With the hordes of Holla Forums converts and redditor succdems haunting this place, hoping every moment to grab what they can and make a run for it, your duty becomes to READ THE FUCKING BORDIGA. What the fuck are you brainlet even doing in this place? Reading theory should be the required minimum for as little as even earning the right to lurk this place, let alone make a single shitpost. One-book-Muke, kill yourself. Tripfags, trip over a tall building and fall like Reichstag. Leftcommunism is the future, praise organic centralism and murder all opportunists.

What is that, tl;dr for you? Here's a takeaway for you:


What do you hope to find in this spoiler, that I was kidding? Fuck you bitch, go ahead. READ BORDIGA RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!

read bodega

You mean BORDIGA?

I can't I'm reading Marx.


Read Kafka


Dilettantes, the lot of you!


Why should I desire to read a car brand? Is there leftist theory written on the inside of a trunk somewhere?


damn bruh you're killing it

Stop fucking posting this same thread every day.

"Organic" centralism is about as meaningful a term as "organic" eggs in burgerland

Its also funny because literally only retarded hipsters who will never change the world in any way care about either

Notice how "google bookchin" did not have to be forced, but this "read bordiga" has been consistenly forced for at least 8 months and its still only the people forcing it who say it

Nothing forced about collective of people gently suggesting Holla Forums community to educate themselves on literature written by Bordiga.

t. anarkiddie butthurt about being told to read theory

Oh come on. Google Bookchin was incredibly forced and this shit meme has been around for a couple of years now. Regardless I'm convinced the people/person spamming this thread everyday aren't actually leftcoms. It's probably that ☭TANKIE☭ who posts the most ignorant shit using the leftcom flag.

Absolutely not. The economy of Soviet Union was shit and abolishing muh commodity production would only have made it worse.


requesting damaged joker meme edit of bordiga

its not a forced meme, leave this imagebordiga you fool

All "get familiar with X" memes were forced right from the start with read Zizek. They should be banned.

Read Stirner.


Read the reading list.


typical opportunist

M8 if I was your friend and we were a little drunk one night and was like "you know man, I really value your company" that would be a nice thing to say.

If subsequently I said it, every single day, it would get weird and uncomfortable.

Its like that. There are at the very least three "read bordiga threads" probably more if i could be bothered to look

Bordiga thread No.6 in the catalog

The whole point of the full idea about worker owner ship as I understand it, is that communism, abolition of the value form, as you say, will not come about through some grand revolution, there may be a grand revolution, but the revolution itself will only take it so far, just like other modes of production, it will exist alongside and within the outmoded modes for an extremely long time, modes of production are also never completely distinct in themselves, each has its own stages and progressions within that specific mode of production, for example the difference between capitalism now and capitalism in 1850 or feudalism as it stands today versus feudalism in 1500.
On top of this, total abolition of the value form requires a total system, that is one which dominates if not the whole globe than at least the most significant part of it, considering the demands of modern technology, minerals and such, really to be able to fully distribute goods you need to be in control of the entire thing. No matter what happens, in every eventuality, even after "conquering" this globe from capitalism which will in itself take an extremely long time, the development of the industrial forces in these areas will be an extremely long process.
In short, there will be a lower stage, perhaps (and most likely in my opinion) even a lower lower stage.
I am not saying that muh co-ops are socialism, but a co-operative economy is one in which the work force is more directly engaged with production, much more, they themselves oversee it even if market forces still control it. Further, they are the ones making the decisions which effect their relationship to it, through working standards and practices and so on.
Worker ownership therefore creates conditions by which class consciousness is "organically" imbued on the worker.
These conditions are not communism, but they are conditions from which communism in my opinion is more likely to emerge.
On top of this, when the ownership of the property is literally in their hands, they have much more power, should they have the inclination to Communism. Sure, they would still have the market, but the market can be more easily abolished when production is in the workers hands
It gets workers into the practice of managing themselves, which is necessary are we ever to achieve a stateless, classless society.
On top of that, radical reform agitates the populace and causes reaction, while we have absolutely zero chance of revolution in the west, we need to build reformist structures, if only to agitate with their existence. Agitate directly for revolution in any European country and you will be laughed at. You can't go zero-revolution.

As well as this,the material gain they will have from the private owner no longer existing is a short term benefit that sustain the revolution. Plus such a union could fund other types of agitation and education and organise organically