Jimmy Dore live in 9 minutes

Jimmy Dore live in 9 minutes.

Everyone get in here and meme a real Lefty onto his show.

link: youtu.be/5Y_onL1xya0


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Why do we like this guy?

Because he's radicalizing before our eyes and has a huge audience. We're very close to one of the most influential progressive shows turning full comrade.

Reposting this in podcasts if you don't mind.

He defends North Korea's right to develop nuclear weapons, lifting sanctions and so on. Give it a few months and he will start to praise Stalin and immortal science of Marxism-Leninism.

what would OP do even if he was against? Call cops on you?

For YouTube

Wow did I actually forget the link in the OP? Oh got I'm so embarrassed. Someone edit it in please.

Wtf is jimmy wearing and why is he talking about gender names in the workplace

Someone brought up Louis CK.

he's wearing his streaming getup

I'm willing to shill out the $2 necessary to ask a super question, what should I ask him?

Have you read "Homage to Catalonia" by George Orwell. A familiar name like Orwell's makes great bait and spark his interest in reading it

So is Jimmy "dressing up" for the live show or are the normal segments him "dressing up"?

(FYI that first part is the question)

ask him to do a show with Richard Wolff

Is it really good? I've only read 1984 and Animal Farm but Orwell's quote about hippies makes me want to read him more.


aight, I'm doing this one

It's worth a read, if usually helps normies get interested in LibCom ideas considered the "big ban anti communist man" George Orwell says he likes gommunism which causes normies to be willing to actually read past the manifesto and not think Stalin is literally everything Communism

Dore is a Sewer Socialist, Wolfi is a famous Professor, if anything you'll hurt his anti-establishment cred and appeal to normies.

Oh shit they just did it, they say they're waiting to hear back from him

So they just said that they already invited Wolff but he didn't reply. They ask the audience to ask Wolff to reply to howdyhowdy's tweet.

Looks we have a job anons. How do we bug the crap out of Wolff until he goes on a comedy show?

gj, user

$5 well spent user, thank you.

I remember Holla Forums got him to read out a message advertising the board because we donated to him at the beginning of one of his talks.

there's this website rdwolff.com/contact

He's already gone on stupid faggot Bill Mahers show. The Dore show shouldn't be too out of bounds for him.

Whoa, when did I miss this?

it was a while back

Bill literally said something akin to "communism is against human nature" iirc

Anyway, do the question soon, would be great. Might even be worth chucking the extra three bucks to get it stickied for a minute or so

they're still talking about Richard Wolff


We should compose some sort of letter to spam Wolff with detailing the value of Jimmy's show and also bring up that he would like to be part of the west coast left forum

Oh shit he's calling out the big boys

Someone who has a PayPal account should shill for some Marxist or anarchist books by a popular name (as previously mentioned Orwell is a good one)

Well damn, has he just been playing dumb or what?

I recommend this one. Everything else is too hardcore for normies.

wait, what did jimmy say?

They've asked Wolff to come on and they're not sure of his response. They recommend we talk to Wolff and convince him to go on the show.

Come on now, Homage to Catalonia is really fucking good. Even for Ukrainians Nestor Makhno is great since he's still adored.

ok I'm going to tweet the Wolff about how he needs to go on the show

dude just dropped 300 bucks

Hot damn his interviews with Abby Martin were fire. He's definitely on the edge of radicalization. He's there man.
Plus Abby Martin is fucking fire herself. Shes a goddamn fox, firey, intelligent, stunning. Fugg man she's got my heart up knotted up

2000 Yen is 18 dollars

I saw lots of people in the chat on this stream saying they got turned onto Abby from her appearance on Jimmy's show, which really gives me hope about her reaching a larger audience

Sad if that's true, but certainly doesn't hurt either.
I mean I've followed her for a while simply because she seemed to be a diamond in the rough, one of the only leftist voices speaking out about Obama back in the day. I would hope people here her message and don't just follow her for her looks, but such is the state of modern media.


Think that's probably Japanese Yen fam.

which one of you fucks did this???

God bless, user.

they use the same sign, apparently, but probs you are right

Appearance as in appearing on the show, not appearance as in how she looks.

Im pretty sure the donation is in Yen

He said he just started reading wage labor and capital

Holy fuck he's actually reading it.

he's becoming a full fledged commie, ho lee shit

I asked the wage labor and capital question, hes reading it


5 bucks well spent

Someone should tell him he is in the Holla Forums pantheon along with Pol Pot and Mommar Gadaffi

You are a true comrade

just tuned in. Chat just looks like unintelligible spam to me.

gotta turn on slow mode fam


Hope he drops Bernie and goes anti-succdem soon

he's already complaining about how quickly Bernie folded and seems more and more critical by the day

W-we did it fams.

How large of an effect do you think an openly communist message on Jimmy's show would have? How much will our movement grow with him as a spokesman of sorts?

I dont think he will start saying marxist things on air, but it will influence his message definitely

which I think is the best outcome, because if he were to openly come out tanks ablazing, he would scare off a large portion of his liberal base. Instead, he can focus on getting the message across and have a much greater chance of success at radicalizing his audience.

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty pumped

I was going to get it on video but failed,
here is exactly what he said when asked the question
"I am reading it someone gave it to me" (mukes friend)
"Amazing how he brakes it down, I am just a jagoff comedian, hard to wrap it around, I never questioned capitalism so much in my life before, you always wondered how they did it, how they lived(ussr), I didn't know there was another way"
Rob Placone also said he read Capital volume 1 & 2.


the truest misery

I'm on the stream. Let's get Richard Wolff on the show!



RIP in piss stream

CIA is trying to stop Jimmy reaching class consciousness

Comcast taking direct action

I wish they paid attention to comments without donations attached.


Also, belongs in this thread

top lel


We have work to do.

Someone ask if he's read Marx



Abby's voice gets me off SO much

That's not what the guy meant but having /ourguys/ who aren't old or middle-aged shlubby dudes is a good thing. (No disrespect to Jimmy or Wolff but come on)

I wish Peter Joseph and Russell Brand weren't so annoying.

Well, it looks like Chomsky might be coming on the show. At the very least, Jimmy just said that he's gonna reach out to him. That's a win guys!



cant wait to here his answer to this


he needs to get 101'd on the basics

Read Stalin.

Yeah but he's reading Wage Labor and Capital. He's getting there. He also followed up the bit you quoted with "I don't know if I'm smart enough to talk about this."

he still doesn't know anything about it, he needs a lesson.

Also someone should superchat and tell him that the government owning everything is state capitalism and the workers owning everything is socialism. (Yeah yeah that's not 100% right but it's closer and superchat has limited characters)

jimmy needs cockshott on the show

i tried but i was too slow, i've failed you comrades

Shows over. Some promising signs: they'll reach out to Chomsky, and Jimmy is a self-described Demsoc. Problem is that he is using Bernie's definition, so Jimmy is a socdem in actuality. This is why he needs someone to explain what Socialism actually is to him. Then Jimmy will be like "Oh yeah, that sounds awesome, of course I'm a Socialist!"

Lol, I was trying to write a superchat at the end there too, but didn't have enough time. I wonder if he saw the Dr. Wolff one I sent earlier though….

What's the character to dollar ratio for superchat? We could figure out the most efficient way to explain that "communism" is basically just the final form of capitalism where the whole state is a monopoly and the antithesis of socialism.

IMO operative phrase would be "democracy at work" or something along those lines. You know, the whole "there was a revolution to democratize government, socialism is democratizing businesses"