Anarchism's foregrounding of individual freedoms made for a natural marriage with homosexuality in the eyes of many...


Considering that at that time anarchists were almost the only group that accepted gay people and didn't want to put them in jail or graves, is it really so strange that they would flock to them?

Maybe you should try looking at those material and social relation that you talk so much instead of vomiting pure ideology everywhere.

based anarchists


How is this a bad thing? Are you one of those "homosexuality is bourgeois decadence" tankfags?

How is homosexuality a good thing?

Anarchist IdPol was always a little weird. They were always big on homosexuals but really didn't like Jews.

It's not a "good" or "bad" thing. It's nothing but a sexual orientation.

I don't see how that's weird at all.
Homophobia is a Jewish thing, and to them Jews were evil bankers.

It's neither helpful nor harmful (unless you include adoption which makes it helpful). They aren't going to fuck either way, and we're already growing way too much.

So this the strength of Holla Forums-style anti-idpol…?

It has a net negative affect on society if people are incapable of forming sexual relations with females

Why? And do incels also count?

Aren't we already overpopulated enough? As stated before they aren't gonna make babies anymore, at the very least they're adopting kids.

if everyone was guy society would be objectively worse
I don't think "gays get gulags!" Or anything but I don't think it makes sense to cheer on gay people. Should we promote the crippled and diseased too?

It's actually a good thing. Stop reproducing.

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The problem is with a demographic shift like this is that the younger population needs to work longer and harder to produce the surplus needed to redistribute to the elderly.

It's also no surprise that most socialist countries took a stance against homosexuality after devastating wars where the male population was culled, but in general, socialist states have been way more progressive regarding rights of gay people than capitalist states. The GDR for legalized homosexuality in the 60s, while West Germany legalized it in 1994. That's right: The German reunification actually made East German gay couples illegal for a while.

Also let me add that the former isn't really a problem anymore since we know have surrogate mothers and semen banks, which obviously didn't exist last century. It's still not perfect I guess, but oh well.

you realize that being gay doesn't just affect the population by quantity right?

I thought (West) Germany only legalized it recently, or did they re outlaw it at some point

Kids should be raised communally anyway.

remember kids: sex with the same gender is a gateway drug to dying of AIDS

They legalized gay marriage this year. Homosexuality in general was outlawed till 1994. You could still have civil unions before 2017, but before 1994, the police could raid you while having sex with your partner.

Hypersexualism and idpol are Porky's 5th column against resistance and revolutionary movements. While it is a good thing that people aren't killed or institutionalized for homosexuality, no one should be whinging about sexual-identity bourgeois rights or trying to impose a model of sex-positivity on all society. Sex-positivity is the worst thing that has happened to anti-capitalism. I would have hoped people saw how drugs and sex were used in the 60s to derail and distract, but dumbasses never learn.

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Yes. By both men and women.

I'll also add they should be raised by people in their own family.
Being raised like a Clone in Star Wars isn't communism.

Anarchism is literally faggotry

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also it has a positive effect

the opportunity cost of the time, effort and ethanol that men waste pursuing sexual relations (of any kind, but most often) with females is physically painful

sexual relations are what keeps society together and functioning. if there is no motivation at all to do otherwise, men and women would be at each other's throats, kids would be raised by more single moms, and civilization and maybe even our species would collapse.

in a society with sexual relations, dogs have sex with cats and you wind up with catdogs.

until you tell me how a catdog goes to the bathroom i don't want to hear any more of this weird sex idea.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

It looks like something that fell out of a sharks mouth.

Dunno, I'd say they're more aesthetically pleasing than vaginas, but I don't feel any sexual enticement from looking at them. Vaginas, ugly and unnecessarily complicated as they are, actually are, let's say, inviting (perhaps simply because of their concave shape?).

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does this mean you're a net negative affect on society?

What was Spanish Revolution anarchists take on homosexuals?

We should respect and make things better for them. Also, homosex is not crippled or diseased.

Not true, Masonic lodges admitted homosexuals. The lodges eventually became a place to plan revolution as well as rendezvous points for homosexuals to cheat on their wives. Freemasons were regularly blamed for enabling revolutions.