So why exactly is Trotskyism a bad word, leading to people calling themselves Leninist instead?

So why exactly is Trotskyism a bad word, leading to people calling themselves Leninist instead?
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Trotskyism is a bad word because everyone who isn't a trotskyist hates him. Everyone hates him because he got in the way of a lot of things and fucked shit up. Nobody holds him in high regard and Lenin is a lot more liked.

because trotskyism is associated with trotskyist organisations and organisational models and strategies
leninism is associated with the political theories of Lenin

I'm not a trotskyist and I don't hate Trotsky

Why should you care if they think Trotsky is bad? The arguments of anti trotskyists are still some of the most retarded ever, just ignore those fuckfaces

Humanism is a disease.

Sage negated because I'm wondering what you mean by that. I'm curious.

Because Trotsky was just as ambitious, totalitarian and brutal as Stalin, just more sophisticated. There is a reason why the entire generation of neocons in america are former "Red Army should conquer the entire globe" trots.

Communism is based in Humanism so you do the math

What's wrong with that?

they are so revisionist that they became eurocomunist.

Yeah and?


same reason stalinists call themselves marxist-leninists


Imperialism is the export of capital. Nothing to do with a revolutionary war between the dictatorship of the proletariat and bourgeois states.

This. Fascism: What it is and How to Fight it is a pretty good read.


Now we know what Soviet internet bots would have sounded like if they didn't collapse and if they never de-Stalinized

Well the thing is although he did some bad things, before 1917 and specialy after 1926 (like metting whith Italian officials while Gramsci was dying at a jail, or speaking about a possible Nazi "liberation " of Ukraine, and in general trying to plot against the Soviet goverment, as he felt he deserved to be in power ) Trotsky was not that bad, in my opinion , some of his writings are nice , and he was a great general and revolutionary.
But the probem is the fucking trotskytes, I've encountered with the some times, and seriousely I think they are all COINTELPRO, always attcking every attemp to organize the people, or dismising anyone as a Stalinist if they start achieving anything, menwhile supporting imperialism everywere(like the fucking FSA in Syria), and allying with reactionary groups, or the state to sabotaje non-Trotkist movements.
Trotsky will probably uphold Stalin if he had known what his followers would become

This has been said about every major ideology here.
and so on and so on. Why don't actually the theory and history of Trotskyism(or whatever ideology you want) instead of getting if from the bitter, dishonest, and cynical user base of Holla Forums?

This did not happen. I hate yet to see a source on this.

The source is literally Soviet show trials, Bukharin "confessed" to this plot after some torture and Holla Forums happens to have people autistic enough to believe it.

If I recall correctly like 3/4 of the mods on /r/socialism are Trotskyists. For some reason that dude attracts nutjobs.