The Brazilian right-wing

How Come the Brazilian right-wing has so many Monarchist Supporters in it?


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They generaly suport monarchy out of sheer stupidity and larping, By most faar they think that monarchy=developed country and try to say that most country that are monarchy are well developed such as the UK. Of course this comes from them not knowing that the only reason the UK is a well developed country is becouse of imperialism and not becouse they are a monarchy.

Fuck if I know. I'm south american, and alongside the right wing of my country, I feel like they are the most cancerous on the continent

send them to Oman

brazil is such a shitshow now that right-wingers think everything bad the government does is socialism so they should return to the monarchy because that's when the country was "stable" it actually wasn't but of course
Brazil also has a bunch of ancaps too if i remember

didn't they have like 4-5 separate monarchies? How the fuck do they think that's "stable"

Out of a yearning for order. The last brazilian king was the last good ruler Brazil had (which is more of a reflection of how bad brazil has had it than of it's royalty tbh…)

When you live in a corrupt, crime ridden shithole, it's not hard to see the appeal of monarchy and traditional values

Or thailand, or lesotho or morrocco

Each European counter also probably 17 different dynasties so idk, the only exception is probably Austria who had one continuous incest orgy

I didn't mean dynasty, I meant having a monarchy, then it being abolshid, then some guy briging it back, and having it abolished a bit later again. Kinda like france or spain

Oh that what you meant, my bad

idk maybe it has something to do with the fact the last emperor of Brasil was it's most benevolent figure because of his reign of reform and stability before he got overthrown by an unpopular conspiracy of slave-owners and industrialists backed by the army?
Idk just guessing could also be because they're brown monkeys who cannot fathom the eternal science of marxism leninism like us enlightened white college students.

What are you talking about?

The Brazilian Empire had only two monarchs. The first being Pedro, the emperor that fought for Brazilian independence. After him Pedro II , which was his son and successor, and the man that after decades of rule abdicated ( while the majority of his subjects approved of him ) .

Even the colours of the Brazilian flag have to do with the singular dynasty that ruled over them. Pedro was of the house of Braganza, the house which ruled over Portugal for 350+ years. His wife was of Habsburgian stock. That's why the colours of the flag are green and yellow, respectively.

Say what you will about monarchies and monarchs as a whole, but Pedro II was very loved over here. The romanticism around him willingly abdicating after decades of (comperative to other monarchs) seemingly benevolent rule.

Monarchism might seem terrible, but comparing Pedro II's rule with the current 'democratic' system, makes makes monarchism look great to many. This is a third world hellhole where a large portion of the people are illiterate, representative democracy cannot function in a place like this. At least not in it's current state.

Morrocco is a great country considering it's in North Aftica.

I've said this before and I'm too tired to go in depth again, South America in general is a racist capitalist state.

OK. But you guys do realize that Pedro II is dead, right? and if the monarchy got reestablished today it would be one of his asshole descendants that would assume the crown.

monarchists are retards who think that good governance is a genetic quality that can be passed down

I'm not a monarchist, and I don't care for Brazilian monarchism. I was merely explaining why others have a great interest in monarchism.

Me stating "This is a third world hellhole where a large portion of the people are illiterate, representative democracy cannot function in a place like this. At least not in it's current state."

Wasn't me cheering on monarchism, just me critiquing the current system.

Also, as a response to the latter part of your comment and 's very learned remark

No one takes monarchists seriously but themselves, more of them are appearing recently because of the current political crisis has given them space to spread their ideas, the brazilian right-wing in general is a joke, a reflect of american McCarthyism on steroids
And I'm not surprised by the huge amount of ignorance regarding brazilian history here, the best rulers we had ruled during the Republic, the Republic was what actually made the country a rising power, and a more important player on international affairs, the Empire was shit


We have so many ancaps that at this point it's not even funny anymore


It only works in the Vatican because popes don't usually have kids (way back it was common enough and nepotism was strong). Otherwise all the king would have to do is trade favors and it'd be elective in name only. Maybe by disallowing two kangs in sequence being from the same bloodline it could work.

Monarchy is great when the ruler is good, but if the kang's firstborn is a fucktard unless there's some unfortunate accident the country is fucked. Not that selecting the ruler with a popularity contest is any better.

That's not the worst part, some of them actually want a Luso-Brazilian Empire.

Well every country has its own flavor of stupid. We used to be an empire, so inevitably there will always be nitwits yearning for its return, and the right has an infinite of them. I mean, France still has Bonapartists, Orleanists and Legitimists, for Christ's sake. Rightwing imbecility has no expiration date.

The other day I saw 2 women and a man carrying a couple of signs saying "honk if you support a military intervention" at an intersection near a shopping mall (of course). I didn't hear a single horn, mercifully.

It's a recurring theme in Brazilian history: "salvationism". Every time things started going downhill, people start yearning for a just, wise and strong "savior of the fatherland" that will set things right and finally realize Brazil's potential. Needless to say, we're still looking for him. Maculine gender intended, because salvationism has a distinct paternalistic heritage.

This salvationism has manifested into various rebellions before the 20th century, at least two of which had a clear messianic, millenarian component.

During the 20th century, the army has been the origin of several salvationist rebellions against corruption and cornyism and blah blah blah, but the curious thng is, all but one of these rebellions was actually launched by lower ranks. They were all small and badly organized and got crushed. Curiously, one of the rebellion was an attempt at a communist coup. They were all well-intentioned idealists. All, except for the one military rebellion that did succeed, because it was planned by the very highest ranks spooked by the first mild leftist leader the country ever had. Cue ~20 years of dictatorship, which the local reactionaries, both open and crypto, love to defend by saying how they saved Brazil from a real dictatorship of communist. Pure bullshit, of course. Commies didn't have a chance in hell by the time the successful coup happened.

Aaaaanyway, the country is speding downhill again, so the candidates for the job of savior of the fatherland are popping up. The military in general, of course, is one of them. Lula used to be one, but now has been smeared beyond recovery, and his presidency was mediocre anyway (and still was one of the best presidents we ever had, sadly). With the left being nearly dead right now, there are a few conservative oportunists cropping up, which is worrying enough. But the worst is the very real chance of a certain one winning. I mentoned him in past threads with something like "he's so boorish, ignorant, prejudiced and stupid that he makes Trump look like Lenin". God help us all if he wins.

Where did you find that?

In some Holla Forums thread where they posted alternative flags to countries
I think ours looks pretty neat

Who's more pathetic, Brazilian monarchists or Integralists?

It’s not necessarily genetics that they think in terms of. The most common argument is that because the position of king is hereditary, any the children of the monarch will be raised and trained from birth to be good rulers.

Both will get the wall , so it doesnt matter

Nah dude, we need ancaps and NYT op-ed columnists in a cage so we can laugh at them while they cry about oppression.

Monarchists, integralists at the very least defend trade unionism, but their belief in class collaboration is what makes them ultimately retarded.

puta que pariu o bolsonaro

We'll starve the ancaps to death
This time communism will actually cause famine

so what kind of monarchy are they advocating?
absolute or constitutional?

Constitutional, but a minority of nutheads (generally rad-trad Catholics) wish for a traditional or absolute one.

"An integralist does not run, he flies"

My ass they do. The ones(elite factions) who defend trade unions back in the day were the fucking castilhistas and postivists. To this day "liberals" are still butthurt over Julio de Castilhos and the way he conducted Rio Grande do Sul.

why are maoists so dumb?

why do these people think countries like sweden or norway are developed?

newsflash, it's not 'muh imperialism'. It's that they reached the industrial revolution faster.

Revoada dos galinhas verdes best day of my life.

Monarchists, obviously, Integralists were at least competent enough to stay organized and relevant to the point were they are still remembered in history, monarchists are only receiving attention now because of the political crisis, once it settles down a bit they will go back to the pit
Also, October 7 1934 best day of my life

A guy in yesterday's Latin America thread in 4/v/ said they'd recently gotten out of a communist dictatorship. I don't know if he was serious.

reaças do caralho. filhos da puta. FODA-SE. cabrões de merda dos reaças pá.

Lots of right-wing here unironically believe this.


reminder that Dilma was worst than Stalin amirite

Why though.


I feel lost.

Death is always an option user

The typical rightist here believes that PT (the Worker's Party) is crypto-communist. They're a succdem party at best, but the fact that they're close to Cuba, Chávez and Maduro, and Dilma being a guerrilla fighter in her youth makes rightists see them as the reincarnation of Stalin. Also, our right is Americanist to the core, even the auto-proclaimed nationalists.

Yeah, I know, I may hang myself from a traffic light a few years from now.

Everyone in Brazil loves Pedro II and so the autistic monarchists seem to think that extends to the entire House of Braganza.



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only good thing from Brazil is the B U N D A

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