Sex belongs to everyone

Sex is a commodity just like money, food and water. If communism is about distributing these things equally in order to create a classless society, it means sex belongs to everyone not just the chads.
Therefore people who make fun of others for being virgins and not getting laid are just like the bourgeois. They're putting themselves in a position over everyone else and proclaiming their superiority. That's literally the worse form of capitalism. If you are for the modern sexual free market where all the girls flock to the chads you are literally for capitalism.

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Sex can be commodified but sex itself is not a commodity necessarily. Just like a fish isn't a commodity when you're stranded on a boat in the middle of the pacific and it flops in front of you on to the deck and you eat it.

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You can say the same about food and water. It's available everywhere in lakes and ponds.
It has been commodfied like everything else on this planet. You can say the same about money.
It is a commodity. We aren't living in the stone age.

society seems to still be multitude of differently attractive people interbreeding.
Where is all this "one harem to rule them all" shit even coming from? It's pretty baseless

Sorry but there's lots of evidence to suggest that girls are hypergamous.
Denying that there's people who get all the sex leaving little for the rest is stupid

Not really, but ok. I guess we can start fucking kids now right? lol who am I kidding most of you think thats ok anyway

I guess you meant the opposite of what you said considering you're here and not on Holla Forums

I'm not denying most people would like to date within their attractiveness range or above, but where is the data that suggests this "haremization" of the world into one duds flock?

Maybe sex isn't commodified at the scale that money is but it's still uneven since the sexual revolution. Even if the top 1% aren't getting half the sex, they're still getting alot.
It belongs to everyone. It's a basic human right. Why don't you understand?

It's not though

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I understand you are upset, but this is bad for you, signposting on image boards that is. I can't help you, neither can our movement, but shitting up our board is not going to help either.

correction: Shitposting

The bourgeois are undermining us.

Holla Forums confirmed controlled opposition honeypot.


Sex isn't supposed to be a commodity, it just is one because we've lived in a society of scarcity since the dawn of man. Abolishing scarcity will abolish it's use as a commodity and women will be far more respected and secure.

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stop this meme, sex is an agreement between two partners to have fun/bond. its not something sold to someone else for currency or to make a profit.
get out of the house and talk to people please.

the only argument you can make here is that since sex is a human need, it has to be fulfilled if you're going to live in a just society. However, this can be taken down if you just remember masturbation is a thing.

socialism isnt about everyone getting the exact same thing, its everyone getting what they deserve, enjoying the fruits of their labour.
the delusions you have to have to justify forcing yourself onto others.

Everyone deserves sex. Every has the right to a mate. That's why people should be forced into pairs for the sake of equality.

did you bither to think about a single thing i wrote, or did it just go over your head?