Give me a singular reason why I shouldn't read Bordiga right now, in this very moment

Give me a singular reason why I shouldn't read Bordiga right now, in this very moment.

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Because you are a lazy shit with the attention span of a goldfish and would give up in two minutes to return to jacking off to anime anyway

you should have a warm shower, make yourself a mug of hot cocoa and sit down all comfy.

then you should read bordiga

read parenti

Organic centralism is so vague a concept that it isn't even a real position. Hes a hack

there is literally no reason to do this, name one productive way he contributed to the left

he's the worst of the meme authors. literally every meme author has left a mark on history of some sort, even EngStirner, except Bordiga. The only thing Bordiga did is being a crotchety old curmudgeon since his teen years. He can't write, he can't think, there's no discernible talent.

I mean I love the spookman and I hate Bordiga but he did lead a faction of the Italian Communists, Max only had a milk shop bless his soul

he lead them nowhere

He's a fuckin retard

Its a skidmark, but its a mark

Is there a bot autobanning people? What the fuck is up with the 200 characters and that?

read bordiga.

Fortunately, it looks like I'm not banned after all.

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What a stupid post. If Bordiga was read on the scale that Stalin is, things would surely be different.

Max was at least influential on other leftist thinkers, including Marx who disagreed with him heavily.
What significant contributions to theory did Bordiga make?

You're selling a theorist short based on what you don't know. Why don't you at least attempt to understand what they've wrote?

After all, Bordiga remained a committed and serious, critical Marxist all his life. That surely was not easy.

it's Miss Piggy trying to make the board unusable to everybody but her vanguard of piglets


come alive comrade



The whole point of the full idea about worker owner ship as I understand it, is that communism, abolition of the value form, as you say, will not come about through some grand revolution, there may be a grand revolution, but the revolution itself will only take it so far, just like other modes of production, it will exist alongside and within the outmoded modes for an extremely long time, modes of production are also never completely distinct in themselves, each has its own stages and progressions within that specific mode of production, for example the difference between capitalism now and capitalism in 1850 or feudalism as it stands today versus feudalism in 1500.
On top of this, total abolition of the value form requires a total system, that is one which dominates if not the whole globe than at least the most significant part of it, considering the demands of modern technology, minerals and such, really to be able to fully distribute goods you need to be in control of the entire thing. No matter what happens, in every eventuality, even after "conquering" this globe from capitalism which will in itself take an extremely long time, the development of the industrial forces in these areas will be an extremely long process.
In short, there will be a lower stage, perhaps (and most likely in my opinion) even a lower lower stage.
I am not saying that muh co-ops are socialism, but a co-operative economy is one in which the work force is more directly engaged with production, much more, they themselves oversee it even if market forces still control it. Further, they are the ones making the decisions which effect their relationship to it, through working standards and practices and so on.
Worker ownership therefore creates conditions by which class consciousness is "organically" imbued on the worker.
These conditions are not communism, but they are conditions from which communism in my opinion is more likely to emerge.
On top of this, when the ownership of the property is literally in their hands, they have much more power, should they have the inclination to Communism. Sure, they would still have the market, but the market can be more easily abolished when production is in the workers hands
It gets workers into the practice of managing themselves, which is necessary are we ever to achieve a stateless, classless society.
On top of that, radical reform agitates the populace and causes reaction, while we have absolutely zero chance of revolution in the west, we need to build reformist structures, if only to agitate with their existence. Agitate directly for revolution in any European country and you will be laughed at. You can't go zero-revolution.

As well as this,the material gain they will have from the private owner no longer existing is a short term benefit that sustain the revolution. Plus such a union could fund other types of agitation and education and organise organically