Tabletop game Cards Against Humanity company buys up some land on the US border

Private property working as intended.
Do we support the peaceful protest against the government via allowed legal means, or do we support the government expropriating all the land, because private persons are sabotaging the community elected officials?

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Nuke America

This is good
The Sooner the US falls because of a bunch of Mexicans blacks and Holla Forumsflakes bitching about "Muh race and Coltcha" The better


Muh private property, you filthy fucking commie.

Why spend $15 on that tabletop game when you could spend $24.76 on TRIGGERED!, the game where factual correctness TRUMPs political correctness.

Just a little bit more proof that SJWism and Anti-SJWism are just as cringe as each other a lot of the time

SJWism and Anti-SJWism are both cringy a lot of the time, but Ignore-SJWism is plain impotent all the time.
Identity politics is winning right now, you have to do IDpol to get support.

Fuck is this shit?


Just a friendly game that you can play with the family where you have to get the SJW at the end triggered. Sounds like fun right?

also in how they're both like shooting fish in a barrels for talentless hacks to sell politicized consumerism or get funded on patreon

holy shit 4chan is full of normalfags. This causes physical pain.


Now this is basically a /trash/ thread, anyone else have L'Internationale as their alarm? Try it.

this is how idpol works
read your sniffing man books

I have "Der Heimliche Aufmarsch", the Ernst Busch version

What the fuck kinda ideology is this?

I just dislike the US goverment and think it would be good if the US went full russia in the nineties mode and balkanized

Why are you conflating two ethnic groups with the kind of people that go on Holla Forums and their relation with IdPol. Black and Mexican people are not be virtue of being black or Mexican. Maybe Im misunderstanding you but this seems like bad praxis.


A lot of US mexicans and Blacks are also spooked as fuck though…

I wonder how many of the owners of this company are Zionists who support Israel's walls and checkpoints?

Idk if this is sad or just stupid

I have to buy it because I have an old iPhone

It's a stonewalling tactic. The government now has to fight to expropriate dozens of small parcels of land instead of a couple of big tracts. It'll delay breaking ground on the wall

I want to fucking kill myself.

Why user? Don't you want to guide Based Book Man on his quest to trigger the SJW? Kek demands that you play this game.

Come to think of it, bookman is pretty exploitable.

There is only one true Bookman

All Trump has to do is say "National Security" and this gambit to totally fucked.
It's just porky grifting dummies like you, selling you unusable tiny plots of land and stupid mark ups for "THE RESISTANCE" tm

Government declares eminent domain and takes the land anyway, offers "fair market value as compensation, take it or leave it".
The End.

If they really wanted to resist Trump they'd either help organize labor help fight for rent control.

This fractures the right even more however which is fantastic. You have people crying for small government vs people crying for daddy Trump.

This is fucking hilarious.

That's the extent of it.

Is that the point, though?

Is that always the point?

Because to me it seems like this is why we do basically nothing and SJWs gained all kinds of ground by having pretty much no nay-sayers to point out probable failure of specific actions over the short term. And, unrelatedly (in spite of one of yer wildly inaccurate "muh resistance" invocations), it's part of why CardsAgainstHumanity plays pranks on the government for giggles and we can't stand eachother enough to do it for the good of humankind.

Side with the government tbh. The border wall debate is pure spectacle.


Sad, Holla Forums.

Then why pick a side at all?
The "debate" is the product of the government in the first place.

What's wrong with a border wall?

Are you the same faggot that is replying to, or are you some worthless opportunist Holla Forumsyp that hasn't read Marx or Bordiga?

Yeah, we know. We don't care.

The BO's sexual activity isn't any of my business. I don't judge you for jerking it to cuckold porn, either.

>>>Holla Forums and don't come back

Waste of time and resources. The only particularly effective reason to have a border wall is for a border with a hostile nation - for all Israel's shit, they're probably right about that one. Violence from occupied Palestine is both constant and small-scale (ie no jetfighters or tanks) enough that such a barrier is effective.

Mexico, on the other hand, is an ally. And a strategic one, should the US have to fight a war on its own turf ever. Because actual economic measures have not really been taken, industry will likely continue to ship out of the states (including to Mexico), so this doesn't solve that. Druglords were flying cessnas back in the '80s, and have tunnels now - so this doesn't solve that, though it potentially gives powerful druglords even more control over illegal immigration operations. They also already have connections here.

Our opioid problem, meanwhile… the most lethal drug crisis in American history… was created by perfectly legal pharmaceutical companies pushing the shit. This stuff was prescribed. And now much of the illegal opioid market is in Europe and Asia. Actions against the drug companies have been inadequate, and I don't have much hope in blaming the poor - or even the smaller time chemists and drugdealers who, for all their greed, never had the power to encourage doctors to prescribe this stuff and addict so many millions of people by normalizing it.

And, finally, people who come into the country and work illegally. We already deport a lot of them, yet they continue getting work here. Because people who don't want to pay minimum wage or overtime continue to hire them, illegally. This will be a problem as long as they continue to do this, and jobs in America will continue to be a problem for as long as American companies are allowed to outsource and American workers and labor continue to be marginalized.

So, what's left? A massive, unpopular, expensive hole that serves as some kind of shallow nationalist gesture and does not pull its own weight in any other area. The only good thing about it is it's an embarrassment to the American government and political system, but there's a difference between "so bad it's good" and actually being good.

I'd like CaH a ton more if its owner wasn't an absolute spineless faggot who removed cards because a certain crowd of faggots complained that their existence was "literally raping them"


u expect me to just… read this?

Heh. The nihilist in me thinks that's cute. The socialist in me recognizes that the possibly of establishing Socialism after liberals 'make america mexico again' is zero.

Oh well, nothing we can do about it.

You're right, you could be rereading Bordiga instead.


Is the problem with Chicago that it doesn't have enough big walls?

Looking at Texas (a big state, I've heard), Houston is way more dangerous than most of the border towns. The worst rates are in Odessa, closer to New Mexico than actual Mexico.

Speaking of New Mexico:

It seems like just having a border with New Mexico is as bad as having one with real Mexico.

>muh joos burgers
every damn thread

Only if you do it right. Read Nader, Action for a Change, Breaking Through Power, Unsafe At Any Speed.

Low intelligence, low trust, low empathy, violent, no ability to delay gratification, rampant child abuse. It would result in the exact opposite of a society that would be the ideal incubator for creating a working socialist model, and that's why they're doing it. Hint: If porky supports it, it's a bad fucking idea and not in your best interest. But hey, just sit back and let it all happen, because communism is inevitable, right? After the working class completely succumbs to idpol d&c and we're all subjugated under a technopoly, surely communism will be just around the corner, right?

Top kek.


To be honest, the issue with immigration was never about safety and instead was about wages and labor markets as well as immigrants being used as scabs.

Now, the reason why Houston is most dangerous is probably because it, like all major cities, are infected with a certain disease. A disease that just so happens to be ==you!==

Daily reminder that niggers commit 50% of the crime of this country despite only being 12% of the population.

Aside from that, I hate Mexican immigrants, and all LEGAL immigrants for that matter, because they're foreign scabs who often are porky-worshiping pieces of shit or even porkies themselves in the case of some legal immigrants. (Legal immigrants actually tend to be better off than the "natives")

The wall is fine, but a crackdown on employers and a strong labor movement dedicated to the expulsion of all scabs is far more important. Abolish the visas as well, and ultimately end capitalism and the capitalist class that brought the third-world scabs.

But Odessa has worse rates than Houston.

forgot about the wall lol

Jesus Christ, is there a way to keep Max Temkin from doing these awful publicity stunts? Remember when he wasted 100k just to dig a hole in the ground instead of doing something useful? That manboobed, sex-offender cuck made his fortune with this Spectacle shit, and this will do jack shit to stop the wall from being built. But then again, that's not the point, which is to get the entire media sucking his dick and promoting his game.

Jesus christ i sure do hope youre not serious, ==comrade==

gadsden-fag is completely serious and I have no idea why he keeps coming back here


well i sure do hope this elitist shitbag gets raped by his boogeymen