Infographics general, useful as a way of getting people interested in theory.
Also this thread can be used for infographics OC, the RIght is killing us in this respect. We need a way to appeal to brainlets like me.

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Ideas for infographics thay can be made:
1.List of American imperialist ventures
2.Different ways of achieving socialism/communism
3.Rundown of different leftist tendencies
4. Idk lol

Anyone wanna contribute?


As some general advice, please avoid using templates and meme images so that people can't just go "Oh great, it's those guys again" and zone out. Also, it really, really helps to source your claims. If someone starts posting them around, imagine how you'd look if some lolbert went "WELL MUH HUMAN NATURE source:". Even if what you say is completely true, people who believe themselves to be rational will likely trust the faggot sourcing his claims.



One comparing humanity's' "natural" state (I.E: hunter gather tribalism) to capitalism and communism would be pretty good.

OP, I'll dump my inforgraff folder when I get home

What should I use to make them? GIMP? Inkscape? Graphviz?

So I have GIMP and Krita on my computer, the latter is better for drawing lewds and anime and probably infographics I guess? It'a free

I'll dump now




Anyone feel free to contribute or critique



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not really an infographic, but I love this webm


What does the falling rate of profit signify? What happens when it reaches 0?

War and Mars


Holy shit that anarchist image is cringe


It's also horribly designed. I don't want to cock my head to the side to read a vague, barebones description. An infograph that talks about the genuine different tendencies in Anarchism would be nice. Specifically ancom, ansyn, individualist, insurrectionist, and left-wing marketeer.

What kind of idiot makes this consumerist identity shit up?

I have literally never seen a transhumanist anarchist. I've never even seen its theory mentioned by anyone.

Why should a leftist watch class collaborationist propaganda?

I don't really like the sat just infographic either, maybe someone could make a better version? I would but I'm phoneposting
I was one unironically in the past, FM-2030 was my guy

Idk lol it's a good film tho. I guess it's a bit workerist I.e. Fetishises the working class


How about, if we're going to do infographics, cite sources, including in them entry-level socialist works like Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, Wage Labour and Capital, even stuff like Mutual Aid if you're an Anarchist. Anything to get the working classes READING class-conscious literature again.

Yeh good idea


Nigga all those things would require massive books. The first one was already written in fact, Killing Hope. Tho I suppose it needs updating. Constantly.

I'm giving this thread a NEGROID bump

And liberals still claim it was capitalism that raised living standards.

Second image is wrong, Proudhon didn't spawn all of anarchism, and he's not an utopian socialist. I believe mutualism also directly came from him. Marx himself referred to him as the first one to do a scientific socialism.
I'm sure there are other inaccurate parts, because it seems finnicky to chart political ideologies like this.

Oh well
Anyone want to contribute ?

The entire thing ought to be scrapped, it is awful. some of the ideologies basically do not exist. Queer anarchism and veganarchism are not ideologies, they are the result of people adding their identities to their politics. Anarcho-communists are often highly inspired by Marx and would belong in part in the utopian category and in part in the scientific category depending on the theorist and follower. Left wing market anarchism is not an ideology if I remember right, it is a spectrum, and a spectrum which lolberts are trying to hijack with shit like agorism.

Agorism is a left-libertarian idea. It's founder identified as a left-libertarian and opposed what leftypol would describe as capitalism. People here dislike it because it incorporates passable ancap ideas into its own ideology.


Protip: capitalism that fetishises "small business" and subscribes to the cult of entrepreneurship is still capitalism. Take off that flag and actually read Proudhon.


Did you make this?