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"Nationalism is a mental illness."
- Albert Einstein

Trying to label nationalism you like "patriotism" must account for a profound mental illness.

That image is so stupid beyond words that I made OC so I do not have to waste words to describe how easily you can twist those words around to justify literally everything you want.

Do another one

Here's another one

"pride in who you aren't" could mean literally anyone. liberals are proud that they aren't trump supporters, for example

So I've been browsing 4/v/ recently…

Gamers seem more primed than ever to become class conscious with all this microtransaction bullshit.

Seems alright to me.


That's obviously reddit. What are you trying to pull?

I didn't get the image from Reddit, smartass.

Wait, is the image implying Bannon isn't actually a frog? Hmmm…

Do a Nazi one compared to disorderly American racist mobs of the era

Games should be banned along with anime

Is that a jab at Tito?

This is the one that always gets me the most. Has almost all the worst parts of liberals rolled into one.


Hold my beer

I'm not clicking that again

Keep posting these, they’re great for showing the distinction between liberal shitheads and the left.

Nothing wrong with Bindel


The most out of touch things Libs say is "Hillary lost because of sexism!"
Jesus fucking Christ.

that image

Holy shit


Socialism in All of the Countries of the World apparently.


Wow, I didn't know that Richard Spencer does stand-up.

nice pic tbh





jokes on you, my mother is
not even kidding

are we supposed to be mad at this guy for being a smart consumer or something


Do you need a dad?


Fucking ell

Wot in



why are the fans of this show so fucking autistic ?

this is probably the smartest picture victims of communism have put up since marxism-leninism is pretty much nazism

This reads a bit like false-flagging tbh


this entire fucking thread could just be the guardian

Look ot up

This could be exploited further on

They must be, otherwise they wouldn't like Steven Universe.

Honestly, it baffles me that Gay Space Rocks has any fans at all. It has any interesting concept, but the execution is so fucking terrible and boring.


fucking liberals

PLease don't die.

wouldn't be surprised considering some ML was false-flagging as a leftcom in another thread recently lmao


Gamers and their stupid fun and food should rot.


what the literal fuck


He is literally a socialist though

He asked for 10mil contract and was turned down

he should've asked for more



Horseshoe theory fags need to die.

Kill yourself or it will be done for you.

Please tell me this is fake.


The pink drone for international womans day as well.

tumblr is thataway


fuck you rafiq

It's not Rafiq's post, brainlet.

I was saying that their "inter"national socialism is the opposite of what stalin did.
I'm calling them idiots.

Patriotism is a spook



It's real.

It seems like the "Los Angeles Examiner" thinks the Soviet Union aiding a bourgeois-romantic movement in China against reactionaries is worse than those reactionaries' regime of psychotic mass-killings and other acts of terrorism against ordinary people.

How is Ocalan coercing women into his personal harem from his isolated prison cell on an island in the middle of the Sea of Marmara?

how is he not doing it?

He makes the Turks his prison bitches then forces them to Google Bookchin, of course.

You can't undersestimate how idpol addicts need their representation, it genuinely is a pressing emotional concern for them. So SU had several implications about lesbianism, "non-toxic" masculinity, body-positivity and transgenderism >implying genders exist, and SJWs latched onto it like a lamprey. I remember several years ago one famous fan (yeah, double cancer) made a tear-stained Tumblr post about how valuable it is for us to have these characters representing us abloo bloo, despite the fact that they're fucking disposable pop culture trash. You see how high on ideology they are? They attach their mental well being to identifying with cartoon characters. Typical socjus mentality: the immaterial (representation in pop fiction) will bring material (ending discrimination in real life) change.

I remember when @somuchguardian was just some conservative curmudgeon getting triggered by liberalism. Now he's the sane one.

That's Victims of Communism, whose one of the co-founders was Brzezinski, a war criminal and genocide enabler.

Vagina Theory

Nobody ever remembers poor little Tannu Tuva, history's second socialist State.

Brainlet here. Why is speaking with the manager bad? I'm kinda new here and still spooked

On the one hand, I can kind of agree. Especially for young kids that don't have the faculties yet, what is "okay" is in large part a received notion derived from social context. It can be really important for them to see a positive reflection of themselves, particularly in the media, given the nature of our society.

But on the other hand adults shouldn't give so much of a shit. A functional, developed individual shouldn't have any need for that kind of pantomime social acceptance. It's fine if they enjoy this stuff and are passionate about it. I enjoy SU and I think it's pretty sophisticated compared to the cartoons I grew up with. It's not necessarily wrong either should someone feel particularly touched by it or some other media and express it. I do think it's a problem though when it's fetishised into some kind of validity totem without which one's identity, such as it is, isn't complete until they're "represented."

Ideally we should be developing our society such that representation becomes an impossibility, or at least recognizing that fact. Whatever totem is erected to "represent" a group of people is going to necessarily be an imperfect idol that fails to convey the nuance of the individual. It becomes prescriptive rather than descriptive and only serves as a means of delineating what qualities the individual has to jettison in order to fit in to this new social role (take the "gamer" for instance). Rather than representing the individual in the abstract, it simply creates a new category for homogenization and cultural assimilation. I have gay friends that have experienced this phenomena. They both chafe under the expectations created of them by their depiction in media (Sex and the City especially) and question whether they're "gay enough" or what it means when they don't fit these socially assembled stereotypes.

Ironically, SU is largely about casting OFF these depictions and assumptions. The Gems of whatever type are all cast from the same mold to fulfill strict roles mandated by society. Much of the driving force of the narrative surrounds these Gems discovering their capacities for individuality and escaping these preconceived definitions. Pearl for example isn't "gay," despite being used as an example of lgbtwtfbbq representation. It's physically impossible for her to be. Her race are constructs of light without biology or sexuality. She's as capable of being gay as a table lamp. Really, it's missing the point entirely to consider her as gay to begin with. She's not "gay," she's Pearl. She's not supposed to represent anybody because the whole point is that she's a unique individual and not a faceless appendage of a collective. Making her "gay" is the same homogenization the villains force on the rest of their subject Gems.

I really didn't mean to put so much thought or effort into a post about a children's cartoon but there ya go.

Generally when someone "wants to speak to the/your manager" it's too complain, especially in retail, and almost always over some trivial bullshit, if they even have a reason at all.

What always has me wonder about these tools is why they even expect the industry to have moral standards in the first place. They're a company, they're out to make money and, as much as you idolize them for providing you with a hobby your entire pathetic identity revolves around, they don't give a fuck about you.
Seriously, they should pipe the fuck down with all the outrage over companies doing what they're meant to be doing, as in pursuing higher profits by any means necessary. Also when you tell them that maybe in a non-capitalist system shit like this wouldn't happen they flip a tit because Holla Forums brainwashed them into being reactionary drones because "muh sjw".
I still play video games (almost exclusively indie shit but still), but I'm starting to agree with ☭TANKIE☭s that gamers are fucking trash and they should be purged.

what is exactly wrong with this post?

Why? I spend too much time with him these days, he's cool guy.


Instead of hating them, you should try to began to talk to them progressively about leftist stuff. GG was a long time ago, and those guys are basically single issue voters. The SJWs gonna die soon (look at the poor health of clickbait media) and you can fill the void if you play your cards well.

They don't. That's just the facade they use so that it's not just "stop liking what I don't like."

I don't have any words. All I have is rage.

Honestly, I think children are the least affected by fiction. Granted, my sources are all tertiary or anecdotal, but I really never met nor heard about someone who was inspired what they became as adults by some cartoon or comic book >implying children still read comics. Sure, children dream of being scientists and spies and whatever the shit, but it never translates into them achieving these things because it's either literally impossible or they just simply don't care anymore because it was a childhood fantasy. Now, it feels like this generation that just reahed young adulthood is far more into children's entertainment than children are. See how often liberals talk about Harry Potter, Star Wars, cartoons in general etc. Meanwhile, it seems modern kids themselves don't give a shit about any of these things supposedly aimed at them, because they have an attention spam measured in quantum leaps and get all their entertainment from the internet, especially Youtube crap. In a way, the complexity bar of culture seems to keep getting lower and lower. Personally, I blame late stage capitalism (what a shock!) infantilizing people, because children are the perfect consumers, but that's a bit too much to get into here.

I think you defined perfectly. Marketers are always looking out to create new "demos" now that old ones are are "taken", just like how industrialists started inventing new superfluous markets once all necessities of life and old luxuries became widely available. This is exactly how the damned lol-I'm-such-a-nerd fad started: marketers waved a new "identity" and then corraled people into it, so they would participate in the tribe via, of course, consumerism. And some of the marketers' water boys were people very familiar to us: the Wil Wheatons and Felicia Days pseudo celebrities with "nerd cred", the Arthur Chus and Cory Doctorows posing as intellectuals and a whole menagerie of other nitwits in various roles, but arguably their shock troops were gaming journalists at large. It was ncreible seeing them peddle their obvious advertorials and paid reviews and try to convince us that these games are amazing, ten they got off work, logged into Twitter and whine about how they wished to throw all gamers into a volcano. They were fundamental into building a demo spun off an existing demo which they hated out of their own self-loathing.

But I'm getting too far away from the topic here, ain't I?

I'm glad you did, because whether we like it or not, Sex and the City and SU are the modern equivalents of cavalry novels and operas.

horrible, just… horrible

I love my mother :(

Jokes on you my mother is a literal anarcho-syndicalist

Whenever liberals/conservatives talk about communism, they always refer to Marxism-Leninism. How have you not realized that yet?

What would you prefer? Some corporate whiteknighting ancap? Don't be an idiot. There's nothing wrong with people expressing discontent with certain business practices. From a socialist perspective it's obvious that companies are just doing what they're meant to do and can't really do otherwise, but expecting that level of understanding from Holla Forums or the general populace is stupid.

Said every jew ever about not Israel countries.

I'm too fucking lazy to put hitler in the first box and jews in the second, or KKK and blacks, or pretty much anyone historically and blacks, or Zimbabweans and whites.

Most Jews that oppose nationalism in principle are anti-Zionist.

How the fuck do burgers get up in the morning?

They get up under a thick shroud of ideology centuries in the making.

Their stomachs command them to go to the fridge, that's how they get up.

Yes, do you go outside ever? That kind of attitude is incredibly common, it's not unique to Holla Forums at all.


What's "cursed liberal" about this image?


Seems alright to me.

Because they're liberals. That's literally all there is to it.

I have actually grabbed the opportunity a few times during the past week and I must say that some are really ripe.

Asking people openly and honestly who they really think is responsible for this, the ones who make the game or the ones who own the company and do not participate beyond making the decisions and raking in their profits, returned surprisingly positive results. The unanimous opinion within our bunch of friends and fellows was that the shareholders were the ones to blame; they decide the decisive details and they profit the most of this nonsense without being personally nor directly attached to the shit-storm and the tarnished brand nor dependent on it as their livelihood. Stating that it was not an issue dependent on a specific company or on a specific bunch of shareholders or directors, but that it's an universal feature of our "current economic system", met no opposition.
I later on wondered rhetorically if this market-milking would continue in "worker-owned organizations" where the ones who work with their passion get to decide, the ones with the "artistic vision" rather than those with the profit motive. I mentioned that even a co-op under "our current economic system" would have the desire to maximize its own income, but situations such as these would probably be somewhat averted and curtailed thanks to the fact that every one deciding was personally invested in their own livelihood, instead of the shots being called by some faceless investor who'd burn the whole place down just to rake in a quick profit before bailing out. I received contemplative nodding and positive replies, my friends once again clearly agreed,

We've been studying programming and while working we've been organizing ourselves unintentionally and naturally in quite a anarchic and horizontal way, so I suppose everyone was already a bit susceptible to consider that having "higher ups" with obviously differing priorities deciding things would fuck up all the fun and freedom we'd enjoyed thus far.

I was also able of sneaking in how "the markets" skew businesses to produce for exchange rather than for use and how it influences this case among others. It's funny how often many agree with many of our positions and principles as long as you don't mention anarchism, socialism, capitalism, or communism directly by name.

Apologies for this long-ish off-topic rambling. I'm just a bit excited over having pushed them a tiny step leftward.

They had the BEST Internationale tho

Forgot shitposting flag shit

Socialism - pride in who you really are

Liberals are something else.

Good for you man. Raising class conciousness is made of little moments like this.




Are you from North Korea or Romania?

To some extent I think I would agree with you. I don't think it influences young children in such an overt way. I think they instead it serves as a point of objectivity that gives their subjective experiences context. Rather than the level of "I want to be/do/make this" it's more relevant to the level of "I feel/believe/like this," and trying to understand what that means in a social context. Media can be especially influential here because it's a "safe space" so to speak.

When I was a kid, liking books or math or art or computers or other "nerdy" stuff made you a faggot and got you forced into dumpsters and gum mashed into your hair. I don't know how things are now, but it seems like that kind of reaction has diminished in scope and intensity. In large part I think that has to do with expanding what is socially acceptable to consume (while reading might not be popular it still has to be made acceptable enough for these various industries to profit).

And maybe this is just me speaking from my own experience, but before the connectivity provided by the internet, it could be incredibly difficult for kids with these interests growing up in isolation. If you're a 12 year old kid in 1988, growing up in Cow Lick, Minnesota, pop 338, liking Star Wars is going to make you a faggot. Why does the Petersen kid spend all his time indoors reading instead of playing football? That boy ain't right. A twelve year old in New York, New York that likes Star Wars however I would imagine has a much different experience. He might still get called a faggot by Biff Slamchest and his buddies in the homoerotic handegg club, but this kind of negative social reaction is mitigated by his social network of other nerds and social pariahs.

I think you can see this kind of thing too with the black and homosexual communities. My black friends and acquaintances have expressed the difficulties with what they've called (or been accused of) "acting white" because of their interests or proclivities that differ from what is considered mainstream "black identity." They don't like rap or sports or have serious academic interests which conflict with "what black people is," and it gained them to greater or lesser degrees social animosity, even within their own families. The whole "closeting" phenomenon expressed by homosexuals I think it also indicative of masking personal behavior to avoid negative social repercussions. When liking opera or ballet can get you called a faggot and physically assaulted, I don't think I'd be very willing to express my attraction for other men when it would get me fag dragged behind bubba's pickup until I'm nothing but a pelvis attached to a belt.

As I've been writing this, I've come to think that if this is true, it can explain a great deal about our media culture and the great deal of importance placed on it. The atomizing nature of capitalist society produces individuals so disconnected from their immediate social surroundings that the only social circles in which they may partake inhabit the virtual world, either in cyberspace or the meta-reality of the Spectacle (if a distinction can even be drawn there). From the point of view of the Spectacle, Harry Potter is as "real" as his readers, whose identities are just as deeply rooted in the imaginary as he is. The kind of extreme social reactions against perceived threats on the real-world social community (lynching of blacks by whites in the South or pogroms against Jews by Christians) now manifest themselves in regards to perceived threats to the simulated online and media communities (a writer changes a "fundamental" quality of a fictional work or character, making James Bond black or Dr Who a female).

This is only possible because of the social transition from the immediate physical social community to the simulated community provided by constant and instantaneous mass communication, the circumstances of which were provided for and caused by capitalism's corrosive effect on social relations. Maybe this is just my own subjective interpretation, but I believe that the traditional social relations that used to provide a sense of community (familial relation, business relationships, recreational activity such as sports) have all been so disrupted and so abstracted that for many the only sense of "real, meaningful" community can only be provided online, and only through the interpretive lens of media consumption. Thus, perceived "attacks" on these fictional avatars are treated as seriously as those on "real" communities, because for an increasing number of people there is no longer a distinction.

Sorry if this has gotten way off track. I hope this is at least somewhat coherent.

bootlickiest frame i've ever seen

eh. it's a symptom.

jesus christ

Steven Universe is the most frustrating show I've ever seen. They have decent ideas but they never do anything with them and they miss all kinds of opportunities because the animation directors (or whoever is in charge of that) have no aesthetic sense. It showed promise early on as something that might get good eventually but it's only ever floundered in mediocrity. There's a couple decent episodes here and there but the writers have zero sense of pacing or how to give the drama consequence.

The guy standing next to Manlet Musk is the voice of Rick and Morty for thtose who don't grasp the redditude of this image.

Why the fuck do bourgies make this argument so fucking often? Do they have brain damage? I mean, there's alienation from the struggles of the proletariat, and then there's pure fucking inbred retardation.

This really made my night.



Well, edgy memes are where we get 50% of new visitors.

I dont like this

Who much like his dildidol Musk is an anti-union piece of shit.

Republicans are much closer to classical liberalism.

Honestly, nationalism is actually more understandable to me than patriotism. Patriotism as it manifests itself in practice is regularly support of a country's establishment and going along with the actions of your country regardless of whether you think they are right. People who refer to themselves as patriots are often chauvinistic assholes masquerading as moderates. Nationalism is, at its most basic level, is merely a belief in the nation state model for organizing world affairs and giving precedence to the culture, heritage, language of your own nation in domestic politics. Obviously this can manifest itself merely as civic or cultural nationalism and then obviously there are the extreme forms above and beyond that, but fundamentally these people - on the whole - are less irritating to me they are generally less willing to go along with rhetoric for authority because they aren't trying to pseud a position they don't really understand.

Not a nationalist or a patriot btw.

Liberalism is not solely "classical liberalism" though. I'd say there are three main camps in liberalism: classical liberals, liberal conservatives, and social liberals. The latter camp is predominant among those who ascribe them the label and is social liberalism - which is comparable to social democracy, although probably closer to the centre than that - is a very common political persuasion, at least here in Europe, which is why the term liberal is associate with "the left" generally as well as this group. In my view the Democrats are probably closer to "liberal conservatives" and thus would be still be a breed of liberal (the corporate Democrat agenda is pretty similar to the Conservative Party in the UK which, under our current government, is probably closer to liberal conservatism than to flat out capital C Conservatism that I think the Republcian Party falls under (although there are Freedom Caucus type figures like Rand Paul who are certainly classical liberals)).