So it's been over 100 years since the October Revolution now...

So it's been over 100 years since the October Revolution now. The resulting state lasted until the 1990s until dissolving in the 90s, thus ending the attempt to implement Marx's theories that Lenin's revolution began. What exactly did Lenin's attempt to implement socialism do wrong? What exactly would your revolution do differently, in the modern day, if you were in charge?

No kronstadt, No treachery, no Sino-Soviet Split, much more exporting of the revolution.

But if you mean in today's world in the west his theories are barely applicable

…attacking a socialist-led revolutionary government to implement capitalism comes to mind.

The issue wasn't the fault of Lenin, it was the failed international revolution.

What's the difference?

How do you fix that, then? Why did it fail? Is a successful international revolution possible?

The revolution shouldn't be led by an almighty elite party.

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have fun with your non existant revolution.

who should lead it?

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You don't do the most important thing here and that is telling user to READ LENIN because the vanguard is not an exclusive sekrit club devoid of all accountability from the proletariat like he said. The fact that you don't say this might make other people think that you might be dodging the question or accept that its true BUT blah blah blah.

so uh why is the Soviet Union gone if Lenin didn't do anything wrong

Allowing the black market and eventually Levi's jeans, hard drugs and power ballads.

Attempt to implement socialism. But to be fair he hadn't seen an entire century, give or take a few decades, of attempted socialist states to realize that it isn't a realistically feasible system.

1.) Failiure of other socialist revolutions to succeed, putting the USSR at a major disadvantage with little to no allies.
2.) There was a major power struggle in the USSR after Lenin died and Stalin won, but in the process the political purges left thousands of innocent, dedicated revolutionaries dead among any saboteurs or political enemies they might have caught. WW2 also did not help in preserving the revolutionary element of the Communist party as many communists got whacked.
3.) After Stalin died, very same party was filled with opportunists and those with petty-bourgeois mindset. Taking advantage of their position as Party members for benefits and such while Nikita Khruschev liberalized the planned economy and caused inefficiencies and shortages and a whole bunch of crap.
4.) Pattern of liberalization and not enough focus on civilian infrastructure finally led to the collapse of the USSR. Plus some US involvement at the very end, but the seeds were already sown.

I've read Lenin and I recommend you to read Berkman and Goldman, you dipshit.

this happened because stalin killed everyone else

Yeah, Lenins theory sounds all nice and "democratic", but just look what really happend in history. The concept of a vanguard party and democratic centralism just doesn't work. This shit failed and belongs on the garbage dump of history.

Where have I heard this before?

Through what means? How do you aim to achieve that?

So does anarchism by your logic, considering it failed even harder.

from other people who were also not delusional about the Soviet Union, I would assume

The base shaped the superstructure?


The Eternal Socdem.

Leninism: the ideology of retrograde counter-revolutionary opportunism.

It was because the USSR stopped sending counter-revolutionaries to Sibera. Alexei Kosygin introduced capitalist reforms and even shook hands with Lyndon B. Johnson yet Kosygin wasn't sent to Siberia for being a capitalist pig.

Primarily by not stomping it, had they allowed Ukraine to remain an autonomous zone I believe the bloc would have held together more coherently, much more should have been done to support the Spanish civil war