, the middle between capitalism and socialism, or is the transition socialism?

Marx made no distinction between socialism and communism, and said that the transition was the dictatorship of the proletariat - which is the revolution itself. Since then, however, "socialism" has come to mean the transition period between capitalism and communism. Pedants like leftcoms hate this tho.

It's transitions all the way down

He did actually believe it.
Lost cause.
The Soviet Union that they have fond memories of was crypto-nationalist.
The radicals, but not every working class person was a socialist.
Yazawa Nico
I dunno but if you look for polls about it be sure to check out what they mean by working class, often it's just a polite way to say poor.