Holla Forums cant into sex

Ever wondered where the aut-right's sexual anxietes are rooted? Or why commies have better sex? One of the reasons have to do with the general low quality (if not outright ban) of sexual education in Burgerland, and the taboo creation fueled by republican orthodoxy.

Maybe if you could give her an orgasm, have the basic knowledge about human anatomy, or at least be open about discussing sexuality this wouldn't happen? If talking about the opposite sex grosses you out maybe you are… gay?
Maybe it's not about the size of your schlong but how you use it? This is just another ideological move to naturalize a social problem, transposing something that could be solved to a natural condition.

Thanks to the absolute state of the US we are at a historical point where educating people on basic human anatomy has (indirect) political consequences. Will be dumping bad women's anatomy screencaps for the keks. If you are a Holla Forumstard and can't find the clit, ask away. If you have good books on sexuality, please share the pdfs.

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I always thought that a freudian explanation was pretty accurate for most poltards


Freud did nuffin wronk

This first one always cracks me up.

After talking to various Holla Forumsacks about sex and all that, I'm convinced most of them never had sex or barely any. I mean, I'm really not advocating massive promiscuity here, but that your average Holla Forums user already condemns one or two one-night stands as "degeneracy" is pretty telling.

They often don't actually know what makes sex good, even the ones who pretend to be /fit/ and all that are mostly really awkward when talking about this, and they are often so balantly wrong about women that assures me that they are really not having much game with women their age.

The thing, despite your looks, nothing turns girls off more than open racism and sexism. They are somewhat right about the fact that most girls want a manly guy, who sometimes calls the shots as well, but they absolutely don't want a guy who tells them how they have a different brain, worse spacial reasoning and should be confined to the kitchen. Here is the irony: The girls who actually like all this racism and sexism are Muslim migrant girls with lots of make-up, duck face and fake eyebrows - clearly the type of girl Holla Forums despises.

Did you just find that women anatomy board on reddit or what?

Some of these pics will be about Holla Forumsyps obsession with women's virginity, or how much "mileage" (ech) their pussy have). I'm pretty sure this has to do with their conviction stemming from some kind of inferiority complex that they "deserve" the "authentic" gf/wife/pussy experience – whatever that is. There are literally thousands of socially awkward basement dwelling poltards that had a chance with chicks, but upon learning that they wouldn't be her "first" they retreated to their basement, sulking.

Freud would have a field day with the auts. It's always funny to see that even the most extreme lolberts on there have some of the most pronounced oedipal desires. IMO, Incest fantasies definitely stem from the immediacy of the relation:. they're blood and love you by definition, you don't have to go out of your way to socialize, relations are pre-existing, little fear of rejection etc., and secondly from the latent infantile nature of the desire: there's a certain security to it, the home as self-contained social realm, sexual partner doubles as familiar emotional support, sister/mother act as big protector, no need of agency for the individual. It makes a lot more sense for the NeoNazis, whose entire ideology relies on a strong-man leader.

The total vulgarity of it also always exhibits their fascination in violence. It's never surprising when people who are obsessed with genocide have violent sexual fantasies. The need to dominate a relationship when you can't dominate in the actual world, depraving your partner as you feel depraved by the world. This of course gets intensified when coupled with the Divine Right of Sex attitude they have towards women, nor does it help that rape fantasies have become less taboo, at least online. So when they assume that all females have that sort of fantasy, and then get rejected IRL, they get to act like all women are stuck-up or are playing hard to get.

The homosexuality part of it is always the most interesting imo. There's already a long established connection between Nazism and homosexuality– you know, the almost Randian Aryan Chad wearing tightly fitted Hugo Boss wear. It's more difficult for Holla Forums to fully adopt this kind of fetishism because of the so-called "NuMale problem" and that all of the major pop-figures who fulfill the aesthetic and power conditions are all black men. You could obviously write an entire book on the aut's racial cuckoldry fetish.

So lacking any sort of White-Power Aryan figures, Holla Forums has become far more interested in Traps, who are pictured as innately subservient, but also still have that Aryan brotherhood commonality, the sex drive; they've basically become the empty container of all perverse sexual fantasies since auts fear/know that females will reject them and their fantasies, etc.

In my mind, it basically all comes down to the lust for power while being routinely denied that power.

no, u

Also: see pic 3. Tards also want virgins because they know they themselves are shit at sex and wish they could gaslight their inexperienced partner.

A-am I a closeted reactionary?

I understand menstrual pain is very real and why it happens. But a broken heart being less than that? I guess that girl either was making a joke or has never had her heart broken.

What initial experiences made you an avowed white supremacist/racist/whatever that would never see non-whites the same again?

For me it was the revelation one day that non-whites are capable of breeding with whites and actually do go and have sex with whites. I think I was around 14 or so at the time and it was 2007.

Somehow I lived most of my life in ignorance of this fact (I was homeschooled and I never knew any non-whites).

I always just assumed everyone sticks to their own race, that black goes with black, white goes with white, asian goes with asian, etc.

It was a complete shock to me one day when I learned about racemixing. It scared me and disgusted me, like a dog trying to fuck a cat.

Prior to that I respected non-whites at a distance and thought we could live together (but naturally segregated of course) and I kind of viewed non-whites like aliens in Star Wars and not like those species mixing aliens in Mass Effect.

The idea that someone might have sex with someone outside of their race never occurred to me. The idea that the desire on the part of non-whites to racemix with whites is so COMMON made me lose all respect for non-whites.

After that I really began to hate non-whites. I didn't want them having sex with men and women of my race and being in my country anymore. I soon learned that practically every non-white was disrespectful towards my race and wanted to racemix into it. This quickly turned me into an ardent racist.

Soon I found Holla Forums (in 2008) and for a few years I'd post racist memes and stuff on there and I'd look for other racists and read the stuff they would post and get more redpilled. At the time I was just racist for simple reasons and I didn't argue/debate much I just would make racist jokes and say racist things, I felt my race was under attack, and that was it.

Then I found /new/ and got radicalised even more as I learned about the jew for the first time, something I was never aware of in my Holla Forumstard days, and that is when I became an anti-semite as well and hating the jew.

Now /new/ is dead and there has been Holla Forums and now this board of course and /4chon/ and I have refined my redpill knowledge greatly. I have in-depth discussions about race that go well beyond simple memes and the reasons for my hatred have grown more complex now.

At the heart of it all though it comes down to non-whites coming into my nation and trying to wipe us out through miscegnation. I'd never have become racist if I lived in a society with apartheid where racemixing just didn't happen. In a way I was like those people who "had no concept at all of homosexuality" (such as my mother and grandmother for a good portion of their lives), like the idea of a man being sexual with another man, or a woman with another woman simply never occurred to them at all and was something they'd have never thought about as they assumed all men are attracted to women and vice versa. I assumed nobody racemixed. Finding out shocked me and realizing practically all non-whites would racemix with members of my race given the opportunity made me disgusted with them and hate them. The natural order of things has been upturned for me.

Good post. I was with you up until your concluding sentence. IMO jumping straight to power misses a step, and is not necessarily the only possible outcome (if by it we mean wanting to dominate your partner).

It starts with imaginary strife: my self image doesn't live up to expectations (mine, others, of advertisements, social roles, etc.). If I don't have a gf I'm inadequate and girls mock me behind my back, if I have a gf I'm too good for her and I'm missing out better opportunities and she's just draining my hard earned cash; thoughts about what others think about us in public races in my mind all the time, etc. Not being able to overcome these contradictions in your fantasies could lead to different types of sublimations, and true, a typical axis is that of power.

I'm saying "axis" because the need to dominate or be dominated usually go hand in hand, being able to shift position. Le macho alpha male is just one strategy one might adopt after being the "nice guy" (whiteknight), passage being possible from one to the other. I've seen variations of pic related on facebook (typically with straight boys), and captures this personal hell beautifully.

Wow what a moronic reaction to finding about race mixed people. Well, since he thought race was just like species to begin with it makes sense that he would become racist. I bet his in-depth discussions are just memes with statistics.

I'll agree to that. I still just buy the classic "Everything is about sex except sex. Sex is about power."
spot on

imagine my shock


Dude, that's NOT how you do negging. If you just spell it all out it just kills it.

Scientist coming thru!

Are you well?

I see this thread hit a nerve, Holla Forumsyp.

I used to non-ironically go on The_Donald. Can I have a detailed vaginal anatomy chart, that has, like, literally everything on it? The ones on google images were either too confusing or didn't label enough.

Could you please define Hippie Fink? As to the rest, I appreciate your use of redundancy for emphasis but I feel my spine functions well.

I live in a house, friend, I do not own a dildo.

The impotent underage rage is real, Did something in this thread trigger your autism?

I like how you're trying to come off as suave and experienced, but it only makes you appear a tryhard.
Ooh, this one has been bothering you for a while, huh? Maybe it's time to accept your fate as a sissy for a big black dick. Come on, you know you'll be happier with a man inside you taking you like you could never take anyone.



Easy there Francis

I think this has all you need to get started.

Yes, of course. ThEY'RE JUST VIBRATORS Xdddddd N0T DILD0S.

A hippie fink is a degenerate swine such as yourself. A ugly, smelly useless bum riddled with god only knows what kind of bacteria from head to toe. A adsorptive mess.



I do not own sex toys of any variety, they're just not that appealing to me.

Well, I can't speak to my looks but I don't smell, well, I just finished my exercise routine so I might at the moment, but no matter. Also, everyone is covered in bacteria, user, they numerically outnumber your owns cells but this is a good thing, as they and we are symbiotes, is not nature wonderful?

Personally, this is one topic I actually agree with the Right on. People who have casual sex gross me out (I'm bi, so both genders), and I believe that the Sexual Revolution was a huge mistake.

I think that nuclear families are better than single parents. I believe that it's good for couples to have multiple children. I say this as an only child raised by a single mom.

Middle-aged people that are single are statistically less happy than middle aged people who are married. Children raised by single moms statistically turn out worse than those raised in nuclear families.

Casual sex leads to a direct line in the deterioration of a society - first through a compromise in sexual/physical health, then in time a deterioration in mental health, the breakdown of monogamy, and a higher rate of divorce.

With the breakdown of the family, you have a direct lowering of life expectancy and the average wage. In turn, you receive zero benefits.

Sexual revolution was good to abolish spooks, I think people will, and statistically are, have less sex in the future. We've had both status quo and reaction, a new normal is probably on the way.


Of course not, I do interval cardio. Not big on "gains" just like to maintain my health. Cucumber is very delicious and good for you though and you must obvious excrete any waste from the digestion thereof, so "shitty cucumbers" isn't really a bad practice.

Dude you can order dildos online these days, just go for it. Or does your mom open your mail? :^)

prove it.

protip: you can't

Comrade, please just take the time to consider how spooky something is before you write paragraphs about it. You're just talking from feelings here.

k, not an argument smh tbh fam

How is that proof faggot? The timestamp clearly says Holla Forums and not Holla Forums. Just how retarded are you?

I don't understand what you are trying to say.

Are you a schizo?

So your proof is a guy saying he's from Holla Forums?

The absolute state of the right tbh

Good heavens, that webm's the best stuff I've seen in a long time. The story behind Francis E. Dec's a strange one, too, now that I've looked into it.

placenta's make me want to vomit tbh

Don't eat them then.


I am familiar with Stirner.

I do not agree with the Right wholesale, I do think that they are closer to the truth of the matter. I fully support the economic emancipation of women, I just do not see why this had to be paired with mass divorce and sexual promiscuity.

I would like to live in a society where people married for love, raise large families together and do not get divorced, this is my self-interest and I see no reason why this is counter to Worker's Rights.

The "Free Love" movement was IdPol from the start, and seems much more like a spook than monogamous nuclear families.

What's your opinion on communal child rearing?

half of these read like fucking doujin dialog except H artists actually know anatomy, they just pretend bodies are made of rubber


I hate the concept. I feel that nuclear families are the way to go. Even further than that, you have the Extended Family which is common in Mediterranean cultures like Italy, where the grandparents live with the family too. I think that's great.


It's a meme, you're going to trust complete strangers not to diddle your kids. Have fun with your mentally suicidal adult children they grow up to be.

is your chin itchy, 60s Batman? Might be the herpes.


begone satan!

Some Pol Pot motherfuckers in this thread. You really hate your non-divorcing parents that much?


read the chapter on the commune, ya doofus

lmao no wonder we're so obscure

This is exactly America's ideology.

Wow, mister, you read so fast.


This is like something AQTH

also leave kramer alone

tbh, I did not know where a girls urethra was until I found out for myself via the internet around the time I was 14/15. I went to public school my whole life so no weird protestant homeschooling bs. But, I am an American.

what the fuck is going on in american education

I have very bad sexual anxiety because of number 2
My partner never discharges which makes me feel bad because females supposed to produce discharge when they're horny if I understand correctly

We covered it by age 11. Also it helps a kid if your native language doesn't use latin words for body parts. For example the word for "ovary" in literal translation is "egg's nest" in my language.

For being into domination and degrading women in bed? No.

Have you tried discussing this with to her? If you fear that that would make you look weak or something like that you really shouldn't. You are clinging to your own anxieties if you are not willing to share them.

Anyway, there might be medical or psychological reasons for it, or that her body doesn't simply produce as much. How much petting the two of you do before going bangie bang?


All I remember from sex class is not signing the abstinence promise sheet. God bless american schools.

Fucking hell, man. Do other kids know if you refuse to sign?


wanted to post that as well

This is what communal child raising is all about tho, you idiot.

That's now how this works, that's not how any of this works.


Nah it was supposed to be confidential. Other kids already thought I was a satanist because I didn't believe in god so it's not like it mattered.


#2 is Russian as fuck and that's my fetish.

I didn't know it was that bad, here in socal most guys know how this shit works. At least the ones I talk to.

Dude she's not that russian looking.

What do this pic have in common?
All Holla Forums? All jews? All rich? All poor?
No. All Americans. All of them.

This is your brain on America

Older people who are related to younger people will do a better job raising them, if that is what "communal child rearing" entails, then it's good. However I would prefer the continuation of the term Extended Family.


Rob Liefield doesn't know anatomy period.

Imagine going to see an evangelic gynecologist in burgerland (pic no.3).

It's not our fault man. Imagine if your local politicians purposely fucked education because they knew that a dumber less educated electorate raised their chances of getting elected? Talking to other americans is like talking to people from the middle ages.

Before I get accused of being a man, may I just say that I love gay sex and it is good.

"9 tips to suck at sex and blame your partner for it"

What do lesbians think of straight hook-up/ divorce culture?

Nice guy comin thru!

I sincerely hope retards take pic 1 seriously
Having a below average penis means my cunnilingus needs to be on point, the more I stand out for it the better.


I'm pretty sure onanist has a small one too. I wonder what the average dick size is on leftypol?

God, this meme is gonna go on the entire month isn't it?

To be fair it's probably because I'm fat, if I lost some weight it's likely be average

I really don't have many opinions on it that most don't have. I think it's sad, in regards to divorce. I mean, it's sad people are naive enough to think material reality of capitalism won't come crashing down on them.

As for straight hook up culture? I don't really care.

This has literally nothing to do with leftism.

We've discussed it a lot of times and she always reassures me that she just doesn't produce a lot of discharge (we end up needing some form of lubrication unless she's ovulating)
I'm assuming you're asking how much foreplay, usually 20-30 minutes


Check out this comment section. There are many others like it, if you care to look them up. Take the ladies' word for it.


You mean it'd look better by comparison? Does your fat engulf some of your penis?

Even lesbians think that the breakdown of the family is a bad thing. No idea why straights are defending it.

Then take her fucking word for it, ya dummy.

Way to cherry-pick. Here, have a set of expert neckbeard opinions as well.

I have no idea what point you're trying to prove with these screencaps and short comments

Just a bit my doctor said if I lost weight it's look more proportional to my body and less small anyway.


Oh. I just assumed it'd be the same length and girth either way. just how fat are you?

J_wish manipulation. But of course, you're too retarded to realize this.

FBI then, now I'm jewish is my best friend

Is this tumblr?

um no sweatie, turns out you are the retarded one.

How many Jews are capitalists, or in the upper-class of employers (non-wage labourers) as a proportion of their total US population?


How many capitalists are not jews? How will they act when we destroy the jew? Suddenly capitalism will lose all it's inefficiencies over night?

I am from Ireland, I don't give a fuck about your country. Most employers here are Gaels, I've never knowingly met a Jew in my life.

Fuck off.

No, it sounds like a tumblr post projecting many complexes.

How can so much be said without answering a simple question: How many Jews are capitalists, or in the upper-class of employers (non-wage labourers) as a proportion of their total US population?

The Jews are turning the frogs gay.

Ever had a girlfriend? Girlfriends are controlled by the Jew to crave orgasms.

Ok, let's figure out the math here, boi. If you have a gf and she won't suck your deek and if you complain about it are you "projecting many complexes?" How is it any different the other way around?

Literally no clue. Last I checked you don't need to pass a religion test in order to become porky. If you think there is such a test you're probably being manipulated for somebody else's agenda.

okay. Hyperbolizing opposing arguments are quite disingenuous, but effective at removing the goalposts of the discussion from the reasonable altogether.

Not what I am saying, and there is a difference between religious Jews and ethnic Jews.
I'm just asking who the 'porky' is as a percentage of the population, compared to other peoples. Many are 'Americans', many are Chinese. As a proportion of the global population, China is a huge chunk. Jews, on the other hand, are no more than 30 million, yet are quite present in the ranks of 'the porkies'. There's a reason anti-capitalism is often called anti-Semitism because of how it targets Jews.


But I don't complain as you think I do. I am saying that the representation in the OP sounds like a blogpost assuming way too many things and only raising questions of complexes that are being projected. As in, it assumes sexual anxiety and proceeds to psychoanalyze it.
When you say things like "commies have better sex", that's what I mean.


You're talking about genetics one moment and then nationalities the next. Sort your shit out m8. Of course nepotism is going to affect who gets into the upper class in America. The whole "American Dream" is about working your ass off so that your children never have to work a day in their life is it not?

I started with this simple question: "How many Jews are capitalists, or in the upper-class of employers (non-wage labourers) as a proportion of their total US population?"
Started from the get-go about ethnicity, not religion.



Two different points, but keep conflating them, it's funny to watch you scramble to make a point.

So can we conclude that hook-up culture is Bourgeois and gross, that we should make an effort to be monogamous and that being in a family is the best way to spend your middle aged years?

And as far as I know there is still no test for genetic background for getting into the ruling class. Except of course for those who inherited wealth in which case they need wealthy relatives. Let me know when the entire population has had their genetic makeup reported and we can clearly identify which person comes from which haplogroup. I've never had such a test done on me and so I know you don't have this data. Until you do then your "statistics" are merely propaganda trying to pass off as pseudoscience.

No, it's not a 'test', you can just observe it. Where do the Forbes billionaires come from, ethnically?
Self-reported ancestry, we know that Zuckerberg is Jewish by his own admission, for example.

stop derailing the thread with your tinfoil shit, please

do Holla Forumstards believe you have to look like that to get laid?

Literally who cares? If monogamy makes you happy, I'm happy for you. If others wanna spend a few years having sex with a lot of different people, and that makes them happy, then I'm happy for them too.

What "we"? Why do you want everyone to have the same lifestyle as you? People are different, you know. Let people figure this shit out themselves. Why do you care so much?

Thanks for being sex positive.

Holy shit, is this that red pill effect you guys are always talking about? Do people just look like numbers to you? Quick, come out of my screen so I can verify if you truly are The One.
Yeah and I'm primordial soupian, you'd be surprised what you can call yourself by cherry picking relatives according to different timescales. Reminder that sexual organisms reproduce in a way that produces an exponential function where you have 2^n relatives where n is the number of generations before you. 4 genetations ago you had 16 relatives to cherry pick ancestry from.

I often wonder how many men wonder what the female orgasm feels like.


around three hundred pounds, I'm planning on going to a boxing gym soon though, I still have trouble controlling my duet though

I wonder how close it is to a prostate orgasm.

I believe im you

The problem is that on an immediate basis, they will be statistically more likely to have STDs.
On a long-term basis promiscuous women (before marriage) are more likely to cheat

Society in general

I care about the society I live in, and I want the best neighbours possible.


people with social and sexual anxiety can be communists too

we just don't sperg out about it

I've had girls ask me what male orgasm feel like. I describe it to them and all they ever say is that it's "weird".

If people are practicing good habits the increase is negilgable. The only issue is with retarded abstinence only education and general public school incompetence.

I wonder
It's just so different from me it's hard not to be curious


Reminder that sex belongs to everyone not just the chads. Being a chad and boasting of your sexual performance is the same as being a capitalist and boasting of your networth.

And you base this off what?
Because at the very least the fertillity rates aren't on your side
Also hold up while I laugh at you


well this is not happening in my country, diagnoses of HIV have doubled in the past year, and doubled in the year former.

In my opinion, Free Love cannot exist simultaneously with a healthy society. These individuals need to pair-bond with an other in order to create healthy families and create healthy children.

What if I don't want kids? What if I'm gay?

something something drugs, something something goverment cutbacks, something something healthcare, something something sexed

Kys. Joking.
Gulag tho

Ah c'mon dude. I just wanna chill with my bf, not sleep around and get aids like the stereotypes.

sperm is in the bladder

Seriously has there been an increase of drug usage?

ok IMC got the burn off in that tho



I think the whole pair bonding thing is clumsy, but it's absolutely true if you marry a woman that dated much higher status males than you, the sex will absolutely dry up.
I don't think it's due to psychological damage, but deep superstructure conditioning that it's possible to gain upward mobility using their vagina and reinforced by sexual experience throughout her 20's.

Gotta go now. See ya, comrades.

Quit pretending this is just a right-wing problem. The American left is full of fucking bedroom police too. From the "looking at me is sexual harassment" tards to the "if a drunk guy and a drunk girl have sex, the guy is at fault" to the "stop looking at girls one day under 18 because they're hotter than me and I'm jealous - uh I mean because it's abusive pedo behavior" Reddit shit you can find even on this board, burgerclaps in general are fucked when it comes to sex.

ffs wanting to fuck girls younger than 18

is not ok you pedo scum

Wow, it is quite astonishing the level of sexual ignorance that exists in the age of the internet: I mean penetrating the womb? Lips mimicing lips?

Also question for femanons: nips, what's the deal?

Elaborate on the difference between a girl who is 17 years, 364 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds old and a girl who is 18 years old

lol burgers

Nice spooks nerd.

Burger detected.

Do whatever you want. Don't do filth in public tho (kiss,cuddle but no g strings and gigant penis parades)


You aware that is not even board owner right? It's a meme, and it was fun. Then you guys discovered it

Wait so I can kiss and hold hands in public? Won't that trigger a chain reaction of family destroying gayness if a child happens to see?

Tb we brits get pretty disgusted by straight people doing that so better not to in the UK.


I agree actually. I'm equally grossed out by PDA no matter who's doing it.

It is the board owner, you dumb fuck.

Ok, Proofs?
On here we used it as a joke

You both go back and fort about this and this is what it boils down to.
Leftpol cheats by sucking dick
Rightypol doesn't want to date leftypolesq "girls".

Y not?

I suppose we should just keep capitalism then since a lot of workers seem to be happy about being exploited.

So much misinformation these assholes buy into. Everything from pussy being tight = good (when in reality if the woman is enjoying herself it would be LOOSE) from the whole "stretched out vagina" thing.

How do these people function!?

Free love is the equivalent of free market bullshit. Anyone who thinks it's magically different because it's people and not products is an idiot. An open community of women =/= muh free love anything goes. In a world of billions of people every individual action should be responsible, and changing the mode of production to a social one will encourage this in culture.

What the fuck does that actually mean?

Excuse me, I think you confused free love with prostitution.

Nah, you're fine and I'm more than certain you know and understand healthy boundaries.

Without even going into the actual subject of this post, we need to do something about the fact that there are so many people on the left who say "THIS IS NOT OKAY BECAUSE I SAID SO!" and never bother to provide any facts to back it up. If we make a thread about how Holla Forums doesn't know the facts about sex and then have someone doing that, it makes us no better than Holla Forums. Then again, it only ever seems to be a problem with American leftists (and possibly UK, but they're like America's 51st state anyway).

I would fuck them while they would wear a burka. But that's nothing. Sure I would colonize negresses, cum into them and keep them in chains so they can give birth. But more than that I want to fuck the nigger/muslim/jew/gooks female with a lefty comrade (bonus points if he's a trap). We would fuck them, humiliate them and create a connection between us that would lead to a common revolution which would give us more power to do whatever we want to any female while the porkies/jews/niggermales/asiancucks/arabs watch us and cry because there's nothing they can do.


Why are you trying to change goal posts


Anti-Natalists make me itch

You can adopt

The studies I've seen denote sex as the major cause, not needles

Just saying. Interpret that how you want.

Damn dude how does state mandated adoption work?

would rather cant into sex than be a faggot

I thought you guys were okay with sucking the dick ever since ya boi Milo. Are we back to homosexuality being bad?

very badly because it's retarded

"Poorly." The word you meant to use was "poorly."

Wow didn't know we had both kinds of nazis on this board.

Anyone that touches nigger dick should be executed. Gay or not.








Oh god now what





You're adopting Trump's speaking mannerisms. I was merely trying to stop you.

Do try not to sound like a backwards retard. Use complete sentences.


How is this offensive or bad?

I am actually a different user who just saw a chance for a dumb joke. My bad.

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They have good reasons to be paranoid of the women.

STD, cheating and alimony.

Blowjob increase the chance of getting mouth cancer.

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I'll interpret it as displaced homoeroticism.

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Being this butblasted

It turns out women are much more likely to have sex with you when you don't subscribe to an infantile ideology that assumes they're stunted half-people because they don't have a penis.

For some reason Holla Forumscucks do not find this an intuitive conclusion.

No user, this thread is leftist as fuck.


Is there something wrong with me if I find sex with a pregnant woman is disturbing? My dick is too damn close to that baby.

Are you even aware at how bad things actually are? America is STILL recovering from it's Puritan phase. Honestly, it might as well just be still active nowadays with the sex theme. You can show some dude getting decapitated in movies and no one flinches yet everyone freaks the fuck out when there's even so much as a romantic/passionate interaction of characters while naked.

At this rate it's basically a conditioned response.

None of this means that Ashkenazi Jews don't real.

Two different points, but keep conflating them, it's funny to watch you scramble to make a point.

I've seen that rape image before but knowing Holla Forumscucks will lie about or straight make up shit to appear factual I thought I'd look up "Vertebrate Endocrinology." Apparently it's a graduate-student level text book. I haven't looked for that specific text yet, but I did stumble across this little gem:


>In rodents, estrogens (which square measure regionally aromatized from androgens within the brain) play a crucial role in representation differentiation, let's say, by masculinizing territorial behavior an equivalent isn't true in humans. In humans, the masculinizing effects of antepartum androgens on behavior (and different tissues, with the potential exception of effects on bone) seem to act solely through the steroid hormone receptor. Consequently, the utility of placental mammal models for finding out human representation differentiation has been questioned.
lol 4 singhlish

I also came across this, which seems to be studying this question specifically

Also this:
The article seems to confirm that rape directly correlates to increased chances of pregnancy, but

Is just a single example of some of the speculation-presented-as-fact going on in the article. There seem to be a lot of assertions there, but few hard facts.

That article also sites people criticized in the last part of

What I take away from all of this is that, as usual, the truth is much more complex than Holla Forumscuck jpgs would lead one to believe. There are innumerable factors at play, from what "rape" is defined as to what in fact is being reported to surveys by those claiming to be raped. While LH surges can induce ovulation, that seems to be true only under a narrow range of circumstances, and despite that, the sudden surges of adrenaline have an antagonizing effect on successful implantation even if a successful fertilization occurred. This is also further muddied by the statistical comparison between the likelihood of fertilization between all fertile women of childbearing age and specifically the under-25 demographic which makes up the majority of rape cases. I would be willing to bet that, all else being equal, consensual sex and rape are equally as productive whether the female is 16 or 36. The significant factor isn't the manner in which the semen is introduced, but rather the circumstances regarding the one that receives it, so to speak.

And that's not even to mention all the other retarded bullshit wrong with what that image asserts.

I kind of hope you're right about all this retarded genetics stuff you dumb Holla Forumscucks babble so that one day science can target you based on whatever constellation of genes makes you so fucking stupid and chemically castrate you so humanity will no longer have to worry about your inferior reasoning skills negatively effecting the rest of humanity.

goddamn after all that, that got me

I am, Lysenkoism was already debunked and genetic denialism is retarded. Genetic determinism, like environmental determinism, is just as stupid.

Old meme is old

1st pic Is just a little bit more proof of r/incels white Islamist agenda

hey good luck on not being fucking retarded my dude just remember it's because of the jews you're not a winner and not because of your obviously defective genes

thanks to the user who posted all those images, gave me a good laugh


My leftist classmate tell me things like “if you don’t drink or go to parties, you’ll stay a virgin forever”. If I have to stay a virgin forever than I prefer that to a life of degeneraçy.

COUNTRY, TRADITION, and HERITAGE is life is about.

The absolute state of polyps!

You fantasized about giving aftercare. That's the opposite of being a reactionary.

This is why homeschooling should be made illegal.



What did he mean by this?


Dialectic sexual climax materialisme with dick characteristics

Good argument, communism and being a whore go hand in hand.

You have to be next level autism to take such a non-substantiated moral from this thread, tbh.

True communism is about abolishing the free sex market. We can't allow the bourgeois to take all the sex.

You are a complete idiot, sadly. You think that after abolishing capitalist relations in production you'd automatically be assigned a gf. The truth couldn't be further from that. The revolution gives everyone who vows fidelity to it a kind of opportunity to recalculate himself as a subject. There are no guarantees here. If you wished for a qt whale before the revolution, or a gf, or an xbox 1, you won't receive it. However, a chance opens up for you.


What would you say about the ones who claim to have femdom fetishes?

Nothing wrong with that

Agreed. People should be forced to go to church.

this is the saddest thread ever
the minds of these people…

Thanks for putting in the legwork.

No prob my dude. Hopefully it doesn't go to waste.


Who really is the more spooked individual in this interaction?

Why do these people have such bad taste in pornographic material?


yeah ok, lets all hate your mommy and daddy for raising you in a competent,nuclear household

Christ, how spooked can you be? STDs have been a problem long before the sexual revolution. If anything, the sexual revolution and the growth in safe sex practices are going to help lower STD rates over time.

When did I say they weren't? After the birth of the Sexual Revolution, diagnoses of STDs skyrocketed. Even today, you have increases in rates of some STDs.

The spread of these diseases is one of the key reasons why Free Love should be relegated to the dustbin of history.