Dad asks if I watch this guy called Ben Shapiro

I fucking messed up. I shouldn't have said anything because now Dad thinks I'm an SJW or whatever. What's worse is these e-celebs have my Dad now. I thought he was smarter than this.

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Do your job as a leftist and talk with him. Tell him everything you know and if you don't know anything then learn, learn, learn.

Shapiro is unironically the most intellectually honest reactionary.
He's the opposite of a partisan hack like for example, Sean Hannity or Steve Bannon.

When people do shit like this I call myself stalinist.
I make clear that I'm no SJW, Make clear that I'm the one who knock for them toothbrushes

There's no going back, you have to take his toothbrush now.

Tell your dad to Google Bookchin. If he argues further call him an ecocuck and say he's basically ISIS

This is happening way too much these days. Your stupid nigger dad could have been watching Dore or Wolff or Abby martin.

Shoulda been like

pick 1

If I was a father I don't know what would be worse to hear.

"Dad, I'm far-left."
"Dad, I'm gay."

Pretty similar, but still. Thoughts?

too bad no one cares about you losers
feels bad losing the culture war huh :(


"lmao dad you are such a triggered cuck"

well your gay or leftist kid wouldn't kill you at least

OP here

me saying far-left was stupid and yes I probably seem gay to him now

He's just this working class guy who sits on his phone and watches YouTube when he's chilling at home. It's pretty common for people like him to fall into this reactionary YouTube shit. He's not autistic about it but definitely thinks left=SJW

I honestly don't think he's the most intellectually honest reactionary, I just think whoever there was before with actual opinions and an unwillingness to bite into the hilarious clown shit sandwich of Bannon-era Breitbart is pretty much buried. Ben Shapiro only looks good by comparison, but he's more-or-less the heir to the ideology of pre-Bannon Breitbart, which I recall being a load of shit back then.

He makes up lies about socialism though. Just as badly as say Steven Crowder

bad praxis op

Remember to hug your family and discuss propaganda with them regularly, Holla Forums.
How are you going to organize the masses and live in communes if you can't even connect to your own family?
Communism begins in the household.

Interesting. I wonder what percent of serial killers and mass murderers are gay or lefites. Anyone have the stats on that one?

Also, please be sure to have defensive responses ready for anyone calling anyone gay as an insult on here. This is an openly gay board. There is literally nothing wrong with men loving each other and cleaning the feces out of their anal cavities so they can each enjoy simulated vaginal intercourse with each others anuses.

Holla Forums don't clean their asses, news at 10.


Shapiro's voice annoys the fuck out of me, how can anyone listen to his anxiety ridden fast paced talking and not want to smack him, I'm not even talking about his words content, just the way he words whatever he is saying

Not a surprise

You didn't elaborate on "your" opinion of Ben Shapiro, you just ad-hominem'd, mic-dropped and waited for raucous applause. Typical lefty move, can't blame your father for awkward silence.

I suppose you're right. I shouldn't be so rash and act as if he knows what I do or thinks the way I think. I'll try to explain shit more sensibly when the time is right.

Come on, we all know that reactionaries, conservatives, and STUPID REPUBLICANS are all gay faggots. I heard that pol's BO was outed as a literal dick sucking faggot the other day. They are still salty about it, heh!

But left does = SJW

you're fringe, and probably are gay, yes

Homosexuals are genetic dead-ends.

The only alt-rightist I've met IRL was gay, and straight conservatives I meet tend to think ya'll are bath shitting tards. I mean, you're clearly heterosexual and very intelligent, but nevertheless those bucktoothed backwoods redneck families and suburban whitebread cunts with wives and children and nice fences all seem to think you guys are creepy mongoloids with no grip on social or political reality.

I don't know why. It's very rude of them. Darn breeders probably haven't even met a Holla Forumsack. I bet you could enrich their culture.


His sister has VERY nice titties

But shapiro himself is a piece of shit

You're a funny guy

Honestly very annoying since when I argue with him about politics he can sometimes agree but always reverts to "you have to have change in moderation if you want change" every time

Polyps are consistently topping their levels of faggotry every time I come on leftypol thank you for giving us something to laugh about

Dore and Wolff are fucking goat for dads

If your dad forms his opinion based on youtubers, recommend him Shaun & Jen:

How about you stop being an edgy faggot and show your dad some respect? Obviously he's just looking for answers and since he respects your opinion to ask politely, you should be polite about why you don't like Ben Shapiro and give specific reasons in a calm manner. That's a dick head response to your parents and only makes you look more childish.

I wasn't disrespecting my Dad. I was disrespecting Ben Shapiro. He wasn't pissed off with me or anything. Sorry I don't have some stereotypical father son relationship where daddy can't handle My informalities, but despite those shit political views of his, The old man is a chill guy.

Yes, you were disrespecting him by proxy. If I call your favorite theorist or role model an absolute autistic fucking retard then that implies you're dumb for following him. Have some empathy and learn some decent manners with people irl.

Fuck yeah

How is Ben Shapiro a liar? All he does is state facts backed by sources and watches the triggering from idiots who can't even handle reality.

No it doesn't imply anything other than my opinion on the person I'm criticizing. Is everyone you know such a snowflake? If I called bookchin a retard would you feel insulted or cry about it? It's my opinion he can ask "why is he a retard" or he can refute my "his a liar"claim. It's all in good fun buddy, we weren't debating.

Maybe you should ask your dad how he feels.

He's probably crying right now. Have you checked on your dad, lately?

PS tell him I said hi

Why do so many people hate black people? I've never hated black people or any minorities for that matter. I've never understood how racism is natural or whatever.

Literally every time

Good thing I never have to deal with this. Both my parents have always been staunch atheists and for my dad, he's somewhere in the center-left and dislikes most right-wing conservatives. This is interesting, considering that the rest of my dad's line of family is incredibly right-wing conservative.

One day your dad is gonna die, you know?

It's because the cunts try to cut him out 24/7 so he tries to speak as fast as possible.

I have an older brother who antagonizes me, because he knows im a leftist. He's a loudmouthed tradcon and he constantly find ways to inadvertently dis me.

I've got the same thing and I'm very glad of it. Mums just doesn't really care but is just kinda general liberal. Dads at least socdem, old school labour type mostly but I could see him supporting something further left if it was more popular.

Get his wife pregnant, DNA tests can never tell the difference between two full blood siblings so you cuckold him.