Why are communists to hostile to family values? For example...

Why are communists to hostile to family values? For example, it's an objective fact that women are generally better at raising children than men, and also tend to enjoy being around children far more than men do. Therefore, it is perfectly natural that women should first and foremost concern themselves with the raising of children.

The same applies to women as homemakers, in the sense that women much prefer to tidy and keep the home in good order while the husband goes out and earns money for the family. This dynamic will still exist under communism because men and women enjoy fundamentally different things, and seek fulfilment in different waysz


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Because communists are jewish Satanists that want the entirety of the white race to become transgenders


Source? Name one socialist country that was hostile to family values, one.
Hippy lifestylist anarco liberal clintonite are not to be taken serious.

Anarchist utopians are not communists.

The Capital from Marx

Sorry, not the capital but the comunist manifesto

It isn't that family values are bad, it's that it's you. This is a power fantasy for nobody, but you. Nobody will ever love you, and it's fine to accept that you are not wanted in the world you seek to shape.

The problem, isn't everyone else. The problem is you.


White "family values" produce such bright white minds of the modern age like Anglin and WifeWithAPurpose anyways.

You say that like it's a bad thing. Be more like John Waters.

Communism is pro-family, we value the family and community and would like to see it restored instead if being reduced to property arrangements or atomized further by capitalism. Your twisted version of family values is in fact anti-family and would see more alienated faggots like the maga chuds crying about no virgin aryan waifu.


First, the modern idea of the "nuclear family" where young adults graduate then get punted out of the house and buy their own is only a recent, consumerist invention. Most leftists have nothing against the idea of the family per se, just the nuclear family, which is a highly alienating and wasteful idea. It's highly understandable if you don't like your grandparents under the current order, but it's highly probable that a large part of the reason why older folks are so unpleasant to be around stems from consumerist society to begin with.

Second, we don't really have anything against traditional families; what we are against, however, is working any sort of preferred order for human behavior into the fabric of society. If a family wants to diverge from the male breadwinner female homemaker model there's really nothing wrong with it, but in past hierarchical societies it was enforced and you would be materially harmed if you went against it. Thus, you'd suppress your urges and it would lead to an overall dysfunctional, as well as unfree, society.

Unironically don't know what you're trying to say.

I don’t know why. It’s pretty much entirely ancoms who are hostile to it, and they’re the most SJW heavy tendency on left.

Personally, we should see fit to have China-esque 3 or less child rule laws. Or only child laws. If you really want the state and economics involved in our daily lives sometimes you have to take sacrifices and ultimately, that would be a temporary re shift of human population boundaries in an climactic age.

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It's not that people in "The Left" hate family values as much as
1) You don't know that cultures have different sets of family values
2) "Family values" are obsolete and need to be rethought of, you can't just pop children out anymore for your own selfish reasons
3) Nobody fucking likes you anyways and the odds of you actually finding anyone who can tolerate you based on OP alone are statistically slim.

The far right are a bunch of disturbing Moron types who want to have as many white children no matter the social ill or cost for their own project hiding under the guise of free speech and expression.

*Mormon types

Same thing.


True. Nuclear families are a uniquely western European custom. The rest of the world lives like subhumans in extended families.

There is no social ill to having more white children. The social ill is more non white children because non whites are subhuman ape people who belong in the jungle and not here. Eek eek.

No true at all. If anything they're Mediterranean They were just adopted into Europe like everything else you take credit for.

It's funny that you're calling everyone around you subhuman. Have you ever thought the problem might be you, and not everyone else?

You misread my comment.

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No, nuclear families originate in Western Europe, not the Mediterranean. And no, non whites are subhuman, not whites. Non whites need white people but white people do not need non-whites. Be gone ape person. Go live with your subhuman extended family structure in the jungle.

That's only if you count maoists seperately.

The lunatic right: Let's produce children for political purposes we cannot raise correctly in an age where they have no future and will probably disagree with us. At child #8 child protective services will probably get involved when you need to crowd fund their needs.

The left: How about less kids


If anyone is subhuman here it is you. You are acting like humanity is a termite hive.

Marriage originated in the Mediterranean what in the fuck kind of community college class did you take on history. Or did you drop out of high school like Anglin.

You're giving me an example of yourself that suggests otherwise.

I'll take your criticism seriously when you tell subhuman Muslims and Hispanics and apefricans to have less children, until then we need to incubate as many soldiers for the reconquista as possible.

I'm not talking about marriage you idiot I'm talking about nuclear families you dumb subhuman ape.

They aren't having them for purposes political, and do not beg on Patreon for a project to make women incubators.

That is you. I'll take you seriously when you actually show the qualifications of being a parent.


Marriage isn't part of the nuclear family? Interesting. Because I'm saying both originated in the Mediterranean and you are basically not even educated on a high school, no, junior high level about history.

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were do i imply that, moron?

So as long as they shit out 9 kids using welfare paid for whites it's okay, as long as it's non politicall? lol!

Every facet of life is political and Mohammed having five kids will impact me politically regardless if it's political in intention or not(protip it is)

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I'd rather be a house husband tbh.

and what I mean by this is that some jobs take muscle mass and strenght and thus men on average are better at them than women but should a woman be willing and able there is no need to discriminate



Marriage existed prior to the nuclear family. Simply having the cultural practice of marriage does not imply that a culture's family structure is nuclear.

The nuclear family originates in western europe you dumb jungle person. Eek eek monkey want a Nana?


In what universe are people having 9 kids and you do know that most white majority sates are literal leaches that take more federal aid that they give back in taxes…….right?

Yes. Because a family requires you to actually be strict and care for your children, and given your life on the internet I find your qualifications to be a father negligable.

IE No one will ever love you and see purpose in you, so your fantasy about anything other than being a sperm donor are moot.

Having children to the point you need to beg for money on the internet, when you can't pump out more, for the purposes of politics and not investment, is dooming these children.

You would be an incompetent parent and it's so hilarious he stand as the defender of nuclear family rights when time and again you prove you don't know what it takes to raise a family. You think it's fine to just have children for political purposes and think nothing beyond that. It's insane.

That's the family that Marx is discussing. Obviously people will continue to have children and raise them. The form that family structure takes is highly dependent on the material conditions present within that society so as capitalism gives way to communism the family structure you experienced will change according to the new material base of society.

The universe in which illegals have children so they can get access to welfare and be harder to deport

We don't tho. You misinterpreted the quote. It was about nuclear vs traditional family. I personally don't agree

The concept that narrowly defines a nuclear family is; central to stability in modern society that has been promoted by familialists who are social conservatives in the United States, and has been challenged as historically and sociologically inadequate to describe the complexity of actual family relations

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Also where the fuck is written on the manifesto?
I was unironically 13 when I read it last time

For what it's worth, if you took out all of the parasitic industries like financial services and advertising I'd say it's pretty likely that every US state is within the red. Neoliberalism turns 1st world countries in general into parasites. Moreover, if the economy was managed sensibly and the resources of "white-majority states" were actually put to use, I'd say they would have a greater chance at being productive than the coastal states would.

The nuclear family originates in western Europe thanks basic knowledge you are a dumb subhuman ape.

I'm Latino and that shit has only ever occurred in Latin America during my parents generation before they came here.

Look up WifeWIthAPurpose. She literally already has 6 kids for the only reason the nazi in this thread wants, and has no future for these children she's expecting beyond patreon donations. She doesn't have the resources for a family and yet creates one simply to be a termite queen for children she cannot properly raise or care for. It's absolutely sick

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Good luck with child protective services lol.

The term nuclear family first appeared in the early twentieth century. It didn't even originate anywhere in particular besides Capitalism to sell for property owners.

The concept of marriage existed in the Mediterranean before it was adopted elsewhere.

The left doesn't say that tho.
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You're defeating your own argument that this is necessary and supporting my own that population quotas are necessary, and that includes white families

The nuclear family has origins in the 17th century as a uniquely western European cultural practice. We are talking about the nuclear family not marriage in general. You're a dumb jungle subhuman ape that only knows how to shift goal posts. Go eat a cat you dumb jungle subhuman ape.

In comparison to people like WifeWithAPurpose? Absolutely not

With the emergence of proto-industrialization and early capitalism, the nuclear family became a financially viable social unit

Population quotas : non whites == zero
Whites == as many as they wish

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People here have an abysmal knowledge of pre industrial revolution families. Europe was full of different family models including yes the nuclear family, it was typical of northen french, netherlands and german countries. In this model the son leaves the house to start family somewhere else. In other places of europe it was typical that the wife went to live with the family of the husband. But these are only two models. For example in northen italy there were huge families with a sort of "boss" that had authority. Also these models changed through time. Post black plague france had seen families grow (more land→people group together to work better) but this model went into crisis with the pulverization of peasant property. When looking at family models usually the 2 important things are 1 how the heritage is divided: if every son takes a piece it will usually lead to nuclear family while if the firstborn takes everything it will usually lead into extended 2 how much land a family has. Also there is to remember that nuclear family of pre modern europe was really not the same of what we see today, you rarely isolated yourself and usually lived in the village or whatever

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In fact, Merriam-Webster dates the term "Nuclear Family" back to only 1947

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But the concept itself has no prior dating as you consider it beyond, I'll be generous, the late 19th century.

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No. It really doesn't. It needs quality discussion as opposed to the uninformed histrionic ramblings of a smug college kid.

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In England. But it was fundamentally different to what you consider it. If we're to go back to basics, it originated far before that

You live in California?

This argument isn't about Vietnam. It's about how you will fail to raise a family before your children are taken away from you by child protective services because you're mentally insufficient to raise a family.

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So sayeth Encyclopedia Brittanica

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