How do you defeat the "Appeal to Selfishness"...

How do you defeat the "Appeal to Selfishness"? It's a favorite of American Lolberts everywhere: "Why should I be FORCED give MY money to ANYONE else?", or "Why should the government have control over MY money?"

Despite this board's petty scuffles with Holla Forumsacks and incels, Libertarians and their ideology are easily the most credible threat to the American Left. On a personal note, I'd like refutations to these common arguments when I confront my Lolbert friend who likes to reenact Revolutionary War battles. Pic unrelated.

Because it's for the Greater Good.

read stirner

This, but unironically.

What are you saying?
Most of us are incels. Sex is a commodity that should be given equally to everyone. Sex belongs to everyone not just the chads. Chads are capitalists by their very nature and create an unequal sexual society

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Fake leftist subhuman scum.
You're betraying this boards ideals. How about going back to reddit?

The bitter Maotist thread is this way: >2253817

What if I told you most people don't read?

Despite his hobby, I'd wager his entire investment into political theory is hopping around YouTube listening to Molymeme and other garbage.

The Abyssal Fleet is nazbol

You're right, all the chads and volcels left for >>>/leftpol/

Let's try that again:

Because crime is in part caused by poverty so unless you want to be robbed, raped, and murdered …..

Nonsense. I'll have my own private police force to protect me. Next!

What if the robber has a bigger police force?

He'll voluntarily agree to get shot

Funny enough, the fanfic I'm writing envisions them as a moneyless society that strives to be classless despite their physical differences. I'd reckon they'd be slow to trust outsiders, especially capitalists.

Thing is, Lolberts don't believe in material conditions. Quite the contrary in fact: They unironically believe people oughta pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and anyone who's still poor by thirty is just a lazy shmuck who didn't deserve better.

M- Muh NAP!

They can't because they're poor dum dum.

Glory to our commie shipgirls tho

But of course, comrade! ^^

Caused or correlated to poverty? Big difference.

read bordiga


Because a society in which there is a division of labor, needs a way to distribute production, so that all of the needs of society are met enough that it still stands, lolbertarian ideas of…
is just not feasable since the market is fantastically shitty at distributing things.

Tell them to read Henry George, it will introduce them to the inherent problems of rent. From there its only a few step away from understanding the contradictions in capitalism.


There are several studies involving adults, babies, chimps, capuchin monkeys and probably other primates, showing they have a tendency to fairness and to share money closer to an equal ratio than to hog it all. Ironically, libertarians, not to mention porkies at large, are in conflict with human nature.

Same reason I have to give my money/labor-power to someone else so I don't die of something like starvation or hypothermia.

communist Kankoree when

great understanding of marxism you got there

Lol, what??? The biggest thing in American politics is Neoliberalism, followed by Socdems, followed by Christian reactionaries, followed by fascists. Lolberts may (and should) be safely disregarded.

Because they can force you, and you can do nothing about it.