The Turner Diaries

I Personally think that everyone whose a leftist should read this book for three reasons
It will allow you to see the world through of the eyes of a Holla Forumsflake and see just how fucked their view on the world is because of their ideology
It shows just how fucking delusional Holla Forumss delusions of grandeur actually are
Its scenario proposed to the one reading it is so fucking stupid that it becomes hilarious to read
I personally burst out laughing multiple times because of the Stupidity of it

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Holy shit I just read the summary on wikipedia
Every fucking time

He also has a Nuke attacked to it and completely annihilates DC
And the Holla Forumsfags in the book Detonate Nukes in the US
Makes one think

If only. Holla Forums nowadays is thoroughly liberal outside a few culture war issues.

There's an audiobook of it on read by the author for those who are actually considering looking into the book.

The Turner Diaries is why I support free speech; it shows exactly how delusional far right wingers are, it's also an interesting read and a disturbing glimpse into the mind of a far right-winger

how did he become such an absolute madman

He went apeshit and began using his physics background to begin peddling Esoteric Neo-Nazi pseudoscience Volkish Larp bullshit

I kinda alreasdy understand the pol viewpoint considering I was a bit of a poltard as a teenager and stay up on some polyp twitter accounts which are already very stupid

Stem guys have a long history of doing crazy shit as they get older, doesn't matter the ideology or the motive. After so many years of working in fields concerned about only maths and science no wonder your position when it comes to society can be fucked up


I read it when I was around 16 we all had an edgy 2000s emo phase right?, RIGHT?

I would recommend also listing to this altright guy who reads the full book of hunter by the same guy. he trys to connect sjws, blm and the migrants to the things in the book.

I concur, recommended reading.

If you knew about him he had his crazy ideas before doing stem stuff and he precisely chose pure mathematics because he hated stem shit and wanted to do something useless

He went crazy because he was involved with the CIAs MKUltra program. Not because he was in STEM sheesh.

I've always found the Turner Diaries to be unbelievably bonkers and assumed even Aryan Brotherhood-style neo-Nazis weren't as delusional as the writer. It makes Mein Kampf sound like a treatise in the sociology of knowledge.

He wasn't crazy. Just woke as fuck

is that a girl (female)?

Read a summary of the book's plot a few days ago, they literally destroy asia and africa with nukes so only the white race is left. These people are fucking demented.

The connection with radical Islam isn't even vague with some of them: see "common filth" and his praising of "based" Muslim terrorists.

I'm vaguely surprised I haven't seen an alternate history map either wanking to or mocking the shit out of this

Ted Kaczynski was perfectly sane. The only thing that seperates you from him is that he actually had the brains to get away with what he was doing and could cover up the evidence.

I'm told this is much funnier.

The experiment he was involved with doesn’t explain why he went batshit unless you assume he was already mentally off before it.

MKUltra was literally attempting to control peoples minds with LSD and other methods. Many patients and scientists went crazy or had serious mental health issues afterwards.
MKUltra is only accepted now because some records of it were accidentally leaked, before that people that claimed the government was beaming voices into their head were just considered crazy.

It's actually a well written book and no where near as paranoid as the turner diaries. Nothing funny about it

sasuga Holla Forums

Pick one.

Also, a vital monarchist state would have put the nazis against the wall and made the socialists watch. Then they could organize themselves in gulds, as long as they accept the monarch. Also this:

And this:


Franco was supported by Monarchists.

Franco wasn't a fascist, he was a conservative.


He wasn't. He was a conservative Catholic monarchist. Just because a right-wing dictator is particularly brutal doesn't mean he's a fascist.

One article I read mentioned hordes of Indians, one of the most prudish people today, having orgies. "Everywhere, rivers of sperm. Streaming over bodies, oozing between breasts, and buttocks, and thighs, and lips, and fingers." And there's even an author's Gary Stu as a gun-toting bad-ass who murders shitskins and hippies. Amazingly, it used "cuckold" to describe the white people who help the third worlds, decades ahead of Holla Forums. Seems like perfect comedy material to me.

He wasn't even a monarchist bruv, he brought them up to appease the reactionaries.
Viper u so stupid.

Have you ever bothered to read about the exact experiment he was involved with?

These were business cartels not worker unions.

The Austrian fascists were Catholics too, as were the Integralists, what made you think Fascism is secular? Mussolini was literally made Duce by the Monarchy.
What differentiates Fascism from Pinochet-style regular Right-Wing dictatorship is mainly Class Collaboration and Social/Cultural policy.

she looks disgusting

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Not a bad cosplay of Seras Victoria, though.

Few bona fide corrections on the Alt-Right side:

Alt-Right will in the future (and generally does already) reject the message of the New Testament as well as being almost even greater corruption for the European soul than the old testament (which never had much relevance anyway). So you might as well equate the two.

In the future, and you can already now, see a great deal of sympathy for the Syrians in general so the "help" part is already sort-of incorrect.

Capital T, and that changes the context a lot in regards to origin referred tradition. The point in itself is not wrong, but you could end up in the misconception that Alt-Right (as liberals often think) is "more conservative than conservatives" or "more Christians than Westboro Baptist Church" or something to that extent.

TTD is a great book every revolutionary should read. They don't call Pierce a Lenin of White Supremacy (or whatever the phrase is) for nothing.

It may sound delusional but is truly the ethno-supremacy and dawrinian Aryanism (and it's mindset) taken to it's logical conclusion, where everything is subjected to the in-group. But in it's madness it does carry something implicitly white. While some other races might, in fully conscious attempt for total supremacy, take a more subversive approach, what Pierce describes is brutally honest, white approach.

And while the approach to this logical conclusion (the struggle, total commitment to hierarchy and warfare) is very white, I do not think that the conclusion itself is white. Whites did in the past in some cases exterminate other peoples, but that was not the general rule to their conquest, as they generally adopted iron-fist, yet paternalistic attitude towards their subjects.

This is (while completely disregarding context of the cold war the book was written in) the best critique of the book. Even Pierce himself realized the possibility that the situation so bad that people would start reacting by themselves would never arrive. He was imagining the techniques of Bolsheviks being imported to the USA. His latter book "The Hunter" is actually dealing with the situation of liberal capitalism.

The ironic thing is that the situation from the latter book could truly come to being even several decades ago if there was a single man as willing and capable as the one he describes in the book. He would do his thing and "The System" would do the rest, eventually spiraling into total warfare.

That is, in my view, the biggest failure of Pierce (to this day). He was romanticizing whites so much he believed that someone would actually take on the job he describes in his books. On the contrary, whites (and other races) are so docile and comfortable that even with total conviction in Pierce's beliefs there was not ONE man capable, willing and brave enough to carry out the deed.

In the case of TTD this meme is actually quite true
Near the end of the book when the "White revolutionaries" nuke Israel Pierce makes sure to point out how the BASED MUSLIMS swarmed in and completed the genocide

Itbah al Yahud! Race Jihad Now!

I regret reading that. Both because it wasted my time and because the level of idiocy and ignorance made me really annoyed. Holla Forums is the Dunning-Kruger effect taken to the extreme, where a huge geopolitical war is reduced to "lol vague ad hoc races fighting each other"

Top kek as they say my duderino

That sounds like some world war in the future of Gattaca.

Wouldn't the radiation from those nukes kill anyone left? That's kind of a plothole.

Modern nuclear weapons, assuming that they aren't salted to explicitly make them produce more radiation, are relatively clean in comparison to the two dropped on Japan. Nuclear winter is disputed by multiple figures, and certain hypothesis have many inconsistencies. It is also now known that cooling from a nuclear war, whilst definitely a thing with potential to happen, would not be as catastrophic as originally thought, and would be entirely survivable.

It wouldn't kill everyone left, but it would certainly cause irreparable damage to Asia and change the world forever. I doubt the writers were making an educated guess on the basis of their knowledge of nuclear weapons, though.

I'm listening to it on youtube right now. I'm about halfway through it. Not going to lie it's really entertaining. It's pure masturbation and nothing else. It's pretty funny at times too.

Some things to note
-William Pierce (the author) seems to be convinced that a small group of people (around 2000) is capable of not only taking down a government but butchering a large percentage of the majority of the population (not only minorities themselves but 'race traitors')

-race is basically a form of plot armor for him. Being white in itself is an indicator of skill, strength and resilience.

-Listening to William Pierce talk about sex is fucking hilarious.

-I actually think it does provide a decent cautionary tale against disarmament of the public though. If the public is disarmed a small group of people with a cache of weapons can cause a lot of problems. IIRC in Sweden there have already been people prosecuted for using pepper spray. A disarmed, soft populace + a population of migrants, even a small percentage of which are violent rapists could be a very fertile breeding ground for white nationalist violence.

What is the Turner Diaries of the left?

There was some tumblr fanfiction I read about some SJW abducting a "white male gamergater" and cutting his throat while playing "total eclipse of the heart", that came pretty close.

There was also that book about fat feminists killing men and supermodels who promoted body image stuff. I forget what it was called but it was promoted by a bunch of tards in the media.

Still haven't run into anything as ridiculous and masturbatory as this

He said left not liberals

Play Metal Gear Solid 2

It is actually, a horribly written book.

Probably some shitty larp crap ADF wrote.

I guess you can tell the kind of sex lives these people have because sperm certainly isn't runny within 10 seconds of exiting the body. It'd be more like sticky gelatinous masses of sperm stuck to everyone's skin.

SJWs are not liberals.

How so?

Just read anything by the posadists and your pretty much set

Dr. Pierce was shit writer tbh
This is a much better book.

Common filth isnt alt right and regularly BTFOS alt right faggots

Don't ever stain the great Lenin's name like that ever again, you pissant homosexual.

Fuck lenin

Even more pathetic than I thought. The book is awful in any possible way and simply does not reflect on Bolshevik tactics, or any real tactics at all. It’s just a comical power fantsasy.

Both are trash.


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