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In all honesty why did Stalin divide his forces?

Is there a source to this image? Sound intriguing.

I admit Stalin fucked up bad with that shit but where does this meme come from?
Like obviously it would have allowed the Soviets to possibly help the German communists better But i highly doubt it would have led to world revolution regardless?

[citation needed]

Poland falling would have been great but it was August 1920. The Spartacists and Bavarian soviets and Hungarian soviets were all in 1919 and had been crushed a year earlier. Rosa was killed in January 1919. The Red Army would have had to master time travel.
Certainly the fall of Warsaw may have had reinvigorated the european communists and even led to a world or at least european revolution which is as good as, but the Red Army couldn't save Rosa or link up with existing revolutions by that point. Reaction of the whites in russia and the counter-revolutionaries in the rest of europe was too strong and delayed us too much, leaving the october revolution to die a slow degenerating death over the next 70 years.


That pic is simply inaccurate. The Northern offensive against Warsaw was going so well that both Trotsky and Lenin directed Stalin towards Lviv, to counter possible Romanian meddeling there. By the time the orders came to reinforce the drive on Warsaw, the offensive in the south, as well as breaking part of the army off to deal with Whites in the Crimea, had already fatally weakened the southern Red armies. It was no longer strategically possible to change course, Stalin is blameless in this.

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if germany went red, one of the most developped nations in europe would've been socialist. then socialism would be applied in a country semi-ready for socialism, instead of backwater russia and china. after that, who knows what couldve happen? socialism wouldve been much stronger in the 20rh century for sure

Cultist ☭TANKIE☭s you never stop amazing me, just like the time a moustacheposter yelled how the makhnovchina was a scam to inspire catalonian anarchists

Stalin: paradoxes of power, p. 360-363. Get fucked.

That sounds like retarded propaganda. First off, both Trotsky and Lenin ordered Stalin to go for Livia, I don't know where the claim that he did it for "personal glory" comes from. Second off, what are you smoking? Rosa was already dead at that point. Should Stalin have used his secret time travel device like he used the weather control to make the clouds not rain?

What are you implying anyway, that Stalin wasn't a good field commander? Stalin captured Volgagrad against insane odds in the Russian Civil War, so the population decided to call the city Stalingrad. You'd think that when a population decides to rename an old city after a single guy that he was playing a somewhat important role in their survival.

Whatever, soviet union under stalin's rule wasn't socialist anyways

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It was trans communist but it started its transition before it was mature and so was not able to complete its transition and like so many who cannot fully transition it committed suicide.

trans communist is a nice expression i'll remember it. the soviet union was trans communist, rachel dolezal is trans black, an the tanktard owner of this board is trans female. dude you just have to believe in it, be whatever you wanna be, fuck those haters XD
tanktards: post modern materialists

It was a state trying to transition into Communism so the term is somewhat accurate.

One day, Comrade Wojak. One day.

Three main reasons:
He wanted to capture towns to add to his fame.
He wanted to give his men easy successes to keep their morale up and make them more loyal to him.
He was opposed to the war from the start and its failure hurt Trotsky and helped his agenda of "socialism in one country".

Also OP, Rosa died in 1919, the battle of Warsaw was august 1920.

You realize how crazy that sounds right? The division between Trotsky and Stalin wasn't even evident in 1920. Are you really claiming that Stalin foresaw this ideological split between him and Trotsky over ten years later?

Why did he need to make the man "loyal" to him? They already liked him. He also wasn't even a general or something in the Red Army in the Red Army. The supreme commander of the Red Army was Trotsky. And as it is repeated again: The order came from Trotsky.


A red Germany would have meant a German-Soviet alliance, which between German industrial might and Russian resources and manpower would have been practically unstoppable. You also would have far less pressure on both states, mitigating the need for authoritarianism, and finally a far stronger backer of the communist movements across Europe. A red Germany and Russia together likely would mean a red France, Italy, Hungary, and Spain.

No, it wasn't like that at all. The Red Army had centralized battleplan, and Stalin didn't go for Lwow because he felt like some medieval warlord.

The Soviet Russia would've bogged down sooner or later, just like Revolutionary France, even if everything would go right with Poland.

That said, something of sorts happened in China. Chinese communist leadership was decentralized, Communist warlords launched their own campaigns, and everyone who did not submit to the guidance of Mao's tactical genius were simply crushed by the Kuomintang.

You can't time travel into the past. It's impossible. If it were possible, how come we have never met a time traveller? I've read all sorts of crazy stuff about cosmic strings that may supposedly enable time travel theoratically, but it's bullshit imo.

Travelling into the future is totally possible though,


Is Stalin the original trot?

why would a time traveller ever reveal to anyone he's a time traveller?

The Bolsheviks were born out of a split with the Mensheviks. There's a little Trotsky in all of us. All. Of. Us.


My defense against Stalin was that he wasn't some type of ultra-evil genocidal maniac that liberals make him out to be.
I never thought he was particularly good at his job. You're strawmanning heavily OP.

*my defense of

If we imagine a society in hundreds of millenia into the future, time travel would become so common that it would be the same as posting a picture on Facebook. You are going to tell me that out of the trillions of time travelers that must have visited all eras of humanity nobody ever revealed itself, no matter if by accident or going rogue? That's impossible. The only other explanation is that the multiverse theory is true, and everytime a time traveler enters a new timeline is created and we just so happen to live in the universe that hasn't be tampered with. Again, an extremly low chance.
Time travel into that past will always be impossible.

That's like saying that nuclear bombs aren't possible because they're not common among the populace as a self defense mechanism.

If humanity starts harnessing time travel, we might have developed into a level of civilization which might endure to the end of the universe. You are telling me that within millions of years not a single time traveler revealed himself? You realize, that if time travel would be possible, all the potential time travelers since the invention of time travel till the end of humanity count, right? Your theory assumes that humanity ascends into some form of guardians with a collective consciousness that never reveals itself.


You're assuming time is a simple line, with the time traveller "jumping" from a point up the line to a point further down. You're applying a very simplistic model to something absurdly complex. A theory of multiple universes or splitting timelines is similarly simplistic, as it just multiplies the single line.

A future time traveller can travel into the past, but he would be the only person ever to go to "that past". Every trip goes to a different instance of the exact same past. These are not sci-fi-like parallel timelines, mind you; all of them would have been identical to each other up until that point. There is only one spacetime, from Big Bang to whatever ends it, but it repeats n times, with n being the number of time travel. And again, each of these travels will be the only one in the history of that iteration of spacetime. You could send a million people in a million trips to the birth of Black Jesus, but none of them would find each other, because they would be spread over a million iterations of spacetime.

In other words: from our point of view, we will only ever receive one time traveler in the entire history of our universe, even tho we can send however many we want, and they won't be able to come back.

my theory assumes nothing because i have no theory, i merely said it may not be smart for a time traveller to reveal himself as such.

Rosa was murdered a year earlier though

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That just means that liberal democracies and monarchies would be way more open about supporting fascists and nationalists. Or do you think they will just let it spread?

OP lost the argument

So Stalin took Lviv, and Trotsky lost Warsaw.
Can we get a virgin trotsky and chad stalin meme going?


Stalin actually opposed the war with Poland because he knew that the Poles were consumed by their recently acheived independence, they were in their nationalist phase and they would fiercly resist any foreign armies - even communist ones.

Can we get going? Comrade, that meme's been going since 1922.


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conservative comedy at its finest

How about we stop arguing about long dead men and instead look to analyze the material conditions of today

All you retards ever do is try to lie about Stalin. Give it a fucking rest, if you hate communism so much just fucking come out and say it. Stop trying to fashion yourselves into fifth columns, it's pathetic.

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