Which one from this image would you erase from the history?

Found this liberal meme from somewhere, got curious about how Holla Forums would respond.

I don't give a fuck I am already struggling for full 2 minutes just to understand and solve this shitty outdated verification code, on top of that I am not gonna type full 200 characters just to suck off the mods I literally just want people to focus on the image and take discussion from there. Just pointing out a very basic usability issue, but in spoiler tags because my complaining is not why I created this thread, but needed to include this to fill these 200 chars

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Stalin: Bukharin would have delivered us to scientific socialism by now.

i'd erase the person who made that disgusting image

Benito. Arguably without him Fascism would have never become widespread in the 20s and 30s. Second choice, get rid of Hitler so that Asser becomes Fuhrer and allies with the Soviet Union.

*Asser should be Asser

bukharin gang assemble

Yea I’d probably pick hitler, but even then there are worse people out there. Trumps sons are fucking disgusting people, would definitely be high on my list. Many us politicians would, given the absolutely disgusting shit they’ve condoned under their rule, too many to choose from really.
Otherwise shit list for reactionaries

One of these things is not like the others

He called LaSalle a Jewish nigger.

Stalin. 100%

People need to stop getting political leaders and political theorists mixed up. It’s like blaming Hayek for the Chilean coup.

I'd blame Friedman for the economic shit that happened in Chilé. I mean with Marx however, he was just a nice beardy man who loved his daughters.

Seriously, wtf is this shit. Even if there was some cock-eyed attempt at balance which there really isn't, Nixon isn't even the worst US president.

The point is that somebody’s ideas inspiring something horrible is different from that person doing something horrible.

To be fair he was

But also didn't it have a slightly different context back then, like with the word 'niggaredly' or whatever it is

If you read the letter it’s pretty obviously just Marx’s shitposting.

Kek. Marx is definitely the philosopher with the best sense of humour (except maybe Diogenes but half the stories about him can't be confirmed)

Reminder that Berlin-Moscow Axis would have the same consequences irl as in HOI4. Doesn't matter if Germany was Nazbol or Leftcom.

Whose Idi Amin and what is he Infamous for?

Ruler of post colonial Uganda, he deported pajeets and made Uganda a slightly better place due to it(still a giant shithole).

A Ugandan dictator who was in open psychosis for much of his rule. He believed himself to be the last king of Scotland, and that he had conquered the British Empire. He was initially almost an Israeli puppet in the area, with a massive amount of western support, but he suckered up for Soviet aid for the rest of his rule.

His system executed around 300 thousand to 500 thousand Ugandans. Torture was systemic, and terror tactics were employed on the population by the secret police, which apparently had East German training at one point. He supposedly consumed the flesh of multiple executed individuals and had a freezer full of severed heads of his political opponents, which he would kick and scream at, but those two are claims I've never verified and could very well just be rumors.


Erasing stuff from history is revisionist and undialectical


Trotskyists still mad.

Stirner's writing is full of in-jokes and digs at other people


what would be the outcome

if ever you get the chance, watch "General Idi Amin Dada: A Self Portrait"
It is one of the most wonderful pieces of film I've yet seen. (It's also that source of the .gif of him laughing on a boat.)

youtube.com/watch?v=arZV7pmK-zY shit youtube copy>>2255589

The Free Thought project
The liberals are, of course, inferior to the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism, but muh freedumb Americans are beyond reproach.

The world tension shoots up like crazy and pretty much all the countries in the world who aren't communist or fascist join the allies and are itching to start a war.

You can pacify this by being nice-Hitler and making the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Czechosovakia, and Norway your friends tho, a lot of them have surprisingly well put together Navies that can combat the allies.


This but unironically.

It's obviously a shitty picture, but I'm actually most interested in what would've happened if Marx had never existed.
What would socialism have been like without Kapital?

Utopian and just weirdo collectivism.

Might have been way more religious too tho.



Bukharin would of just created an weak agrarian with lots of potatoes (but no steel) and when Hitler invaded the USSR would of been wiped out without much of a fight. Stalin is the reason they beat the Nazis.

Bullshit, the concept that without Stalin the USSR could not collectivise is great man theory taken to its most absurd extent. One of the main reasons BArbarossa did so well was that Stalin killed some o the greatest military minds of the 20th century: paramount amount these being Mikhail Tukhachevsky.

I love that Marx is on par with fucking Hitler in shitlibs' minds.

Bukharin didn't have the nerve to take collectivism to it's final conclusion, regardless of temporary setbacks. He was a utopian and a humanist, he saw the suffering of the Russian peasant and he wanted to direct all state funds to improving light industry and the condition of the peasants, while not giving the industries in the cities much resources.

Stalin had the nerve to carry industrialization through at rapid pace even when the human costs became unbearable and even the most loyal communists were telling him to stop.

If Bukharin had his way, Russia would of been an agrarian basketcase with happy peasants but no big factories, railways, mines, large cities etc. The Nazis would of wiped them out in a few weeks.

Also Stalin was right to purge the officer corp, as it was full of former Tsarist officers who had little real loyalty to the state. There was a real danger of a Bonapartist coup.

Whole load of [citation needed] here lad.

Lurk more, newfriend.

His ranking may be debatable, but I'm pretty sure that he was the most psychopathic president. So much so that even Henry Fucking Kissinger calls you out on it (e.g. carpet bombing Vietnam)


If no Lenin, then no Sar, Hitler, Mussolini, Zedong nor Stalin.

No, no and no.

1) Pinochet overthrew Allende, because of his economic policy.
2) Pinochet discovers that the economy still doesn't work.
3) Pinochet summons Friedman.
4) Friedman points out that he has to let go of controlling the economy centrally.
5) Pinochet snaps that he holds the pot.
6) Friedman replies that if he continues, he will only have a pot handle left.

The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact did literally bring Nazi Germany to the doorstep of the Soviet Union. Where are the buffer states when you need them?