"Oh so you dont like the idea of a WHITE ethno-state? does that mean you hate Gandhi? He was an Ethno-Nationalist?


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So what exactly is wrong with an ethno state again?

gandhi was vehemently opposed to the partition of india and was murdered by an indian ethnonationalist

It would be a state full of spooked as fuck reactionaries jerking each other off over "muh Coltcha" and "Muh race" until it eventually devolved into sub groups killing each other for not being "Pure" enough (See adolfs opinion on East/South Slavs)

But that's not true, look at Japan and South Korea.

90% of the same ethnicity, still no public beheading.

The very same Adolf who said the fingolians are honorary aryans?

china and korea have/had cultures and societies very different from japan's

Different cultures, still same ethnicity.

Goddamn China is 93% Han.

It's infeasible to create an ethnostate unless you're willing to displace and murder loads of people to do it, and there's not really any justification for it beyond "muh I.Q." or "muh racial cohesion". It's a bunch of idealist bullshit that people with a weak sense of self fall for.

But it's not really unfeasible at all, goddamn Japan does, China does it.

All it takes is deportation.

by ethnicity i presume you mean genetics. if so, that's not true. japan's genetic history is markedly different from both china's and korea's

Most jap actually descend from chinese, and the modern jap was chinese migrants who killed the native japs.

Though they become different over time, proving that even when you used to belong to a group, you can become different if you isolate yourself long enough.

But Japan and SK arent the Ethno-States that Holla Forums proposes
Japan and SK while having nationalism quite ingrained into culture and having quite strict immigration laws dont openly bar people of other races from entering the state (as you pointed out with them having quite few non Jap/Korean natives)
The kind of Ethno-state that people like Holla Forums wish for is one with intentional fetishism of racialism and racial superiority and the out group having no ability to enter
That was a political move not an ideological one he even flip flopped mid war and labeled croats slovens and slovaks the same way
Hitler didnt actually give a shit about "Muh aryan race" it was just an excuse for german exceptionalism

You're completely underestimating the level of effort and/or violence it would take to create a racially homogeneous society from a multiracial one. Additionally you still haven't provided a reason why a homogenous society would be desirable in the first place.
Also, Japan and China are hardly ethnostates. Neither have explicitly institutionalized racism

Japan and S. Korea and China have over 90% of the same ethnicity, Holla Forums might say it should be 100%, but over 90% is already enough.

And Japan does have incredibly strict immigration policy, certainly compared to the european countries.

And then what's wrong with that? Japan back in Tokugawa shogun has 200 years of peace in isolation.
So there you have it, even ethnonationalists can be practical.

It doesn't take much effort at all, if they make it downright hard to employ illegals or foreigners, and strengthen anti-immigration agencies such as ICE and then issue an closed-door policy.

People wish for it, maybe? Japan for japanese, Germany for german, america for americans.

Nobody want a Japan that is replaced by negros calling themselves japanese.

there's no consensus on the genetic history of japan. to say that "japanese are just chinese descendants" is not accurate


You can certainly Wikipedia it.

For official history, the first jap feudal kingdom was formed by a foreign king who likely migrated from either Manchuria, China or Mongolia, as this person popularizes the act of horse taming.

Certainly more than some of the diverse places.

A majority of people want an ethnic cleansing of their country? Also, define american.

A majority of people want to live with people who are close to their own.

People naturally self-segregate.

This is empirically false even if you restrict the scope of deportations solely to non-citizens. Deporting citizens based on race would be stupidly hard, even if you had an absolute dictatorship.
Considering that the people advocating for an ethnostate are an overwhelming minority you're gonna need a better reason than this.


Evidently not under Stalin and Hitler.
People do not advocate for it openly for fear of being smeared by the media, but the fact that the liberals live in gated community, far above the negroids show that even the most bleeding heart liberals want to stay white.



And? This has nothing to do with the fact isolationism maintainted a 200 year of peace in Japan. And the fact Japan opening up its port still doesn't disclose of its ethno nationalism, it in fact shows you can absorb a different culture and not getting mixed with the demographics.
No, it shows Hitler is incredibly practical, and he would side with lesser-white in the fight against lesser-white. Heck, he allies with Japan in the first place.

Yeah, you're full of shit. Stalin wasn't an ethnonat, and Hitler expended loads of resources trying to "purify" his people. It was hard for Hitler to accomplish the awful shit he did, retard.

The only countries that do ethnic cleansing anymore are african countries, and they kill via different shades of brown.

And people living in ethno-neighbourhood do show that deep down, they want to live closer to their own.

This is what the ethno state is about.

You don't have to move, you are with your people.

White liberals overwhelmingly having a "Not in MY neighborhood!" mindset isn't the same as enforcing that belief on a national level.

Stalin deported all the jews to a region, and Hitler did the same, and no, it wasn't hard, all it takes is guns and trains.
It's not me who tell the liberals to live in gated white community.

Heck, nobody tell the asians to stick to Chinatown.

So you literally admit that to an Ethno-Nationalist the idea of a "Lesser" white is a thing?
That literally proves what i aid

The point is white liberals, the ones who hate ethnostate, are hypocrites.

The other half of the country, the conservatives, are just not down with negroids openly.

Sure, that is a thought of all ethno-nationalist.

Different shades of white people, meds aren't the same as nordics who aren't the same as slavs.

But we aren't niggers.

You're such a pathetic faggot. Imagine having nothing other than your race to feel proud of. Imagine deriving your sense of belonging to a community from your race rather than on mutual respect based on merit. Lmao.

Who gives a shit? If people freely choose to live apart why are you so obsessed with moving them even further away?

See you just admitted it again
Even in a utopian Ethno-state people would still kill each other because of "Purity"

Group A chooses to live around "their own".
Group B chooses to live around "their own", but wants the state to enforce this.

There's a pretty big difference.

I feel proud about the accomplishments of my people, my culture and I want to preserve that.

Ain't nuthing pathetic about it.

Because it's actually helping them? Moving blacks to Africa might actually help them.

Are the african countries ethno-state, I'm not sure.

But the ethnostate that are China and Japan, they are incredibly efficient at deportation, ethnic cleansing not even needed.

Well then good luck with the Pan-White ethno state
I dont think a lot of meds are going to join an "Ethno state" with a bunch of North-Euros when theres a chance those same people will throw them in a gas chamber for not being "pure" enough

Except Group A specifically pays for the state and the police to protect their gated community, so what's the difference?

Group B has access to the same policing. I don't know what point you're even making right now.

No, we are going to have different countries, like before.

You know, France for french, britain for brits, Germany for germans and all that shit?


My point is that Group A and Group B are the same.

They segregate, and they support the state to enforce it.

Well, they wouldn't experience "racism" anymore, that's one.

And Africa is developing fast.

They segregate based upon wealth.

If you're talking about the US, no. Much of the US's urban "self-segregation" is actually a direct relic of the era of enforced segregation.

The rest is largely economic - people live where they can afford to live. Most of the time, for instance, white people who move in on the darker side of town aren't doing it to be hip to be around blacks - they're doing it because it's cheaper.

Let's follow that logic.

If we stick to that, only whites, jews and asians get to live in America.

What the are you even arguing? You're being incoherent as fuck.

Considering Africa is way more divided than the West when it comes to ethnicity, they probably would.

Industrially, sure. The people are still being exploited by neo-colonialists.

You say there's a difference between Group A and Group B.

But no, they are the same.

Ok assuming thats true
The Concept of the ethno-state still simply dosent fall in the perogative of my self-Interest so i guess we will just have to agree to disagree unless you can show me how an Ethno-state will improve my position

What are you on about? I'm saying why the wealthy gated communities include few blacks.


Why not feel pride in your own accomplishments? And why does "preserving your culture" entail the creation of an ethnostate? From your rhetoric it seems like you embody some of the most degenerate aspects of "racial pride".

So all that gated communities that liberals live in, even newly built ones are actually relic of the 50s? Why do liberals want to live in the 50s?
So they actually want to self-segregate but can't due to economic reason, let's give them a push.

And that's the point.

That's enough.

I'm willing to compromise my "ethno-state" to be 90% of the same ethnicity, with a few token negros, indians and jews.

Let's stick to that logic.

The communities are intentionally built away from, or gated from, the poor. The poor are disproportionately black.

At least it's gonna improve the environment, and that's gonna improve your health.

Ethnostate will also destroy the illegal labor workforce, likely increasing your wage and living standard.


And that's the point.

Either economic or racial, negroids are not welcome in rich/white society.

So you want to uproot people from their homes and deport them to an alien land because "much ethnicity"?

I feel pride for both.

Without my culture, language, race, I wouldn't be the person that I am.

The working class are unwelcome in rich society, full stop. A rich black man is far more welcome than a poor white man.

You seem like a real piece of shit, though.

Stop being retarded and give a reason why an ethnostate would be good that isn't "lol it'll be good, just trust me xD". You're likely one of the least articulate Holla Forumsacks I've seen on here (and that's saying something)

The general population isn't poor.

yeah, if they can be uprooted and left their ancestral land, then sure they can go.

Which is why there are so many black men in gated white communities?

Well as said, see

Inagine being this much of a cunt.

Way to miss my point entirely, brainlet. Preserving "your culture" doesn't entail an ethnostate, and the fact that you think it does shows how degenerate you are.

Well, we did that in the past, didn't we?

We certainly can do it again.

There aren't many rich black men. Keep up.

My culture is intertwined with my ethnicity.

I don't want to see negroids role-playing as my people, thank you.

Which is precisely the point, negroids aren't welcomed in either the racial or economic lines.

Racists hate them.
Rich people hate them too.

in all the states that Holla Forums holds up Mussolini Italy/Adolfs German/Imperial Japan/
Workers were reduced to a point of virtual slavedom
Ohh of course China Korea and Japan look fucking great

Not an argument. We used to trade slaves too.

Rich people don't like the poor, including the white poor.

You're impressively stupid.

"Your" people don't like you.

To this date, ethno-state still has better wage than some of the more diverse places, save for maybe China. You can earn a lot of bucks in Japan and S. Korea, and Taiwan.
Japan, S. Korea (even North Korea) look fucking great, environmentally.
Even China right now is enforcing environmental laws everywhere.

You're just pretending to be retarded right now, right? That's one of the dumbest things I've read in weeks.

It's an argument, we did it in the past, now we can do it again, much more efficiently.

Thankfully, blacks are more likely to be poor than white, so even in an economic-based society, you wouldn't see much blacks.

Wages went down under Hitler and Mussolini if you take inflation into account.

No, you read what I write.

My religion/culture is based on my ethnicity, we are descended from our ancestor gods.

Negroids aren't.


I don't know how much worse it gets, but it must have been better than Weimar germany and post-WW1 Italy.

Weimar money is literally worthless.

Plenty of ethno-religions are like that, buddy.

Dis u

I'm an asian, so it should be some chinese generals or Nu Wa.

But what's wrong with that picture?

The nordics were descended from vikings.

Will Holla Forums ever give up their genocidal crusade?

Ethno stays are bad because non whites believe having access to white people is a fundamental human right (and in all fairness given how incompetent non whites are at everything I can't exactly blame them, if I were non white I'd certainly demand to live in white societies).

Massive build up in investment and trade with the US propelled their economies it had little to do with being a magic ethno state
Most first world nations look great environmental it has nothing to do with being an ethno state

No, because there's no reason to.

Nationalism is a mental illness
- Albert Einstein


I mean, the african countries are propped by huge amount of funds too, and look to them.
Nah, Paris looks like fucking trash compared to Tokyo.

The working class has no nation or race. The concept of ethnostate only serves its would-be rules.

*defends israel*
Every fucking time!


Unless it's Israel, then it's anti-semitism!

Sure does, the working class can be a white working class or a black working class.

I have more in common with my white boss than a black worker.

Practically speaking, no they aren't.

They're actually strawhouses populated with strawmen. Gated communities aren't strictly white, either. Segregation actually didn't entirely end in the '50s, but even if it had - yes. A lot of the ethnic divides in the US are pre-segregation relics - and those that aren't are frequently the direct aftermath of "white flight."

People who were born when George Wallace was making it aren't all even in their 50s yet. A lifetime hasn't even passed since segregation. This leaves people who grew up in that era, and their children, at a bit of an economic disadvantage assuming they didn't make it to the pork-flavored dream.

Some of those who did a little better are living in gated communities right now, and it does just as well, I assume, to keep the poor people out for them as it does the white liberals.

This is what reactionaries actually believe

Odd, I've never had this happen.

Wow, is this the Holla Forums mindset in action? Truly impressive. Retard

Well, you wouldn't see much white people in Detroit, but you wouldn't find much black people in gated communities.

Thankfully, the economic lines go with the racial lines, you are much likely to be poor if you are black.


Enthralling arguments.

I agree
Thus foreign aid should be done away with
Dosent change the Fact that SK Taiwan and Japan built their economy on US INVESTMENT not Food aid
Well thats just an opinion tbh

Holla Forums has always been Anti Israel mates


Well I certainly have more in common with a white worker than I do a black worker. Most "black workers" I've met can barely form coherent sentences, assuming they are not fully hostile towards white people period. No commonality whatsoever, so yeah…I have a better chance of finding common ground with a white boss than a black coworker.

claiming that black workers are stupid and claiming to know this literally isnt an argument

Yes but Einstein called Nationalism stupid while supporting israel. same way Emma Goldman derided nationalism while defending Jewish Zionist settler colonialists. It's always the same song and dance with so called Jewish internationalists. Even Trotsky died a Zionist.

Foreign aid is not necessary, whiter countries will naturally get more wealthy than black, even in poor white countries like Poland.
No, Paris is literally more polluted and trash-filled than Tokyo.
A black worker never gives a fuck about me either.
But my boss, he actually does, because we share the same bloodline.


In truth, the only common point I have with the worker is the fact we work in the same office.

My culture, bloodline, hobby are the same as the white boss.

Not necessarily.

That's a topic that's best left alone.

Like clockwork.

your boss dosent care about you are an economic unit to him

Wow, what a beautiful culture. This is totally the culture of your ancestors, Nazi influenced racialism is totally not degenerate user :^)

It's true though.

Well, in fact, he does, in a personal manner.

Nice ad hominem.

But yes, I consider this beautiful.

Just because your culture is important to you doesn't mean you get to force people out of their country. "muh culture :(" isn't an argument.

Not an ad hom. Nazi racialism is degenerate and it appeals to degenerates.

My culture, religion and races are intertwined, so yes, if in my personal, those negroids need to pack up and go.

How can something that dosent exist be true?
Well if hes a personal friend or a family member of course he does
But in a strictly professional enviroment a multi-billion dollar CEO dosent give a fuck about one group of proles above another group of proles because of race as long as the prole generate him a profit

Your feelings aren't important, snowflake. Not liking blacks isn't a good justification for removal.

Hey I share your bloodline, culture, and whatever other spooky nonsense you believe. Tell me where you live, you sound useful to my self interest.

and this is where the problem lies. you just openly advocated for class-cuckoldry because of race.

Because we happen to share the same taste in food, music, in films, and such, even in religion that I simply do not share with the black worker.
That's the thing.
So what about those rumors about racist CEO who don't like to hire blacks out of racist reasons?

My feeling isn't important, but it serves as my justification and why I want an ethnostate.

Already have a job, thank you.

Unlike you, I don't think I have been exploited by my boss, no.

Even if that occasionally happened its quite obvious that the vast majority of the business community dosent give much of a shit

No, framing this discussion as "you have more in common with a black worker than a white boss" gets refuted by the fact that I always have more in common with a white worker than a black worker. Look at a workplace cafeteria sometime, people seem to agree as they always self segregate.

Just jump off a fucking bridge, jesus christ. You aren't even a good Holla Forumsyp.

that's exactly what they want you to think. you are a class cuck. plain and simple.
and you ARE being exploited, this is a methmatical fact. whether you think it's a good or bad thing is entirely up to you, cuck. but you ARE being exploited.

Letting your feelings dictate your beliefs is a surefire way to get duped into believing some stupid shit. Ideally you should base your beliefs on things other than your feelings.

The vast business community still has more well-paid whites and asians over blacks and indians.

Why is muh feeling not a justification for ethnostate?

Not to mention, your ethnostate is gonna better environment than the other diverse places.

Despite all that you still don't get paid the fair amount for your labor. They are still stealing your surplus value and you call this common grifter a friend?

No seriously, I'm like literally your twin in everything you think matters, I'll let you volunteer to work for me during your spare time old buddy old friend old pal.

My feelings are based on facts and rationality, it isn't thin air.

OK, user, but I don't think I have been exploited so keep on preaching.

Because whites and Asians are smarter on average thus more skilled to perform high skill jobs

Without him, I wouldn't get to experience the current life I'm having, tbh.

And he gets to own all the mistakes I make, which makes me feel bad.

So it's literally logical to be racist in worker selection.

These people arent being hired for being white and Asian their being hired for being highly skilled

But the fact remains that if you are white or asian, you are more likely to be highly skilled.

Thus people are racist/hesistant to black workers.

You could argue that it is statistically in your rational self interest to live in a mono-racial community, but going from that, to "we need to rid the entire nation of the niggers!" is a huge leap. The fact is, the blacks shooting up chriaq don't affect you in the slightest, and if you say "but muh tax dollars!" then you should be arguing against federal taxation, not trying to kill or relocate everyone that doesn't look like you.

Though it does bring up an interesting question, what is in fact so common between you and say, a black or muslim worker.

A muslim worker belongs to a different culture altogether, and it's factual you do the same shit that your white boss does, unlike the muslim worker.

by your reasoning skills I'm guessing you're neither white nor asian

Wow how actually cucked
you let someone else exploit you and Use "Muh FeeFees" arguments to brush it all off and pretend that all ok

why don't you think you have been exploited? why do you enjoy being lied to?
if you're only payed for half of what you produce, that's not exploitation?

That's fucking wrong and absurd. Stop making assumptions based on your emotions. Also, racism isn't mean people oppressing blacks and other minorities, it's mostly economic in nature.

There is nothing wrong with the white people for desiring to be with the white people only. I am fine with the Asians for desiring to be with their Asian people.

It does in fact my people, and my country.

No ones like to feel like foreigner in their own country.

Thus it's more logical for the foreigners to return to their own country.

It's not even emotion, it's fact.

Statiscally, whites and asians are richer than black, even in black countries, so it doesn't matter if it's racism or not, it's better or smarter to hire white and asian.

So when's the cutoff for being considered "foreign"? Because there's plenty of whites who have been in the US for less time than blacks.

Because I effectively manage his budget.

I make money for him, but in return I make a shitload of mistakes that end up costing a lot of money for him.

Yet I ain't fired yet or forced into debt slavery, so it's fair.

When you look different.

People know, man.

You're making the assumption that economic inequality between races is due to direct discrimination for being inferior to other races. This isn't the case.

Abstract spook. "Your People" are your blood relatives, and after that, other workers.
Lines on a fucking map.

If you weren't making a net profit for him, your ass would be on the curb. That is your real relationship.

So which is it?

Are CEO racist or are they not?

Uh, no, I don't share anything with other workers, I don't see random ass people are in fact closer to you than people of your race.
Which is enforced by a military.
True fact is that our company is in net negative for awhile now, I think of quitting it but it makes me feel bad since it looks like I ruin the company and now want to run away.

That literally doesn't fucking matter at all, you dolt. Racism isn't "people being mean to minorities ;_;"

It kinda matters because the whole point is that if CEO do in fact care about racial matters.

Statistics show that they do, and companies prefer white and asian workers to black ones.

China companies import asians to work for them over white and blacks.

Aside from the fact that the possibility is a retarded fantasy and
Aside from the fact that it's impossible and
Aside from the fact that your faggot "ethnicity" doesn't exist and
Aside from the fact that it's a tool of the bourgeois to trick dipshits like you
The internationalization of capital via the corporation has rendered the idea of an isolated "ethnostate" completely obsolete, and devoting even a second of actual thought makes it pretty clear that even if Hitler sprinkled his magical faggot fairy dust and gave you Homoland all to yourselves, your situation wouldn't be any different if it were your fellow crackers exploiting you or some foreign honky from Pastytown, or a chonky from Chingchongland, or wherever.

You are so fucking stupid I wish I could stab you right in your stupid face.

You're a boomer-tier classcuck. I'm done.


The educated people with disabilities wouldn't hire the africans because of their prejuices against them.

So I am not racist for being mean to the Africans?

How is an ethnostate impossible?

I mean, you already have China and Japan who are over 90% of the same ethnicity.

I mean, goddamn, I'm fine with that amount of diversity.

Japan misarability lies in the fact that their economy is going downhill.

Compared to say, fucking Brazil or Venezuala or even Chicago, I don't think it compares.

Interpersonal racism isn't the only kind of racism. Economic racism exists too, brainlet. The effects of redlining on black communities can still be seen even today. You're historically illiterate if you think interpersonal racism is the most prevalent form of racism.

So CEO and business men are indeed racist, lol.

Are you illiterate or just retarded?

You don't even know what that means. It's just another stupid datapoint you picked from wikipedia without knowing anything about genetics or ethnicity or anything.

You're a stupid piece of shit and you should swallow glass until you die.

I dunno, are you?

So are capitalists indeed racist and care about the race of their workers, or do they not?

so post the genetic parameters that define their "ethnicity" dipshit

oh wait

you can't

because it doesn't exist

You just implied that the Asian and White guys are racist.

Nah racism can mean that the people can be shit to the different race of people that they don't like in many different ways.

That's because they aren't bright and have crab mentality to pull the africans who are smart because it's seen as white.

…it means they are 93% Han chinese, as opposed to be mongolians, machurians, and a shitton other ethnics in China.

It literally means your country can be diverse while having a single 90% ethnicity.

Why can't America/European countries be like that?

Having 10 negroids is diversity, having millions of negroids is diversity, I show the former.

It's weird how you seem to be getting the opposite of what I said from my post.

thanks for proving me right dipshit. you're worthless

He understand your post and he is trying to make you think outside of the box. Just sayin'.


Deflectons ==ASSEMBLE!==

Insulting the people with disabilities is xenophobic.That's illegal.

Well at least you recognize that your retarded. That's something.

Wew that's not nice thing to say to the people with disabilities. I wonder what the people with disabilities think of you?

Capitalism dictates that your company which actually cares about their workers be outcompeted and shut down. Have you considered that?

There is no reason to stop the people from forming a racially based communities.

I dunno, why don't you just tell me what you think of me, retard?

I think you shouldn't discriminate the people with disabilities because it make you look evil. My friendly suggestion is don't give the people with disabilities hard time.

You're on an imageboard, retard. Leave if you can't handle the bantz.

You can't handle the debate by insulting anyone in order to feel good. This is not a rocket science to figure out so stop insulting and let us debate with logics instead of feels.

Sounds pretty retarded tbh.

Let's not kid ourselves ok

This makes me want to have a mexican mestizo ethnostate in north america, fucking make Texas look like a diplomatic solution

wtf i'm an ethno-nationalist again and don't want to end the obviously destructive force that is capitalism on: social lives, family, community, environment, workplace autonomy, regular fucking autonomy, etc.

I fucking love when Holla Forums points at Japan and South Korea as successful ethno-states. They are full of cultural decline, South Korea has suicide nets under office buildings and every girl undergoes plastic surgery. You turn on the TV and you see American consumer culture. These are all things Holla Forums rejects and considers "degenerate", "cultural Marxist", etc.

Ghandi was a piece of shit in some regards, seriousely I do not now how could any leftists who learns about him and wants a better society like him.
He was a racist, and he did not give a fuck about poor people, in his "pacifism" he wrote a letter to the Europen jews suggesting the should, not resist extermination as a form of protest.
This is the true Indian hero
This was the

the Holla Forumsloctionary
Ethno state - n. "a country with people that I like in it
Diversity - adj/ n. "having to deal with people that make me feel insecure in my fragile ego"

Ceausescu and Kim Il Sung prove that ethno-states don't have to be reactionary.

Go back to facebook

Only Kim Il Sung.
Ceausescu was reactionary as fuck.
That said I don't agree with ethno nationalism, civic nationalism tho is good imho.




Diversity- adj. "Dark skin color"


Diversity = white gwnocide
Diversity = dark skin
Italians = dark skin
Italians = anuddah shoah

Gas Mussolini

It's gonna end up not regressing to fedualism or capitalism again. All cannot belong to all, if we recognize states belonging to an arbitrary ethnicity. There will be wars for resources all over again, dividing people in such a manner only creates antagonisms. You see this with liberals, their idpol recognizes division and blames ethnicity for societal woes. They want to reconcile capitalism with their idpol, that is impossible–making it more "inclusive" does not erase the antagonisms they create or the inherent ones of capitalism.

Because Holla Forums niggers are so deeply ignorant about fucking everything they have no idea that "han Chinese" is as useless a signifier as "white." They have no conception of how massive China is and how formidable traversing any given part of it is, and how generally speaking settled populations didn't move around much, for hundreds or thousands of years. They're just all "Chinese" because to these dipshits "ethnicity" means "looks the same." They don't know what genetic variations there are or even what it means or looks like. They have no idea that while the majority speaks "Chinese," that there are serious intelligibility divides between Mandarin and Cantonese. Because they get all their historical knowledge from history channel documentaries and pol jpgs, they know fuck all about Chinese history or its implications for their retard "Ethno state" delusions.

The "Ethno State" shit they babble about, much like their stupid racial idiocy, can't ever be refuted because there's no coherent or substantial theory to refute. It means whatever they want it to mean at any given moment, and even if whatever stupid bullshit that tumbles from their asshole to their keyboard does get proven wrong, they'll just shift the goalposts, shift them all day long.

Because Holla Forums is for children who don't want to read or learn or do things for themselves. They want to be taken care of. Whether it's by their fantasy loyal virgin waifu or a powerful Big Man, they just want things to work so that they can live an easy life of masturbating to anime and playing video games. What an ethnostate is or how it would work or what would be necessary to achieve it don't fucking matter because they just want it and will support anyone bold or stupid enough to tell them they can have it. Whatever it is, as long as it removes and punishes the niggers or the feminists or kikes or whatever, they don't care what it is or what it entails as long as it gives them the comfortable lives they feel they were promised and entitled to.

It's because of that weak minded bullshit that Holla Forums will never have any coherent theory and trying to debunk their stupid shit is almost universally a waste of time, because facts and material reality don't matter. An "ethnicity" is just a group of whoever that I happen to like (as opposed to degenerates who are whatever I dislike) and so an "ethnostate" is a state made up of whatever I like (or an told to like) and people that I like (or am told to like).

Any time someone mentions an "ethnostate" to you the only worthwhile response is to laugh right in their stupid faces and then go on with your life.

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This is like what Zizek said about "unabashed pleasure" or something similar being at the heart of nationalism.

I think he calls it "the potential for obscene pleasure." Like all these cucks that used to come through here to ignorantly try to rub Trump's victory in our faces, they experience (or desire to experience) the vicarious pleasure of someone punishing people they don't like.

I think it was something like that, it's been a minute.

Gandhi wasn't even ethnonationalist tho…

How could he be? There is no "Indian" nation. Pick just about any given point in India's history and you'll find it divided up between rival kingdoms. It's a vast subcontinent and to believe that a single uniform people inhabit it now or ever would be beyond delusion

"200 years of peace" if you ignore all those failed invasions of China and Korea

Not even that, there is no ethnic "indian". Seriously, like a third of the country isn't even Indo-European, let alone in the same ethnic group. It is impossible to be a ethno-nationalist in India unless you want a state of like a few villages.

It doesn't matter what you think, exploitation is a scientific process it's not "when my boss is mean to me". If you produce something working, and that product is then appropriated by your boss/company and then sold for a profit, you have been exploited.

Literally over 500 princely states existed before Indian unification. It's impossible for Ghandi to have been an ethnonationalist in any way, shape or form