Entropy renders all of history and the future as a whole, as a moot point...

Entropy renders all of history and the future as a whole, as a moot point. So what is the point of class struggle and socialism if it will all end in the stars burning out, resulting in a universe unable to support any kind of life?


Because we're (possibly) the only self aware hunks of flesh in the universe, so we have a moral obligation to make the best of it?

Dude you don't even have to bring it to entropy levels of time. In 40 years no one is going to remember who you were or what you did.
In 80 years anyone that would have even possibly cared about such things will be gone.
You and I are dust in the wind, my friend. That doesn't mean you shouldn't care about today, or even tomorrow, but your efforts are not going to survive time - nothing does. So care about today, and care about tomorrow, but don't worry too much past that.

It's just a ride.

In 80 years no one will remember or care about what you or I did, true. But people will remember the fact that Bill Hicks was Alex Jones…and that’s true immortality.

Great comedy transcends the ages, and when Bill finally reveals his decades of trolling and true identity to the Info Wars crowd the resounding laughter will echo into infinity.

What happens in the meantime is still important though. Even if it's all impermanent.

What is this Talmudic black magic?

At one time it was thought impossible for men to fly, or split the atom, or communicate with people on the other side of the world. Even without the arguments for caring about life even with the existence of entropy, I'm relatively optimistic that it's a problem that can be solved or at least worked around given that sapient life has billions of years to work on it.

You're utterly autistic if you think that entropy is a reason to not try to deal with the problems we have. Inaction solves nothing. But at the same time, pointless actions solve nothing either. So what we should do is think before we act. Leftists need to consider various organizational forms and test/evaluate them so can act effectively when the time comes. Shit matters, and you don't have to lay down and accept the dismal future we're headed towards. Determinism is retarded, and defeatism is even more retarded.

Is there a proven case of someone famous faking his death and then living as someone else?
I want to believe that Alex Jones is just Bill fucking with us, but knowing that it really happened before would help me.

This sums up nihilism as a philosophy


That's nihilism taken well beyond parody. A more interesting line of thought would be asking yourself if it's in your rational self interest to gamble your life, and your current material conditions, in hopes that things will possibly improve, when in all likelihood you'll be dead long before that gamble pays off.


So fucking what, I like commie aesthetics so fuck your heat death shit.

good shitpost user


t. dont know what entropy is

I like to think the goal of humanity and any intelligent life in general to to advance to such a degree that we find a way to overcome entropy.

And barring that, to see how far we can advance in the limited time we have.

Be a fucking wild animal.

That the universe will "burn out" is just today's prevalent scientific idea (and it's not like it hasn't been challenged). Besides, it's possible we might solve the problem of mortality even this century. But for that to happen we have to topple the current system, or the elites will take the immortality technology for themselves and let everyone else die.

Friendly reminder that science abandoned a strictly deterministic view of the world decades ago in favor of a probabilistic one.
Entropy is not a deterministic law but a probabilistic description of the macro effects of micro interactions.

Let's take for example two boxes of equal temperature. The laws of thermodynamics predict that if we put the two in contact with each other nothing will happen as they have more or less the same heat energy in them.
If we however imagine that, just out their random movements, the hotter molecules of air in one of the two boxes happen to all leave it for the other one and the colder ones leave the other in favor of the first one, we have a decrease in entropy without violating any fundamental law. Of course in normal circumstances on a macroscopic scale the random movements of molecules will tend to average the temperature, but nothing prevents the aforementioned situation from happening.

Entropy as it is treated today is more of a philosophical concept than a scientific one.

The fact that things end isn't an excuse for inaction. Or for anything else, really. So that's the real moot point. Finitude is a fact of life and that's all there is to it. Might as well do something before it hits.

Sort of, I think it depends on the context. Entropy is only a part of the equation, and not sufficient on its own to describe how things progress. Like a boulder never rolls up a hill, as an example. Completely independent of entropy, there is no change in disorder of the system. And further the boulder could technically gain energy through friction rolling up the hill. But obviously the equation isn’t so simple.
So I’m general on a macro scale the concept of entropy is largely valid, things do generally progress toward greater disorder. It’s just that those who don’t understand thermodynamics tend to forget there are more than 2 laws governing them

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