When you're a boy you can wear a uniform

What’s up with American right-wingers and self-help/self-improvement?

I think one of the main thing that attracts people to the alt-right, the manosphere crowd or conservative thinking more generally is the talk about how good it is to have your shit together, a sense of direction and not to be a slacker who blame his shortcomings on external causes and so on.

You can call the people who fall into this losers who can’t do their own shit all you want, there is a need for this. Is the left doomed to let these people go to find right-wing surrogate fathers?

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Which is why they blame all their problems on da joos, Muslims, and black people.

I wasn't thinking about this. More like: if you have a shit life, it's entirely your fault, you have to work harder, go to gym, stop masturbating, etc.

Right-wing ideology is simple to grasp, reassuring, plays to their ingrained prejudices and actually provides the ultimate promise of reintegration into the majority after the national restoration.
Left-wing ideology is full of theory, anxiety-riddled and depressing, requires the merciless critique of all aspects of society and warns that we will have to throw away all safety blankets we hold onto to participate in the coming insurrection.

This is just a rough outline and probably wishful thinking but I'm pretty sure this is why.

Well what can we do about this? It seems impossible to reinvent our image.



Actually, it doesn't relate directly to politics and personally I don't know how much of it is inherently right-wing.
If you listen to internet's favourite writers/vloggers, you'll notice that often they talk about politics and on the top of it discuss personal ethics (or the other way around).


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How can you suck cock of great leader if hitler told you you can't put meat in your mouth? Come on faggot right wing is literally the most sissy ass shit feminine loser weak coward ideology, the more right wing a person is the more it's obvious it can't speak for himself and has to resort to muh strong men (n-n-o homo!! The bog haha!!)


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No, I meant this is what these people are trying to make their followers believe.

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Most American right wingers are manlets who blame their shit on other people tho: like Charlie "I founded a pressure group because blacks stop me getting into uni" Kirk. I wa in the same position as him, I didn't get an offer from a uni due to localist quotas: you know what I did? Founded a pressure group against the SNP and Holyrood. Oh no wait, I got sad for a bit, grew a pair and moved on with my life.

I keep saying rightwing is a pathology, and uniforms represent, obviously, homogeneity and unity, playing up to that reptilian side of the brain that can't advance past an Us Vs Them worldview. In addition, clothing has, since it's invention, been reserved for specific castes, classes, professions etc., as it's the most basic way to outwardly manifest a hierarchy. nedless to say, rightwingers are obsessed with hierarchies and vertical relations of power.

Oh yeah, there's this too. Reinforcing the group identity of Us make them feel empowered and satisfies a basic need for community that they never managed to fulfill, whether due to personal failings or to a decay of any local communities.

Once I found this quote from Hunter Thompson who was basically saying that when the average leftist rolled his first joint in the morning, the men he will have to fight if he is serious about his beliefs already runned 15 miles and trained for 3 hours with guns.
If someone has the actual quote, please post it.

He was talking about people in the army, but I know that pumping iron, learning to fight and to shoot and similar activities are really popular among wannabe fascists and one could even think that it is the main the appeal of joining a far right circle.
I don't think these activities are inherently right-wing, so why isn't it more popular among left-wingers?


So if you consume 4000+ calories of hydrocarbons every day you being an obese pig is someones else's fault than your own? I wonder what Stirner would think of that.

If you live in America or countries with a similar system, it's not necessarily your fault if you're overweight. The government let the food industry do whatever they want with what they sell.
Not everybody are cynical bastards like us. Most people are naive and uninformed, they'll just trust the stores, buy what they like without thinking one second that habits like drinking soda regurlarly or eating processed foods are insane.

But in a way, you are right, some people are really self-indulgent and harshly pointing that out seems to be a right-wing thing.

Everyone should wear uniforms because "fashion" just retarded consumerism and marketing. When you wear "fashionable" shit the bourgies win.

Have you seen the modern left?

There needs to be more emphasis on these things on the left, having your shit together and not embracing victimhood etc. The thing is that these things are necessary but not sufficient. Self-reliance is a good start but the necessity of social solutions to social problems is unavoidable. In order to cut out the appeal for right-wing ideology we need to appropriate these elements and go beyond them.

The left absolutely needs to have these activities. Otherwise the right-wing will have a monopoly on "masculinity" (or what is deemed as such).

Uniforms have been prevalent on the left as well. Isn't unity a leftist value in the form of solidarity? People like ritual mass activities where they can lose themselves in something greater. There needs to be a balance between that and the opportunity to be individualistic. The drive towards homogeneity, unity, and community is not reptilian, it is human and you see it in all cultures. I would venture that even hierarchy is something we crave on some level. Leftists would do well to integrate this into their theory and praxis.

It is true that leftist theory is anxiety and depression inducing in that it requires merciless critique of all society. But often it performs this critique on the basis of a desire for comfort and safety (e.g. healthcare for all). So in that sense it is leftist ideology which is easy to grasp, reassuring, and plays into ingrained prejudices. Right-wing ideology tends to be as well, obviously. But in some sense right-wing critique may challenge the safety blankets that leftists cling to.

That too easily slips into apologizing for people's self-indulgence. Any kind of pointing out that overweight people should take more responsibility for their health would get you crucified in most leftist circles. This is fuel for the right. We need to find a balance between encouraging self-reliance and health and making it all an individual problem because obviously there are social problems that contribute to obesity.

Surprisingly spot-on. There need to be more /lefty/ fitness and gun clubs