What does Holla Forums think about ayylmaos, ghosts, occultism, conspiracies and related stuff?
Some threads ago there was a conversation on why there are no leftist conspiracy theorists when there are tons of confirmed conspiracies against leftist movements, people and governments.
I made the argument that those conspiracies were truth while rightist conspiracies are fiction that puts the blame of capitalism problems on some big other.

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what do you think being a materialist means?

Aliens probably exist, just not any that we've met.
Those other things you mentioned? No.

Only this post matters so far.

The probability of other life in the universe is high, but we'll probably never interact with these aliens so it's not worth talking about
Never seen one, and for as many alleged sightings of them I've never seen any conclusive proof they exist
711 was a part time job

nigga what? you should be investigating 311

they're probably real. There is enough mention of them in released FBI documents that fly under the radar to suggest UFOs and shit are a real phenomenon. That being said I don't give it much thought because our world is so radically fucked up, we need to focus on that more. Any aliens that could possibly be here probably shit back and watch how fucked up we are, how we treat each other, and say "no fucking thanks, we'll watch for now". Purely speculative, of course, but nevertheless whatever whims you have are largely irrelevant until we solve problems here on ground 0

Putting wealth higher than it deserves.

An empty platitude that most of this board repeats and repeats uncritically without knowing the meaning of.

Value materialism is not what Marx is associated with.

?????? I was giving a basic, all around definition of materialism. No clue why you brought up Marx.

No, you're defining value materialism which isn't the same as the materialism that user was likely referring to

There are lots of lefty conspiracy theorists, albeit probably not a whole lot of prominent ones right this minute.

I don't consider conspiracy theories inherently "paranormal" at all. Although the alien-related stuff (like about deals with the government on abduction and experimentation and whatnot and various races and bases) is extremely interesting. The Christianity-insertion with Satan and shit is just retarded, and a damn shame.

Occultism is lots of fun bullshit, most interesting when druggies are involved and go fucking nuts all the time. Ghosts are fucking cool, too, and I love the accounts and folklore on them that developed from the 18th-to-early-20th century. Stuff is wild. Belief can be very fun, and incredibly interesting - at the very least, it reveals something about our psychology. I don't tie that philosophy in with how I evaluate conspiracy theories, however.

Anyway, some stuff I take seriously/semi-seriously: Boho Grove, Paul Bonacci's testimony (semi-seriously), "the business plot," the general malice of the government (ie the numerous confirmed times the government has spied on leftist, antiwar, etc. movements, invaded countries for economic reasons, etc.), the assassinations of JFK, MLK, Teddy Kennedy (maybe), and Malcolm X, yer various CIA/FBI meddlings with drugs and disease and experiments, and of course I was well-read enough at the time to know that The Patriot Act was a massive move towards authoritarianism - and pretty much anything that "came out" regarding government surveillance of citizens is something I already knew about.

Agree mostly with what you said.

You say the Satan shit is retarded, but Paul Bonacci's testimony is something you take semi-seriously. Didn't he testify that the abuse of children was satanic and ritualistic? What makes you question his testimony, other than it inherently seeming far-fetched?

If aliens and satanic ritual abuse were real, what implication would that have for leftism?

DuckDuckGo J. Posadas

I don't know why people dismiss the more grounded ones entirely because of flat earth and related silliness but hey, whatever. Can't really fight perception management.

The basic question of whether or not (and to what extent) Paul Bonacci's testimony was real is my main concern with regards to him. I think you're right about the Satanic stuff being in there, but I'd have to read it again. There are also minor points that seem valid on the surface but aren't necessarily - the ruling he won against Larry King looks fishy and quite damning to me, but I still wonder if the claim that it was down to legal procedure and technicality isn't accurate.

As for the nature of the Satanic stuff itself, my gut instinct is to suspect that it was a combination of pseudo-pagan rituals and maybe drugs. Like, Bohemian Grove really does have a big weird statue, but if a bunch of fucked up shit involving kids and hookers and abuse goes on there (or went on there, or goes on among elite gatherings in general), then the big statue and whatever caveman crap they do around it isn't really my primary concern. I think that stuff probably happens (especially at Boho Grove), but it's not earnestly Satanic (or earnestly pagan) in my view, and there are people who do ritualistic stuff without involving abuse in it. To me, that aspect could also pose a risk in that it makes whoever talks about it look nuttier, too - once it becomes about Satan, it stops being about people.

My main interest in Bonacci's testimony is how striking it was to actually read and hear it after having read that the police eventually disregarded it as an "elaborate hoax" (with no further explanation that I've seen) - it seems very elaborate, but I don't know what's so hoax about it. The details also resemble, to me, the kind of accounts sex workers sometimes give of their experiences especially around that sort of crowd.

Well, Posadas would say we should welcome the aliens. I guess looking back to my time when I was more interested in that stuff (alien-related theories, not Posadas), it would mean that we are actually interacting with alien beings and our government is covering it up and allowing us to be used as cattle. So kind of like what I believe now, except with aliens.

Satanic abuse… well, I think Christian socialism would make a comeback, probably. Assuming we knew this was real and widespread for a fact, and depending on whether they were theistic Satanists or rationalistic Satanists, that is. To me it wouldn't make much difference unless we actually knew that Satan as some sort of spiritual being was actually involved.

All of those things probably exist, though it would be reasonable to assume a material basis for them, whether matter or energy.


watch out for skinwalkers

Pretty sure he mentioned Satanic stuff, I just read the Franklin coverup recently.

I personally think the idea of Satan is ridiculous, as an atheist. But an elite group of Satanist worshippers who do take it seriously is not out of the realm of possibility for me. Can you imagine how bored the super rich are? Satanic orgiastic rituals are probably their way of having fun. Drugs may have something to do with it, but that does not preclude the possibility of the rituals being serious in their Satanism. Why would they bother with something like Bohemian Grove if they didn't take it seriously? Also if you repeat a ritual often enough, even if it starts as a joke, isn't it serious? Especially if even half of what Bonacci said was true, e.g. about chopping off boy's dicks and murdering babies. I think if it is true, then we have to take the Satanic aspect seriously and ask what it means, and what the appeal of it is for these elites.

Yes you do sound nutty talking about Satan but I think if you make it clear that you don't believe in Satan, you're just trying to find out why this elite apparently does, then that's less nutty.

Read Jacques Vallee

tl;dr close encounters are real but there's no evidence to say ayy lmaos truly come from outer space, it's more likely it is some kind of mass manipulation a la Orsons Welles' War of the Worlds and that beings from another dimension (read demons) are in on it for the lulz.

Real, if they are souls or something else I cannot say.

Occultism is the foundation of western philosophy tbh fam. Both Kant and Descartes were heavily involved with the occult.

*blocks your path*


Watch lectures by Dr. Steven Greer, and look up the disclosure project, the soviets were well aware of contact with extraterrestrial life.
Probably old as man itself, but has become almost like a lifestylist pseudo-fraternity for millionaires+
Like how the the United States planned famines in Socialist states?



I have a long Gosch transcript printed out somewhere. Might read it again soon - wild stuff.

Another thing I never really bought was the later "Johnny Gosch is alive and hiding as Jeff Gannon" stuff. Though I put that less on Bonacci and more on his interactions with Mrs. Gosch, who afaik pretty much descended into righteous insanity and would readily accept any possibility that her son hadn't been killed.

Holy shit I missed that, that's incredible

Love all this shit, but I believe that people will believe in things because they want to, even with 0 evidence, and that this is why they do. Millions of people believing in something does not give any credence to that belief whatsoever.
Conspiracies are real though.



mein neger

Even if these are fakes they are really good for getting scared.

If any one has more /x/ scary screencaps I would appreciate it if you share them I love Spooky terror stuff.

Dante's Inferno can go die this shit is scary

Why don't these faggots at least do some research first before they make shit up?

Lenin-cap officially worst posters on Holla Forums.


It's the weekend and I was waiting for an opportunity to post some greentexts. Time to get comfy Holla Forums, you're in for a ride. And the only "conspiracy" I believe in OP is that wealthy and resourceful people around the world rape kids on the weekends (and some LARP as satanists).

Also a request for /x/philes: I'm looking for two rare greentexts, they're from different anons but both are Czech. One has a group of friends encounter skinwalkers in a Czech forest, and another… has a group of friends encounter skinwalkers in Czech forest.

Well, one happens in the city and the other in a magical forest.




I legit had a ufo encounter when I was kid. Call me a tin foil nut but I'm pretty sure the government and bourgeoisie has some type of hidden technology

this one's for Bat'ko





forgot one straya (first image)

Nazism is Traditional Fascism
Globalism is Progressive Fascism

more lighthearted greentexts



My dad believes ayylmaos are humans from the future

Take this to /x/

I'll leave you with these, maybe I'll post more later if there is interest.

Another request, anyone has the story about the white Oregon dogman?

go away we're having fun

I wouldn't worry about it.

Real life is way scarier than any creepypssta.

Another reason why there are no leftist conspiracies

bump for funny thread

Starts on a creepy-guy/surreal horror note and quickly turns into a retarded hardcore kid Larry Stu weeb story mixture of Supernatural and Assassin's Creed. Does not get better.

If you read Debord's Comments on the Society of the Spectacle, it's full of conspiracy theories. Of course knowing when it was written and The Real Report on the Last Chance to Save Capitalism in Italy, it's not surprising, and many were known to be true even back then. But some are still questionable, like whether Mao's terra-cotta army is fake or not, or was Aldo Moro actually killed by the Italian State?

as someone that has a keen interest in spirituality and the occult i can tell you that the left are materlists by nature. Their goal always being state atheism.
In every communist state religion was undermined or destroyed or weakened.
Fascism is way more spiritual, Mussolini even had evola as an adviser.
People always associate the occult and Nazism, but from what i read hitler didnt really care about the occult and thought it was lazy and preferred actual action.

But there is something about fascism that fits with spirituality, the occult, myth, like a glove.

I see a lot of communists dismiss the ideas of conspiracy. Some of them are absurd. But you would think a group of people who were targeted by something called COINTELPRO by various intelligence agencies might humor it a bit.

I have a deep love of aliens ever since i was a kid, the whole culture of alien weridos, books, tv specials, scifi. I think even the cold dead heart of the most rationalist skeptic there is a little voice saying "yeah, but what if man, what if they are real"
we cant be the only ones here…..right.

Personally i have settled on the interdimensional hypothesis created by Jacques Vallée


to me its way more fun of an idea that aliens are actually interdimensional beings and have appeared to humans in various forms through out history, and this is a being that can shape shift, and in the past people thought of them as elves.

I always was intreseted in this wierd shit.

When i was a kid i would be reading the weekly world news at the shopping mall while my mom bought groceries

I know its ridiculous but i love it