Alabama Redneck Regrets Trump

I came across this post this morning. Apparently some Alabama cousin fucker is selling off all his Trump gear, including holsters.

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you understand that redneck is nothing but a classist slur used by southern oligarchs to describe industrial and farm laborers right? and that the association of being called a redneck with racism was nothing but an attempt to legitimize southern labor?

you understand that rednecks identify as rednecks, refer to themselves as rednecks, enjoy using the term redneck, and enjoy being called rednecks?

Most Trump voters are well off suburbanites. When are they going to abandon him?

I've heard it used in both contexts. Seems to be a mostly-reclaimed slur.

Because they appropriated it and began using it as a phrase to describe themselves similar as to how black Americans appropriated the term nigger
Im pointing out that the media built perception of rednecks in as a mass of racist cousin fuckers that has emerged over time was nothing but an attempt to divide Southern labor and labor outside the south

So many actual reasons to reasons to oppose trump and he chooses the consent spook lmao



Trump is the best thing that could have happened to the United States.

Accelerationism is doing the job.

Really, you trust this story?

Sound like the dudes who "supported" Trump then regretted it because he's gonna enforce immigration laws.

There are a couple stories I've heard. My dad lived in rural Alabama and said the term was for farm workers that got red necks working in the sun all day. Also heard it was used to refer to mine workers that wore red scarves.

Are there mines in Alabama? I thought that was a Kentucky / West Virginia thing.

There are. Especially around the Birmingham area. I don’t think mining is near as important to Alabama as it is to West Virginia tho

This is the straw that broke the camel's back? Sad.

I agree in a way. If Hillary won so many people would have just gone back to sleep. Trump made me realize and accept my inner commie

So I'm allowed to say redneck as long as I also have no problem saying nigger?

Wait, there's such a thing as a TRUMP™ brand gun holster?


Shut up you fucking dweeb