That overwork causes significant damage. Last year, 12.5m work days were lost because of work-related stress...

Honestly think this is something the left should be pushing for the most.

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Explain why you ignorant bilge pump.

He's just a socdem who clung to the Corbyn train right at the last moment to claim glory. Fuck him.

Read the piece?

tbh I feel like reduction of working hours should return as a priority in the agenda of (what is left of) organized labor.

this tbh he just changes his opinions whichever way the wind blows, he was pro corbyn, then went anti corbyn when it looked like he was sinking in the polls now he support him again


I hate him too. The entire british, middle-class left-wing milieu of Owen Jones, Laurie Penny, Sam Kriss, and so on deserves all the shit they can get from the Left

You're absolutely right, people need to see that the left is on their side.

All those people have working class backgrounds. I agree that Penny and Kriss are insufferable but I don't get the hate on Owen. He's a good lad. His book on Chavs is really good too.

How exactly does making the working class happier under capitalism help leftism again?

back to your armchair

Either false flagging, or a naive child.

Why would anyone besides autists like us be a leftist when leftists have never done shit for them and they have to focus all their energy on survival?

Because it is in the rational self interest of the worker to do so. How much longer do you think it'd have taken to end slavery in the West if the abolitionists' idea of moving forward was to fight for extra fluffy pillows in the 'little house'? Capitalism is busy driving itself off a cliff, and faux leftists are trying to save it instead of ripping off that fucking bandage.

Rational self interest? You sound as dumb as an ancap. People don't work that way, they're ignorant and stupid and emotional. If you want them on your side you have to give them something. Realistically capitalism will last at least another few decades and no amount of making it worse will change that, do we have to be dedicated to misery in that time?

Literally "muh hooman nature!" and unironically accuses me of being an ancap. How fucking delicious. You have zero self awareness and you're an intellectually dishonest piece of garbage.
It's your job to educate them you defeatist fuck.
What did the abolitionists promise the slaves? A fucking end to exploitation.
Why are you even here? Answer my fucking question, how far would the abolitionist movement have gotten if they were fighting for fluffy pillows instead of freedom?

back to your armchair

Back to r/soc you liberal piece of shit.

sounds like moralising

Answer the fucking question.

LOL what question?

We're done here. Keep false flagging you scumfuck.

[pic related]. Less than four months.

Tbh Orwell was right on this one. He was calling for a purge of the lifestylists when Bookchin was still a tank.

I didn't even recognize him without the dorky glasses.

I suppose that's the whole idea.

You can fight for freedom and better conditions in the interim, please tell me, when has the left wing movement in the UK been stronger? Under Blair when everything was shit and there was no hope at all, or under Cameron/May when everything was still shit but the left had an actual left winger to rally around in the Labour Party?

You can't separate popular politics from electoral politics as much as democracy may be bourgeois and so on. I'm all for revolutionary change but you have to build the conditions for that change.

how is that "anti-corbyn"? jesus I'm getting so tired of leftypol pedantry


he was critiquing Corbyn for being milquetoast when he was being milquetoast. He was telling to shit or get off the pot.

Just read the article, it's pretty pathetic but it doesn't outright say that Corbyn must go, it's basically centrist style bleating about how Corbyn has to do better and maybe he should go but the other side haven't been very good either and can't we all just do something, even if I'm not sure what it is.

I mean to say that, it's hardly a strident hit piece of the style others were writing at the time.

Corbyn was doing the exact same thing back then that he is doing now though: he hasn't changed, the environment around him has.

Owen Jones is everything Orwell was talking about in the "upper middle class socialist".

He's really not that bad though. Of course he panders to his readers a bit sometimes but he's still better than 99% of British commentators

Mark Fisher said he was responsible for raising class consciousness in Britain in the last half decade.

gains for working people give them confidence to demand more, and flex their political muscle.

if working people can't even successfully organize better working conditions they won't have the mentality necessary to change society as a whole.

honestly, even as someone with a "workerist" ideology i find it disheartening every time the capitalists manage to screw us out of another dime without consequences.

Unless you wrote the article it's not going to explain what you think you ignorant shit chute.

Owen Jones is a LITERAL cuck who got turned on by a black guy fucking his girlfriend and wrote a book about it.

t. Owen Jones

He has patrician taste. Unlike b/a/ta cucks in denial, he realizes that NTR is the one true fetish which surpasses all others, and that the best part is when you project yourself as the girl.

To be fair, he did an article right after the election saying "I was wrong" iirc.

A quick google search of "Owen Jones cuck" reveals the source of that image is some subhuman's political blog (lol). He claims its an excerpt from Owen's book Chavs: A Demonization of the Working Class.

Luckily, our distant, idpozzed plebbit cousins had an archived thread with a link to a full pdf of the book.

To no one's surprise, this entire paragraph is nowhere to be found in the book. I ctrl+f entire sentences, key phrases ("passionate tryst", "my girlfriend", "intimate details", etc.) And even skimmed through whole chapters multiple times in case the word search function wasn't working (it was) and I found nothing even vaguely related to his personal life.

Seeing as to how the only source for the image is some tard's blog, its most likely this is yet another case of the subhuman right simply making shit up.

Don't believe me? You can look it up for yourself.

The tard's blog:

Thanks for clearing that up.

Excuse my autism boys

And a link to the pdf seeing as to how the codemonkey is a lazy cuck:

You are consistently the worst poster

Not to mention he's fucking gay. I mean Jesus what's with Holla Forums. Chavs is a semi-academic work not a tawdry sex pulp, I know they don't read but come on.

how do you know

it was a brit/pol/ copypasta

I read every single thread on this board. I’m THAT kind of autist.

Kriss and Penny do not have working class backgrounds.

Just because Jones can loof it 3 days a week doesn't mean that everyone else can or want.

And if I start a business of my own and work 50 hours a week because it's so fun and rewarding. Are all the Joneses of the world going to stop me?

I would rather work 4 days under capitalism than 7

Article ends on a meh note with a thoughtless bit of UBI shilling. But the basic point is sound. If you want to change society, free time is much more important than higher wages. I can't really participate in my party in any meaningful way because of how long it is and because of the particular hour-pattern. There are jobs that have early/late shift-alternation systems that literally make it impossible to take part in any kind of group activity where you meet at one particular time on one particular day of the week or bi-weekly, unless it's on Sunday.

A what? Do you mean petit-bourg, perhaps? According to Wikipedia, his parents are a union rep and an IT teacher, so his background is working class.

It's not even the first time that fake got posted here.

Who let the libertards in? What a 4hr workweek would do is make the 4 hr day the new 8hr day and what that means is you could still work more but you would get overtime pay.

Now if you would have a small-business there wouldn’t really be any benefits to it but it wouldn’t really stop you either. No body is going to arrest you for not paying yourself overtime.

It’s for those of us who work for a boss I.e. the vast, vast majority of the population.

yeah fuck off cunt. capitalism will collapse in its own time and there's absolutely no reason why workers need to suffer in the mean time

Starting your own business means working all the time. You aren't going to last a month on 50 hours a week.

Sorry about your thread, OP. I suppose this is Jones' broken clock moment.

Are you retarded?